Donovan Duke

Donovan Duke



Wrestling Name: Donovan Duke
Picture Base: Chad Gable/Shorty G
Current Nicknames: The Oklahoma Gentleman
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hometown: Stillwater, OK

Disposition/Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Oklahoma country boy turned Las Vegas card shark turned professional wrestling manager turned in-ring competitor.

Theme Music: 'The Phoenix' by Fall Out Boy

Donovan wants to prove that he belongs in EAW as a wrestler and he willing to work as hard as it takes to do it. He also wants to break out of his brothers' shadows and be more than just the "little brother".
Like many wrestlers, Donovan wants to win championship gold, but since he came into EAW with 0 matches, he knows it will be long road ahead of him to become a contender for a title.
Since he has no wrestling experience, Donovan wants to improve and learn as much as he can through his journey through wrestling-while also entertaining the fans.

The youngest of 3 brothers, Donovan grew up on an Oklahoma ranch, so he learned about having a good work ethic at a young age. Donovan also wanted to be a wrestler, especially after his two older brothers (Blaine and Johnny) were high school wrestling champions and became a successful tag team. After that, Donovan wanted to be a wrestler too. He wanted to start training when he graduated high school, but his parents strongly opposed and discouraged the idea. They didn't see him being a wrestler like his brothers. When it came to athletics, no matter how hard he tried, Donovan was always the baby brother in his brothers' shadows.
After hearing people repeatedly laugh behind his back (his parents talked to A LOT of people) and constantly arguing with his parents, Donovan ultimately decided to attend college as a business major as well as make a career out of his second dream—cards.
A prodigy at card games, Donovan started by playing blackjack at local casinos at 18 as well as learning to play poker. Donovan's crowning achievement is when he won his first of 6 World Series of Poker tournament bracelets on his first try at 21.
After years of taking the casino world by storm and winning poker and blackjack tournaments all around the world, Donovan wanted to give his wrestling dream another try. He got his chance thanks to his older brothers offering to let him be their manager while still playing poker on the side to supplement his income. Donovan was able to successfully manage his brothers tag team for over 2 years, but Donovan always wanted more than to just stand on the sidelines-he also wanted to compete. A dream he saw getting very close when EAW wanted to sign him. He knew that signing as an Elitist would mean his poker playing would be very limited, but he was happy to risk his first career to become successful in a second one.
Now that he is a wrestler and not a manager, Donovan is ready to break out on his own in the ring, live his dream, tell his own story and to continue building his self-confidence in the wrestling world.

Wrestling Debut: 2018 (As a Manager), 2020 (As a Wrestler)
Favorite Match Types: Ironman and Submission Matches for his appreciation of technical wrestling.
Least Favorite Match Types: Hardcore Matches
Tendency to Cheat: Rarely. He doesn't like to cheat, but if the situation arises that he has no other choice, he'll do it.

Common Moves:
1. Handspring Elbow
2. Suplex Variations (German, Northern Lights, etc...)
3. Bow and Arrow Hold
4. Moonsault
5. Sitout Facebuster
6. Roundhouse Kick
7. Military Press
8. Snap DDT
9. Powerbomb
10. Swinging Neckbreaker
11. Somersault Legdrop
12. Superkick
13. Headscissors
14. Hurricanrana
15. Handspring Stunner
16. Shooting Star Press

Signature Moves:
1. “Dealer’s Choice”, Spinning Back Fist
2. “Double Down”, Tornado DDT
3. “Southern Charm”, Wheelbarrow Full-Nelson Facebuster
4. “Tornado Warning”, Giant Swing

Finishing Moves:
1. “Southern Hospitality”, Widow’s Peak
2. “Bankrupt”, Guillotine Choke Submission
3. “Royal Flush”, Michinoku Driver
UF. 'Blaze of Glory', 450 Splash (adopted from his older brothers)

His oldest brother Johnny was completely against Donovan wrestling in the ring, but his other Blaine thought it was a great idea, so Blaine started to train Donovan before EAW.

Raised as a southern gentleman. He is respectful and kind to everybody unless they disrespect him. Then he drops the gentleman attitude and doesn't hold back.

Donovan is also not afraid to speak his mind or fight against any opponent. He is still very new to wrestling and mistakes will be made, but he can handle himself in the ring.

Considers himself an all-around wrestler. He loves technical wrestling, but he can fly, use power moves, and brawl (even though he doesn't like to brawl). With that mindset along with his determination to succeed, he has no problem competing against any type of opponent. He was bullied a lot when we was younger; he still struggles with self-doubt on the rare occasion. That combined with inexperience can lead to mistakes being made.

Has a bit of a nerdy side. If he not playing cards or training, he can be seen playing video games.

Donovan’s time playing poker has given him an amazing ability to completely read his opponents.
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Hello, I realize your thread hasn't been responded to yet so I just wanted to bring you up to speed. We are at the end of the season and in the middle of the buildup to our biggest show of the year Pain for Pride, therefore the new sign ups can't be assigned to a brand because following Pain for Pride the season ends and everybody becomes free agents up until the draft which occurs a week after Pain for Pride.

With that said, you'll be sorted to a brand on the fourth of July weekend and you'll be booked in a Fight Grid match on this coming Sunday following PFP against an opponent we'll inform you of when the time comes along with deadline information. Thanks for bearing with us and welcome to EAW!
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