MATCH PROMO "Don’t allow blood to make you believe something that really isn’t there." - Odyssey IV

Xavier Williams

EAW Hall of Famer
It’s fascinating watching those with their back against that proverbial wall. They stand there with that same confidence and bravado, but as hard as they try to scream - their voice continues to shrink. They continue to make claims that hold no merit. They continue to tell themselves that they hold some form of control. But, in the grand scheme of things they really have nothing. They’re just waiting for that floor to fall out from under them and the inevitable to happen.

I have to ask, Alexis - isn’t the person that’s above the other meant to cast the shadow? That’s one of the things that I’m trying to figure out because as you tried to explain… that may not exactly be the case. Jake Smith is going to continue to make the point that he’s not only in Drake King’s shadow, but that he’s above him. Those are your words. They make absolutely no sense, but god knows that you took so much pride in them. The problem is that you’re trying so hard to stand on a level that you’re clearly nowhere near. You’re trying to be bigger than you are and your legs aren’t strong enough to bear the weight that you’re trying to hold. I was hoping for something more this week. I mean that wholeheartedly. I was excited about this week. The chance to speak to those who consider themselves some of the brightest pieces in the future of EAW, but maybe I held my expectations a little too high for you to reach. You throw your jabs, but they have no impact. You try to make claims that hold no merit because if you were to sit there and admit that everything that I’ve said and explained has been the truth or correct - what would really be the point of doing any of this. That’s just a part of this business. We force ourselves to stick to our own narratives. We hold our swords and still try to walk forward with the knowledge that our points are only going to cause us to fall on them. There are many who have tried to do the same thing that you’re doing, Alexis, and like everyone else - you refuse to learn from the mistakes of those who have fallen before you. But, I can’t blame you, can I? Not all lessons are learned through watching; sometimes you need to experience them for yourself before you truly understand the mistakes that you’ve made.

But, I know that you weren’t insulting that NEO class, because if you did it would have devalued the point you were trying to make that you brother is actually far better than he really is. NEO was dying while your brother was standing at the forefront. The proof is that the brand actually died while he was standing at the forefront. But, that should have been his opportunity to excel. He was chasing the same things that we were; the opportunity to compete on a grand stage and prove his worth. But, “mistakes” - there weren’t any mistakes. Your brother just wasn’t good enough. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, because that really wouldn’t be fair. I stood beside Dark Demon in his Council. I had to listen to the world profess that my rise came because of him - but, if you go back and rewatch everything that I did for my career: it all came from my own hand. But, I get it. If others were given the same opportunities that I was given they could have done the things that I did. But, I’ve always been told that the cream eventually always rises to the top. Terry has been in and out of this company for almost 6 or 7 years. You said it best; both Aren and Nas became World Champions. Whether either of them really deserved the right to join that class is a different story, but it’s not really something that anyone is going to be able to take away from them. What is your brother’s excuse, Alexis? It’s been three years since I’ve competed in this company on a full time basis, and if he’s as good as he is in your eyes - there's no reason why he hasn’t managed to at least come close to at least some of what I’ve achieved. But, instead he still sits in this company and watches names pass him by. He still sits in this company as a footnote of other elitists that are better. For six years so little has changed for your brother and if you were to give him the same opportunities that I had - can you REALLY say that he would have achieved the same things that I did. Do you REALLY believe that Terry Chambers would have become such an integral piece of his business? There’s having belief in your own family, Alexis, and then there’s being reasonable. Don’t allow blood to make you believe something that really isn’t there.

I’ve explained my reasoning to why I didn’t have myself return during Grand Rampage or throw my name into a hat with the chance to compete in one of the top spots at Pain for Pride. I’m not going to waste the time doing it again either. Go back and listen to the things that I’ve said since I’ve returned and I’m sure that you’ll get the answer that I supposedly haven’t given. You’re not your brother, Alexis. But, you’ve disappointed just like he would have. You’ll stand there and you’ll try to fight. You’ll have confidence in both yourself and the man that you’re going to be standing beside. But, before you rush forward - look down. See the cracks covering the ground that you’re standing on and understand how fragile it is. Jake Smith can cherish the PURE Championship. You can tell yourself that you’re destined to achieve things greater than anyone once gave you credit for. But, you’ll both be forced to look back and swallow that bitter pill that you fell before names that you believed you were above. A Hall of Famer that was past his prime and over the hill. A woman who has consistently proven how good she really is, no matter how much the two of you try to deny it. You’ll learn to live with it. There’s even the slim chance that you’ll learn from it.

The main thing is nothing that happens at Odyssey is going to burden my conscience.
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