MATCH PROMO Disillusion


The Top Dollar
Las Vegas, Nevada
It was quite a tough pill to swallow last time out, when we were outlasted by the trio of Andre Walker, Mary S Atlas, and The Visual Prophet. Those three should keep in mind that this will not be the last time that we will cross paths, because after what you have achieved, you won’t have much time to celebrate the victory. We at Insurgency will always come back to moments where attempts were made to throw us out the building, and the culprits should feel unsafe for what they’ve committed because sooner or later, they shall suffer the consequences. That loss will not be taken lightly at all, because our messages are always addressed to ALL who even dare and cross the line between common filth and Insurgency. But now that is all over, for now we must not dwell on our own miseries, but instead we must move forward and as expected, we all have to deal with our own individual missions to be accomplished in this coming Dynasty. Jake Smith finally gains a chance to get a hold on Adam Lucas and throw him back to the dustbin in which I, Limmy, and Donny left him, at King of Elite. Speaking of Donny, he has arguably the biggest task out of all of us to finish, facing Mr. DEDEDE in the main event, and hopefully he capitalizes on this opportunity to earn an upset that will add more honor and glory to Insurgency. And of course, last but not least, there’s Limmy facing the previous victors, Andre Walker and The Visual Prophet, and I will be very delighted if he extracts a hint of revenge for us. Now I’ve brought up Limmy Monaghan, the PURE Champion, this perfectly transitions to the task ahead, and that is my match against the returning Chris Elite, who looks to make an impact already after he came back from an injury, an injury that was caused by none other than Insurgency, when we got our hands on him and threw him out of KOE before the FPV even took place. Of course, the fact that we took him out and shoved him into the shelf was quite satisfying, to be able to toy with someone who is considered a legend by many….. But not by me. I’m sure you had a great view of the PURE Title last time, but that’s the closest you’ll ever get from taking off Limmy’s pride and joy and making it your own. In fact, you’ll never get that close again because you’ve already fallen off a great distance, and that distance will only increase as the weeks pass by.

You’d be surprised to discover that I am going to kick your ass on my own this time around. I would just like to announce that no help is going to come once Chris Elite takes advantage in our match because it will all end the same, and it will lead to my victory. Your unfamiliarity with the name that enters the ring with you does not belong to any of my priorities right now, because once we do get in that ring together, you’ll be saying my name over and over again, begging for mercy whether you like it or not. Speaking of which, it’s funny how you bring my ring name into the conversation when that has complete nothing to do with my in-ring ability. You can call me whatever the hell you want to call me but that will never change the fact that this boot is going so far up your asshole that you’ll be ending up in the hospital you came from after we tore you apart. Yes, I’ve mentioned it as a collective however, we at Insurgency shall focus on our individual issues as of the moment, and for me, I am going to have to pry off this motherfucker off my shoulders. The name Maxwell is supposed to be regal, considering I boast some wealthy roots, and maybe you’re just too inferior or should I say, “gangster” for that kind of name. You’ve resorted to labelling me as “cac”, which of course offends me, but history and society does not allow me to give you a taste of your own medicine, so I will swiftly change the topic. It also doesn’t bother me if you don’t know much about me, because it will only shape your mindset to just kick back and relax because I must be an easy opponent if you haven’t heard of me, right? I have come fresh from a FPV victory with my stablemates (a FPV that we pulled you out of, mind you), and suffered an unfortunate loss in the previous show, and I am looking to prove myself once more against the likes of you, after my previous failures against Xander Payne and Drake King to be specific. Maybe I am an easy opponent after all, with all these losses against big opposition, I am once again going to crumble under pressure, right? Now if you have said yes to any of those, then this is not the case. You must also be asking how “different” this match may be to the others, how I am going to convince you that this is going to be a different story compared to the others... Well, history will not repeat itself forever because each time