MATCH PROMO Divine Retribution (Voltage 1)

Shane Gates

The Natural Born Killer
Well what a shitshow last week was. Did you see how that little runt Azrael won his match against me? He had to cheat since he knew he couldn't beat me so he had to have his brother cause a distraction and then he used a steal chain to beat me. How sad, that's pretty low even from you Azrael but I guess you just had to get into that match by any means so you had to cheat. But don't worry Azrael you will get what is coming to you eventually. Mark my words I will not rest until you and your brother pay for what you did. I will be seeing you very very soon. But I guess I shouldn't think about it too much since it might just hinder my progress in preparing for this match. I would think it would be a bit of a disservice to my opponent if I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind for this match since the incident but rest assured I will be ready for the challenge ahead. But don't think I am going to forget about what happened last week. I will get my revenge and it will be so sweet.

And well here we go again somebody with more success and all saying they wont accept loosing to me and blah blah blah I couldn't really give a fucking shit. The only thing I do care about is to prove these people wrong and bring them to their limits since they seem to think this will all just be easy but when that bell rings and then when they suddenly feel a sudden shock when they fall flat on their asses in pure shock as they wont really expect me to bring them to their limits or give them a challenge. But I do think I give them a run for their money but they vehemently deny it and say it wont happen and they would clean the floor with me but we all know that's not going to happen. The only thing that is going to happen is that this underdog is going to pull off a nice little upset and make some people cry since they don't want me to win and want to try and do everything in there power to hinder my career and my progress to do something good with it.

And that's where we stand now Minerva. You are probably one of the best EAW has seen in a while and I wont take away anything from your accomplishments since you earned all of them. But the only thing I do have a issue with is how you say you are going to easily end me on Sunday when it can really go a whole other way and you know that there is a slight chance of that happening. But like you said in your promo you cant accept nothing but a victory against me so your going to probably do everything in your power to make sure it happens right? But you should also realize that even you try everything in your power to say I cant beat you and it wont happen and say I have no chance of beating you and I have no hope against you and I should just accept defeat now and this and that, there is a small glimmer of a chance and that small glimmer of chance is what I hold on to since I know I have what it takes but my word never really matters I assume so we can throw that thought right out of the proverbial window. I guess the only thing that does matter is us both fighting till one of us nearly dies since it seems it might just go that way or it might just be some one sided affair. I don't know how this match will go between us but the thing I do know is I want to smash my fist deep into your skull. Not because of anything related to you I just want to do it for fun really. I just like to see the human being writhe in pain and scream in agony when you break them to a point where they cant be saved. You may not care about that since you seem to be so keen on talking a lot about the thing that accompanies me to the ring more then me since you think that's going to make me angry since the doll is getting more attention. Eh why should I be angry over childish things? And then you talk about me loosing to Azrael as a way to piss me off and hinder me a bit more but like I said before that is just going to make me loose focus with this match so I rather stay 100% focused on this and beating your ass then to worry about getting revenge. You tried every little thing in your book to try and get me going and to make me loose focus and have me be brash in judgement and just go into this in some anger driven rage that is just going to end up with me getting a loss. But I am simply just appalled that you think talking about my shortcomings gets me going or makes me angry or makes me try and talk shit and all that but honestly I just see it as some childish insults since you just want a easy win and a easy paycheck. And yes I do remember that countout victory of yours and it seems your so fixed on it you want to try so hard to beat me again but this time you want to beat me in the middle of the ring. Wow just wow, Honestly I forgot about that since I have had way too many shots to the head as of late which means I should get that shit checked out since I might or might not have a concussion but honestly that's the least of my worry's
The only thing I plan on doing to you is to beat you to a pulp and then pin you on the mat 1,2,3. and my Hand being raised the victor. But knowing you, your not going to accept it and bitch and moan about loosing to me but that's not true I'm just making it up. But honestly if I was to beat you what a shock to the system would that be huh? Just thinking about it makes me want to see you in pain so badly. Honestly being buried alive was a new experience for me and it opened my eyes to quite a few things really. Come to think of it I guess that doll might be a bit of a lucky charm and also a bit of a curse to me but we just have to wait and see on that since it seems to be a 2 edged dagger kind of deal if you know what I mean. But you wont since your not concerned about my words that I speak and the only thing that you do care about is beating me for a 2nd time but this time cleanly and you seem so deadset on ending me it might cloud your judgement don't you think? wait it might not or it will. We will just have to wait and see. I also probably kept you waiting with my response and all but I wont be apologizing for it since why should I cater to you when the only thing that matters to me is me and myself only. Oh and the doll too mainly because it helps me in the most oddest of ways but you wouldn't understand any of that would you now? So I guess we will have to wait and see on Sunday to see if your going to try evreything in your power to defeat me or am I just going to shock your fucking systems and give you a run for your money. Since I'm not a threat to you it will just make the victory even sweeter. Oh and I hope you can accept a loss to me, or you will you have a little fit backstage after I beat you? Time will tell.
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