MATCH PROMO Did you ever have the potential to do anything of note? [Voltage 1]

Kasey Kaos

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:: 21 November 2020 :: 00:21 ::
:: World 1 Theatre, East Rutherford, New Jersey ::

The arena is dark and empty - but for Kasey sitting cross legged in the middle of the ring, and a red spotlight that shines down upon on her. In front of her is a small table, with a half build house of cards. Her Specialists Title lies in the ring beside her. Dressed in a long black dress and boots, her face is white, smeared with red streaks.

She slowly, and carefully, continues building the house.

:: Kasey :: Lose the battle, win the war,
this is a game we've played game before.
Count us down, count us out,
but in the end you'll all blackout.

She picks up a card from the deck - a joker. Slowly its edged darken, and thin smoke floats away from it. Gradually a flame grows. She stops building the house, and keeps her eyes on the slowly burning joker.

:: Kasey :: Sometimes a moment of introspection is required. To sit alone and take stock of the situation that you find yourself in.

Perhaps it was for the better. To be taught early that dreams and wishes are things that bring only pain, and suffering. Learn early that nothing comes for free. Learn early that for every piece of good fortune, somehow and somewhere the universe will balance itself out with misfortune.

Now, to the naïve among you, that may sound as though we're referencing our own title reign, but children, we are not. The good fortune that Lisa Wren experienced when she left us on the floor; the good fortune that Candice Blair experienced when she stole victory from us will be balanced out, and then some, by an agonising misfortune that we cannot wait to bring forth. You've all dreamed and longed for the opportunity to be called what we are called - a champion. You've all decided that our Specialists Championship represents your best opportunity at becoming such. You have all done nothing more than begin the slow process of digging your own graves. On your hands and knees, digging like dogs. Your dogs always think they're playing, they think that everything's a game, that digging a hole is just a bit of fun. But when you all find yourselves within those holes that you've dug in the dirt, when you're all lying there conscious but unable to move, the dirt will be put back into the hole. Slowly it will begin to cover you, slowly it will consume you, up your nose, down your throat, worms digging through the dirt into your eyes to see how small your brains truly are. You are all going to lie broken, forgotten, and ruing the day that you dared think that any of you stood even the slightest chance of taking our Specialists Title from us.

Kasey watches the card as the meaningless joker burns away to nothing, and along with it, the impact of the meaningless defeat to Candice - beat us when it counts.

Kasey then goes back to the slow building of the house of cards.

:: Kasey :: Jesse Barlow. The man who seems to fear being alone. Perhaps he fears what's within his head? The man who seems to insist of surrounding himself with a partner more worthless than he is, and a woman with less brains than he does. A large ego from one who has done so little to earn it. A large ego that cannot be backed up by victories and accolades, and so is instead backed up by the company of deadbeats. Nobodies that he can look down upon to feed his superiority complex. The problem with that is the inevitable failure that these deadbeats bring with them. What made you think that Colby Sol would do anything other than fail? What insanity came over you to convince you that allying yourself with Korey Gaines would be anything other than a disaster? Insane, little one, that is exactly what it's becoming.

The camera glitches back to Kasey holding the burning joker. This time her gaze leaves the card, and diverts up to the camera. The card once again burns away to nothing.

:: Kasey :: 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.'

Again the camera glitches back to Kasey holding the burning joker. The flame dies away, leaving the card burned, but identifiable. We decide the result. We are not insane.

:: Kasey :: A chain, Jesse, is only as strong as its weakest link. Once that link gives way, everything crashes - everything falls. And that Jesse... that makes you weak. That is why you are the filler that you are. That is why you are the afterthought that you are. It's why you are never going to amount to anything worthwhile in this company. Did you ever have the potential to do anything of note? Perhaps. However, your sickly levels of vanity have done nothing but leave you dragged down to the level of those nobodies you surrounded yourself with. Fortunately, we can come and go from this place as we please, otherwise we too would surely be dragged down to the level of you frustratingly idiotic little humans. Everyone sees your fall, which is why you were pitted against someone like Colt Hendrix last week. A man who has come and gone so quickly that we're not even sure what he looked like.

You have a comfort zone, Jesse. A well defined, and glaringly obvious comfort zone. Now though, now you no longer have the excuses to fall back on. No more can you blame Korey for your own failings. Little Jesse Barlow now has to stand on his own two feet, but the problem with that is that little Jesse Barlow is going to have those two feet broken on Voltage. Little Jesse Barlow is going to realise that rather than beating Colt Hendrix out of EAW, he should have teamed with him. For only then could you have continued to play the big fish in the small pond. On your own two feet, you are nothing. You are the helpless little seal being tossed around in the sea of sharks.

Kasey knocks the bottom row of cards, causing the whole house to fall.

:: Kasey :: You build houses of cards and then seem shocked when they fall. We on the other hand, build houses using the bodies of our victims. You? You can be a rug, you are simply there to be walked over as we continue our march towards defending our Specialists title at Road to Redemption. Sweet little Hannah? Perhaps we will hang your head on the wall? Pickle your eyes, and sew your wretched mouth shut - we'll make you pretty, don't worry. But look at you now Jesse, chasing after the National Elite Title - you're finally wearing your big boy pants. Although listening to you and Myles arguing over the hottest girlfriend was little more than the behaviour of schoolboys. That's what we expect from you though, the ego of a champion coupled with the mentality of a child. The problem is, you won't be a champion. You won't beat Myles. Why do you think he came out to face you on Voltage? He knows you aren't capable of doing anything on your own. He knows that you are simply a successful title defense for him. A victory to pad out his record. You're a name Jesse, people know who you are, we'll grant you that much, not necessarily for the right reasons, but people know who you are never the less. So after Road to Redemption, when Myles is lying at night boring our little moth to sleep, he will be doing so by regaling tales of his victory over you. Of course, not everyone is as stupid as Myles, as Minerva will simply think - who cares about Jesse Barlow?. You're a name, but nothing more.

The picture flickers, and the house has returned to its previous half built state. Kasey continues to build like nothing happened.

:: Kasey :: We will defeat you on Voltage. Myles will defeat you at Road to Redemption. Where does Jesse go? Jesse Barlow is mentally weak, and the cracks are going to start to show, because will only have the man in the mirror to blame for what's about to happen to him.

'Time and time again I get put on the back burner'

Why do you think that is Jesse? Those are your words. Why do you think they are so? You are put there because you belong there. You are put there because you deserve no better. And yet, here you are being handed an undeserved title match against Myles. A year spent as nothing but filler. Someone needs a match, 'well let's just put 'em against Jesse'. A nothing match needs filled out a bit 'let's just put Jesse in there'. Those were nothings that you could've made into somethings, but you didn't. You didn't because you are weak, you didn't because you are a coward, you didn't because you know deep down that you are not as good as you try to convince the world that you are.

The red spotlight in the ring begins to flicker off and on. After a couple of seconds flickering, it stays on - Kasey puts the final card on top, to complete the house. She nods approvingly at her work.

The light again flickers off.

Kasey and her Specialists Title are gone.

The light comes back on.

The house of cards is on fire, slowly burning from the top, down.

Fade to black on the gentle sound of burning cards.
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