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Jack Ripley

Straight Shooter
Throughout this week Jamie, I just think that you and I have just been off base. We just have different ideologies on how to approach wrestling, and with your resume you apparently have no way of seeing it any other way because you feel that's good enough to back up your way of thinking. You don't know why I bring up the fact your'e just an asshole, but I've literally told you exactly why. See if you would just listen to what I said instead of having these convoluted uneccassrilly long drawn out thoughts that really don't provide anything but fluff, then maybe we could get on the same page. But your inability to actually listen has shackled you to a way of thinking that seemingly won't ever change. Why does it matter that you're an asshole? What does it have to do with this match? Well this whole thing has layers doesn't it? You're an asshole, which in turn makes you feel like you're never wrong about anything, and with that you can't see anyone else as a challenge. Following along big guy? And with not seeing anyone as a challenge you don't give much mind to your opponents which in turn makes you overlook them, which in turn makes you kind of a shitty champion, which kind of makes it easier for me to win. Wasn't that difficult to understand was it? See in my humble opinion wrestling is as much of a mental game as it is a physical game. So you to say that your behavior has NOTHING to do with wrestling, and NO impact whatsoever... You really wanted to drive that point home with the emphasis on the words... But that's just a lie; you should know just as much as anyone that wrestling has feeling, there's emotion to it. When you went against DDD, hell when you were in that No Way Out match, you had feeling, you had purpose, and it carried you to the finish line. You took that emotion that you had for your wife and used it as your vindication for everything that "you" went through. Right? But now you don't have the feeling of vengeance, you don't have that need to prove anyone wrong, you're just fighting a battle against yourself. What are you trying to prove exactly? You already know you're better than anyone, and anyone that beats you it will be a fluke... So you're just going to go out there and win because you're the best wrestler and that's all that matters? That's the plan right? Well what if you're wrong? What if all the loses that you have endured within this past year, it's not just flukes, but a pattern of your ultimate demise? No one can stand at the peak forever as you yourself said, so what if your time is coming up sooner rather than later? You never know Jamie, this could be the last hurrah. Fact of the matter is, one day will be your last day ever as a Champion in EAW. One day without you knowing all this will be the last time you ever do it; so how do you know when you go up against me, that isn't the last time you'll ever get the chance to do this? Let me guess, because you're superior and that's just how it goes? Right? Well what if your reasoning isn't good enough anymore. What if how you feel isn't actual fact anymore? Sure you've had your wins here and there, but it ends eventually. I drop you on your neck, you become paralyzed, and that's curtains. You didn't prepare for it, you never thought it could happen, but it does; then what? Then your rock solid plan of just being the best with no competition kind of just falls flat doesn't it? Sure you've done great with that last World Championship run, but that was what.. 2 years ago? You're a little older now Jamie, and I thought you would be a little wiser, but apparently I was wrong.

You ever hear about this thing called karma Jamie? It's reserved for assholes that never learn that they're assholes... Or they know and just don't care. See I went through some shit, and had to suffer through some karma myself. Now I know you went through a laundry list of shit you went through, but I don't know, I just feel like something bigger might be in the works for you. I mean we've been witnessing it in the news for a while now; complete assholes who have gotten away with so much throughout their lifetime, actually getting what they deserve. You yourself have said that you never change, so in a way, you just continuously become stagnant. You don't get better, you don't get worse, you just are fixated point in time that exists. But to you for some reason you think you've had no bad turn in your career, that everything is fine. You don't think you've crawled up from a hole, and become better. Apparently to you, being linear is all you know, but we both know that's a lie don't we Jamie? I remember when i was a part of the 1% I remember taking you out. That's right, you mentioned that you got hurt, but you never mentioned as to who, and how that happened. I do. I remember it perfectly clear. It was the 1%, and we beat you down so bad you disappeared for months. But oh boy were you able to jump right out of that hospital bed, and get the revenge you always wanted! 2 years later.. And never against me. That was the one time you and I have ever been in a ring with each other, and it didn't go well for you. That is one memory you should have of me, because that is the one time our paths actually crossed. But do you recall it? No, because you're too busy trying to act high and mighty like you didn't except this match in the first place. You may not classify me as a main eventer, and maybe I'm not. I haven't sustained my time in the main event; but that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. It only takes one World Championship reign to solidify a main event spot doesn't it? So why I don't I just kick your ass for old times sake, and this time I'll take your title too. Face it Jamie, you're not unbeatable. As much as you want to believe that you're this wrestling diety, you're just flesh and bone like me. Someone who has failed before, someone who has been laid up in a hospital bed needing mend his wounds.

