Daryl Kinkade

Daryl Kinkade

Kink of Elite

Ring Name: Daryl Kinkade
Picture Base: Will Ospreay
Current Nicknames: "Norfolk's Finest"
Height: 6' 1" (186cm)
Weight: 200lbs
Hometown: Norwich, England

Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Desperate to prove he belongs in EAW on merit and that he can cut it on his own

Ring gear: Either full length pants or thigh length shorts. Usually brightly coloured and some form of Union Jack. If wearing shorts, he'll have coordinating knee pads. Wrist bands and occasionally gloves, again, coordinating with the rest of his attire. Basically anything Will Ospreay would wear.

Theme Music: Snakeskin - Example (2019-Present)

What A Shame - Too Close To Touch (2018 - 2019)
Time to Waste - Alkaline Trio (2017 - 2018 whilst part of NEO)

Special entrance: work in progress

Motivation for competing: Fed up with being seen as the underdog all the time, he is on a mission to prove to everyone that he can compete with the best and shouldn't be underestimated
Tendency to Cheat: Certainly not adverse to bending the rules or exploiting loopholes, but will try an avoid flat out cheating if possible

Wrestling Debut: Ten years ago, age 19 in a now defunct company
Favourite Match Type: Ladder, TLC
Least Favourite Match Type: Handicap
Favourite Weapon: Tonfa
In-Ring Achievements:
National Elite Champion x1
Unified Tag Team Champion (with Charlie Marr x1)
Most Valuable Elitist #152
Most Valuable Elitist #153
Most Valuable Elitist #163
Rising Star #175
Match of the Week #175
Beef of the Week #181
Match of the Week #181

Common moves:
1. Slingshot spear through the ropes
2. Snap Dragon Suplex
3. Moonsault into reverse DDT
4. Suplex variations into the turnbuckle
5. Step up Enziguri
6. Slingshot DDT
7. Suicide Dive DDT
8. Tope Con Hilo
9. Running European Uppercut to opponent on ropes/in corner
10. Reverse-rana
11. Top rope divining Meteora
12. Roundhouse kick
13. Cheeky Nandos Kick
14. V-Trigger
15. Pendulum elbow drop, with theatrics
16. Dragon Screw leg whip
17. Flatliner
18. X-Plex
19. Cradle DDT
20. Top rope 619 followed by hanging in the ropes and taunting the opponent

Signature Moves:
1. Unhinged Melody - Sunset Flip Powerbomb
2. After Midnight - Shining Wizard
3. DKO - Springboard Cutter
4. From Norfolk, With Love - Pumphandle piledriver

Finishing Moves:
1. Beautiful Lie - Cross Legged Fishermans Buster
2. Working Out The Kinks - Liontamer

Ultra finisher:
1. Killed. You. Dead - Hidden Blade Elbow

Born and raised in a very backward community, his views on life, his look and his tastes meant he didn't fit in and ended up being a target for pretty much everyone. Upon hitting adulthood he decided to start standing up for himself and through a series of events found himself in a wrestling ring. He kept his look and attitude towards life and started to develop a loyal fan base of like minded individuals. Since joining EAW he has mellowed somewhat and rediscovered his love for wrestling. Whilst still seeing himself as the underdog and perennial target he is finally enjoying wrestling again.​
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