I’ve entered the rings with opponents of your caliber, I kept getting closer and closer to taking the pin, but luck hasn’t been so nice to me and it all ended with me on the losing side. Now that I’ve already mentioned a bit about how you’re sooooo great just like the others, but with this promo you’ve just dropped, along with the promo my expectations have also dropped. It is quite bold for you to assume that just because I have a better body than you ever will have, I am supported by performance-enhancing drugs. Could this be a sign of insecurity or crab mentality? Just because you can’t work your ass off in the gym, you’ve put me on the same pedestal as motherfuckers who are just as unfit as you are? You don’t know how fucking sad you look when you compare me with other rich people who’ve come and gone, implying that I am generic, yet your whole “gimmick” right now is… being angry? Insurgency must have rubbed some salt on those wounds you’ve gotten from the already many shitty people in your life. That sort of angry gimmick you’ve got is so fucking vague and boring that I’ve seen more life in a Holocaust memorial. Speaking of which, once again we are going to see Chris Elite’s lifeless body, as he has made the big mistake of coming back only to get himself injured at the hands of Maxwell. A way tougher challenge than the Extreme Enigma Battle Royal, but I overcame many challenges quite like this to climb the ladder to the pinnacle of professional wrestling, and that is EAW. I am no spoiled brat, the only thing that made you say that is that I’m filthy rich and I can afford the best the world can offer. I am far from being spoiled in this company because there have been many instances where I was being held back from my full potential. This time around, I want things to change. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest whether or not I am the leader of this stable, because I don’t let this rich guy persona define me, rather I let my hard work and skillset define me as one of the guys that people like you should keep an eye on. I will also not allow my association with Jake Smith and Limmy Monaghan to define me, because they also know that I am a self-made man capable of functioning as an individual, and judging by the fact that you’ve addressed me as a rich guy, I am most definitely not someone who prefers to do someone else’s dirty work. Though this was a match-up provoked by Insurgency’s attack, I will see this as not just a way of helping out my stablemates, but also a way of elevating myself to the top and solidifying my reputation as one to watch. You sure love to talk about your anger towards us, now because we’ve cost you the tag title opportunity, you’re now so determined to take that title off Limmy’s waist, but what if just like Limmy’s other challengers, you just end up on that shelf once again, unable to compete for that title? What if I throw you back to those sidelines because you couldn’t contain your anger and you just aim carelessly until your body crumbles to fatigue? On top of your seemingly uncontrollable anger, there is absolutely no way that your ribs are in tip-top shape for this week. Currently, you must be hiding in some room, holding onto what is left of those ribs because you are full of angst, you are anxious of what may take place when I strike that sensitive spot. You can’t run and hide from those emotions, Chris, you know you’re not focused for this because your anger is going to overflow once you see the face of one of the men who took you out of the FPV where you were about to strike gold. Those veins are going to pop out and you will become distracted from your true goal of winning, because I know that all you wanna do is hurt me, seek revenge for what we did and make it even by maybe targeting these ribs. Your sheer determination and frustration is going to deafen you from the referee’s calls to stop it right there, and when you are about to reach that five count, no one’s stopping you, no one’s going to bat an eye. And the same can be said for the other result, and that is when I beat you up and prove how delicate you make yourself out to be. Your vulnerability is going to shine, and hopefully it will give more opportunities for people to target you, because considering you’re a Hall of Famer, you’re “old news”. You are one of the few undeserving of that title, and Elitists of the future, maybe even Hall of Famers of the future are going to prove that, making their statement and rendering themselves beyond someone who Chris Elite calls a “loser”. I fear no one in that ring, Chris Elite, and I won’t be experiencing this “thing” you call great and dangerous, because I will make sure to do what Insurgency exactly did to you and that was demolish you into tiny little pieces.