I would like to make one thing perfectly clear Jamie, as much as I think you're an asshole, I do understand how talented you are. I know you have the longest New Breed and World Heavyweight Championship title reigns in EAW history, and I'm aware how much talent that takes. But the problem comes when you start disregarding my accomplishments, and what I've done. I've already listed them, so i don't feel the need to do it again; but at some point I would think that you would acknowledge just who you're getting in that ring with. You're not going up against a scrub, you're going up against the Straight Shooter, Jack Ripley. And you know what? I've been PEW PEW PEW'ing your ass this entire week. I've hit you with some truths that I know that you probably didn't want to hear, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't accurate. Jack Ripley never misses the mark, and you can deny anything all you want, the whole world can see who you are, and what you've done. We've seen you lose to Ahren, we've seen you lose to Chris Elite, we've seen you lose in the Elimination Chamber. You're not unbeatable, you're not untouchable, you're delusional. You think just because that people haven't accomplished as much as you, that they never will, and that's just unreasonable. You have had your opportunities, you have had time to do what you've done, and just because people might not break the records that you have put in place, doesn't mean they can't accomplish shit off of you. And quite frankly, to change your tune all of a sudden since we are off of Showdown, and producing videos on our own.. It's sad. Why would you tell me to my face that you see no reason as to why I wouldn't be a viable contender, and now tell me everything that you have now? To me? You sound like a little bitch, that doesn't have the balls to say it to my face. You're a two faced bitch, that only says what people want to hear.. Until you get to your little safe space where no one can touch you.

You talk about why your championships mean more, you talk about how the amount of success was measured due to the talent coming after you. The longevity of my National Elite Championship reign, and if the EAW title reign page is correct I am the 2nd longest reigning National Elite Champion in EAW history.. But of course it's not updated thoroughly. You laugh at the people that I defended that title against, but in what way was that under my control? Did you see the level of completion in EAW for the midcard? I did the best that I could with the limited resources that were around. Osamu, once regarded as someone that would have a great future, who utterly failed at the end due to his inability to keep motivated. Jake Smith who is now in a number one contenders match for your ... But soon to be MY Answers World Championship.. Oskar Wagner was a physical specimen that outweighed me by almost 200 pounds... Looking back at the talent, was it the greatest? But foresight is 20/20 is it not? Of course you can poke holes in the opponents that I was in the ring with, but at the time they all seemed like viable contenders. Jake Smith still can be considered a viable contender, fuck you mean? You say I spin my narrative and try to speak it into existence, but what the fuck do you think you're doing? I never once said that I "gotcha", I never once said that you said some shit, I'm the one pointing it out your fucking moron. You want to go gloat on and on about how you're untouchable, and I'm simply stating that it's pretty easy to not be touchable when your path to PFP is through Shaker Fucking Jones... I wouldn't gloat about that either, but holy shit you have to at least mention that your untouchable status has been quite an easy road to obtain. But wait, as we keep talking about our roads to glory, and you jerk yourself off about your World Heavyweight Championship reign, let's dive into it. I mean you wanted to take aim at my long National Elite Championship run and the people I went against.. So how about you? Ok, let's begin.. Cameron Ella Ava, who at the time like me had never won a World Championship before.. So by your definition she's not that great, Chris Elite, who we've talked about, Ahren Fournier, who we've talked about, Lars Grier... Awful... TLA... Who again only won a World Championship this past year, and really wasn't much to talk about back then.. Keelan Cetinich, Carlos Rosso, Amadeus? And my opponents for a MID CARD title was bad? You really did have it fucking easy with the World Heavyweight Championship.. Naw, by the sounds of what you were talking about, you were actually facing legit Hall of Famers.. Not fringe Hall of Famers that got elected on the curve like TLA, Chris Elite, and Ahren Fournier.. My God, what a pitiful collection of talent that you had the pleasure of going up against. And you want to take aim at me.. Ok. You spin, you spin, and you spin some more; but in all honesty everything that you say to me, can go right back to you. I understand you didn't brag about your New Breed Championship reign, but again when you take aim at my achievements, it's easy as shit to do the same to you.

See you're under the delusion that you don't have the ability to get knocked back down on your ass again. You keep acting like I don't understand the things you say, when I understand them perfectly. I'm just saying it back to you, only in what you're actually saying. You think you have transcended into a perfect wrestler, and that's well and good, but that theory has yet to be tested. Everybody loses, everyone gets knocked back on their ass, and you yourself know what that's like as you're admitting now that it has happened to you. So why are you different? You have yet to say what it is, that has made Jamie O'Hara into something more than he ever has before. You do that a lot, do you realize? You love to do this thing, where you continuously make these grandstand proclamations, but don't go into reasons behind it. If you know your path to the Answers World Championship was easy; if you know that beating DDD isn't as hard as it was before, then WHY now. Why is THIS the ultimate Jamie O'Hara? You haven't done anything more than the Jamie O'Hara of the past and have had an easier path to the title that you hold now. So I'll wait to hear the explanation because I'm riveted in hearing it. So no, you didn't shit on my narrative, because I didn't say that.. IF you could actually listen, and actually hear what I say, and not what you want to hear, you would look like less of a buffoon. But you just want to sprinkle your incoherent bias thinking into whatever this conversation has devolved into. You want to say that I'm making up history, fine, that's not true, but you do you boo. I don't really care about what narrative Jamie O'Hara is trying to conjure up, because of course whatever I say isn't going to penetrate the cool nature of his nature. Except for the fact you were literally freaking the fuck out that I even would consider that you were a piece of shit to your dog, which you were.. But I digress. You want to talk about a fake I got cha moment, do you really want to brag about not getting pinned? That was never the point Jamie. It doesn't matter whether you were pinned or not, the fact of the matter is you lost. And whether you want to admit it or not that's still a failure. You want to talk about grasping at straws in order to look like the most dominate force in the company? What the fuck you call that? You freaked out, thought it was hilarious that I may or may not have said that you were pinned.. But guess what, you still lost... So what are you using curbed meme for? I was right, just because you didn't have your shoulders down to the mat, you find some sort of solace in that? If I were you I wouldn't be so up in arms about the semantics of the way I lost.

Look Jamie I respect you, I really do; but your thought process is flawed, and you're very hypocritical. Why would you be stopped by someone like me? Because I'm an excellent fucking wrestler that can beat anyone that is placed before me. I'm not hung up on the aura of Jamie O'Hara that you seem to think you have. Why you would look me in the eyes just a few weeks ago, accept my challenge and say I'm a worthy adversary, and now say I'm not on your level and a child.. Are you ok? Maybe the CTE that you were talking about was you just projecting on something that you know yourself to suffer from. Overlook me all you want, but that doesn't deter from the fact that I'm one of the best to ever do it too. You got money? I got money. You got fame? I got fame. Who in the fuck has taken a tag team the lengths that I have? Who has been able to make a name off of a tag team only, and that make the change into a singles wrestler like I have? If you could pull your head out of your ass, and actually see the strides I took just to get to this moment, you'd know that I deserve to be here. You talk about how I didn't earn this, but I fucking did, through the 4 years prior of hard fucking work that I have busted my ass to achieve. I have accolades, I have records, I have the same shit you do, but on a lesser scale. You get the opportunities that I never do, you get the praise that I only do by a certain amount, and that pisses me off. I don't care if you think I'm good enough today, or if you think I'm not good enough today. Regardless of how you feel about me you and I are facing off, and you're going to have to come face to face with me. Bitch all you want but this match is happening; and your title is on the line. Will it be another fabulous title defense by the infamous Jamie O'Hara? Or will it be another embarrassing loss at a guy you deem as unworthy for you? Does it get lonely Jamie? Is it lonely on your pedestal with no one that can touch you? Is your simple existence just to achieve a lonely one? You know people that think of themselves as geniuses tend to see their existence to be nothing but torture. Not being able to connect with anyone, and just becoming an utterly lonely existence. So they become drug addicts, alcoholics, and just become utter disasters. With the way you think; when the championships stop rolling in, when wrestling is gone, what do you think's going to happen? You won't have anything else to fill your mind, you'll just be left with these thoughts, and no outlet to exude them. You'll have the bingo halls with all the other old time legends, that sign autographs to the adult children that search for these autographs for nostalgia.. will that be enough? I guess you don't have to think about that right now, but I think you're headed down a road of nothing more than torture. It might start soon though.. Could start with the utter disbelief that I took your title, then you take it out on Cam, she divorces you because you're a cunt, and then you wind up all alone. Well more alone than you already are.. But who knows, maybe being alone is what you wanted all along.. Conquer the world, and there will be no one there to enjoy it with you.. You insufferable piece of shit.


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