As much as it does displease me that you were not disposed of, Chris Elite, being granted the privilege of beating you up was one of the the greatest feelings I’ve endured as a professional wrestler, so it’s less of a problem for me to be given an opportunity to relive that moment all over again. Degrading yourself by using this slur against us isn’t going to make us less of a threat, and since you’ve mentioned that you’re not afraid of us, then maybe it won’t bother you in the slightest when I hit you with those clubbing blows and pin you down, all because I’m just a cac, right? All because you’ve “demoralized” me with a slur I’ve heard so many times in my life, you think that is enough for you to beat me up? You’re quite amusing. It’s funny how I’m supposed to be the more arrogant one here and yet this man sees himself as Insurgency’s biggest accomplishment? Putting you to the sidelines was short but sweet, but our biggest achievement to date is most definitely our victory against Adam Lucas, MITSUBACHI, and James Ranger. Go ahead, downplay that victory just because you’ve never heard of them, when they’re rising stars just like me. And no matter how many times you’re gonna tell us that you’re focused and hungry, you know that between those lines you are in sheer disbelief of the words coming out of that mouth. I know you really want to smack the shit out of me, but no matter how many times you try, it’s all gonna be no hits, just misses. I am not a man who lives to regret, and I’ve been told many times that I’m gonna regret even bothering, but most of the time they’ve been proven wrong, and Chris Elite you’re going to be thrown into the “proven wrong” bracket. I was glad I kicked your ass and I still am, nothing is going to change that because you simply don’t have it in the locker to come back on such short notice and come out on top that quickly. This week is not going to be your week, in fact none of the upcoming weeks are going to be yours. I am fully aware of what I did along with Limmy, Donny, and Jake, and I know how much that cost you, and honestly the fact that you pointed out how that affected you only made it sweeter. You’ve just reminded me of the many things Insurgency has vested upon you since that attack took place and it will only add more fuel to the fire when you suffer a defeat at my hands. You and me getting in that ring (if you were going to return which wasn’t expected) was inevitable, and apart from that, what’s also inevitable is the result people wouldn’t want but the result people would get, and that is Maxwell winning. The EAW Universe has already seen you get ragdolled not long from now, so why would they not expect the same this Dynasty? I’m sure your family is now worrying about your well-being, except your dad of course because he cares about fuck all when it comes to you, and I’m sure no one is going to even bother when they see a Hall of Famer knocked off his perch. The race card has been overused more than a stripper and I’m sure this isn’t the first time we’ve been called the KKK just because 4 white men coincidentally targeted a man of color. You’ve seen Caucasians like Adam Lucas get his ass handed back to him, oh wait you must have been recovering at the time so you probably didn’t know about that. Back to my point, hopefully this is the first and last time we are compared to such inhumane groups because as much as we like to solidify our position as guys who simply don’t care about others, we simply do not want to cross a line that brings us to a dark place. Whatever, you’ve heard all of it just a while ago, you’re going to get your ass beat by an Insurgency member once again. Get ready to be passed around like you’re in a gangbang because you’ll be beaten up and pinned down by every single Insurgency member and I’ll guarantee it. You really think you’re going to do what we’ve been doing, running over whoever blocks our path, ALONE? Who the hell have you got by your side right now, your partner has probably ditched you after that temporary alliance for the sake of the Grand Prix was broken into half. The world most definitely does not revolve around you and as much as we’ve capitalized on you, after this match it will become commonplace that Insurgency is simply beyond having to deal with Chris Elite after he crawls back with his broken ribs. Soon it will be proven that your decision to come back this soon was, like the absence of a condom during intercourse, an expected mistake. As much as we want to make YOU a distant memory, that is unfortunately not possible as you were somehow inducted in the HOF, but regardless of your “immortalization”, that induction will somehow be forgotten for one moment, and that moment is going to take place this Friday, when I get to put my hands on you and rip you apart for the second time, but this time, I actually get to pin you and tick you off of the list of people to defeat. I don’t need that Gawd contract for you to use in order to grant me opportunities, because I know that I am already in the right place. I am accompanied by Insurgency, a faction that truly knows how to find actual talent better than the likes of Ryan Wilson, the likes of whom invest time on no-hopers. I know you probably won’t use that Gawd contract to give me what I want, but even if you would, I wouldn’t need to cheat my way to the top when I already have people who give me a boost along the way. Again and again, I would like to reiterate that no matter how hard you hooligans try, Insurgency is going nowhere but up and the only way we will be stopped is if it is of our own accord, and that is, when we eventually part ways. If you really wanna see us part ways, then you’ll have to wait for a long time because before that, we’ll be taking this company by storm and adding jewels to our crowns along the way. Many questions have been raised as to when this would take place, but if you are willing to wait long enough, you’ll see that we are going to be draped in the finest gold and silver this company can offer. It all starts when we assert dominance on a so-called legend. And I am quite pleased to be the one in charge for this one, as I am given the chance to face the returning Chris Elite one on one. I will assure you that this chance won’t be wasted, and the only thing going to waste is Chris Elite’s carcass when I am through with him.
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