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Drake King

Always the King
The Kingdom

The King
Wrestling Name: Drake King
Real Name: Drake Miller
Pic Base: Seth Rollins
Nicknames: The King
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220 lbs
Date of Birth: March 29th, 1993
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Alignment: Ruthless Heel
Gimmick: Drake King is now on a mission. Prove his worth. He's tired of just calling himself the best, now he wants to prove it. Drake still has a bit of that ego he's been known to have, but now we're seeing a Drake King focused on becoming the true King of EAW. The Interwire Championship was only the beginning.
-Stomping on the ground before move [Seth Rollins "burn it down" before the Curb Stomp]
- Trash talking opponent [either as a heel, or against rival/enemies]
- Waiting by the turnbuckles for opponent to get up [Edge before his spear, Drew McIntyre before the Claymore, etc]
Drake King has grown from the guy who just yells Ok a lot. Drake is now someone looking to rise the ranks in the company, and prove that he wasn't lying when he called himself the King. Drake wants to prove that everything he has said in Season 12 was the truth.
- 6 Midcard Championships in small promotions, most of them no longer running.
Elite Answers Wrestling:
- #10 Highest Draw 2018
- Retired the Heart Break Boy
- 1x Interwire champion (107 days; 2 successful defenses)
- MVE #173 (Most Valuable Elitist)
- MVE #179 (BOTW + MOTW vs @Bhris Elite and @TLA w/ @Jax Walker)
- MVE #193 (POTW)
- Elitist of the Month (August 2019)
- MVE #197 (Most Valuable Elitist)
- MVE #198 (BOTW + MOTW vs @Kassidy Heart )
Entrance Music:
-"Ready for War" by Adelitas Way (January 2019-Current)
FPV theme: "King of Kings" by Motorhead
Old FPV theme:"Bury Me Face Down" by Grandson (March 2019-May 2019)
Old themes:"I'm Not Okay" by My Chemical Romance (December 2018-January 2019)
-"Revolution" by Pennywise (July 2018-December 2018)

Special entrance: "Behold the King... The King of Kings.."

After these words, the lights go out, with smoke filling the stage to the beginning of "King of Kings". The lights turn on as the lyrics "Bow down to the, Bow down to the King" are heard, as the smoke slowly clears out for Drake King, who makes his entrance looking at the fans with a focused look on his face. Drake walks down to the ring in, normally speaking off mic either to fans or to camera men.

(Feel free to add more or change up stuff if you're creative enough)
-Piledriver Athletics (2019-current)

Wrestling Debut: Started training in 2007
Favorite match type: Any match but a normal one, to make things more interesting.
Least Favorite: Normal one on one
Favorite Weapon: Drake King likes to use out of the box weapons, two of the ones he has used in the past includes a branding iron, his championships, and even a sharpie, but to Drake anything could be a weapon.
Cheat: Very rarely. Drake wants to prove that he doesn't need to cheat to win.
Wrestling style: Technician

Common strikes:
-Midsection super kick
-Bicycle kick
-SpringBoard Clothesline
-Forearms (Discus/Normal/Springboard)
-Roundhouse kick
-Shoot kicks
-Pele kick
-Superkick (To someone diving at him/To someone kneeling/To someone standing)
Common moves:
-Snap Suplex
-Hip toss
-Arm Drag
-Jumping Cutter
-Neckbreaker (normal/floatover/jumping)
-Snap DDT
-Tornado DDT
-Jumping/Running DDT
-Drop Toe Hold
-Snap German Suplex
-Snap Dragon Suplex
-Dragon Screw
-Leg DDT
-Kneedrops to leg/arm/head
-Stomps to leg/arm/head
-Jumping Facebuster
-Sit out Powerbomb
-Rings of Saturn
-Heel hook
-Sleeper hold
-Cattle Mutilation
-Boston Crab
-Cobra Clutch
Common dives:
-Frog Splash
-Elbow drop
-Tope Con Hilo(for spots)
-Suicide dive(often 2 in a row)
-Moonsault (to either standing or down opponent)
-Blockbuster (from second or third rope)
-A Superkick followed by a Ripcord Knee Strike, followed by a Discus Clothesline
-Midsection Superkick followed by Bicycle knee
-Superkick followed by German Suplex and/or Dragon Suplex
Signature moves:
-Buckle Bomb
-Rolling Cutter, called "Heir to the throne"(Cross Rhodes for reference)
-Falcon Arrow, called the "King's Wasteland" (Sometimes to set up Phoenix Splash)
-Phoenix Splash
Finishing Moves:
-Curb Stomp, now called "Fallen Kingdom"
-Pedigree, called "Miller Light" (named this to mock Malcolm Jones after defeating him, and, you know. The drink.)
-Sick Kick, called "The Guillotine" (main finisher)
Ultra Finisher:
- "Harsh Punishment" (Go to Sleep/Firemans Carry Kneestrike, causing opponent to drop to a knee, with Drake following it up with either a Guillotine [Sick kick] off of the ropes, or the Fallen Kingdom [Curb Stomp] off of the ropes.)

- John Miller: Father (Born April 7 1967)
- Stephanie Miller: Mother (Born June 11 1970)
- Jessica Miller: Sister (Born September 15 1996) (Manager/NPC)

Jessica Miller (Manager)
Picbase: Brianna Hildebrand
Character: Jessica Miller is a huge fan of wrestling and has (after a lot of convincing) decided to start training to be a wrestler herself, although she more than likely won't actually go through with a wrestling career. Despite being very different from Drake, she's an enemy to many, solely due to who she is associated with. Due to Jessica's determination to help Drake succeed, she doesn't at all mind helping him out during his matches. Of course, she's also there both so she can help Drake make less mistakes during his matches, and so she can go to more EAW shows.

-Relunctantly has decided to actually follow the rules, and not try and cheat to win, just to prove to himself that he really is that good, but still, if an opportunity is present, Drake will still try and get an edge over the opponent.
-Drake does not like to swear. It's not a family thing, or anything like that. He just doesn't do it.
-Due to where he is in the company now, Drake has learned to accept it when he loses, and attempt to use that loss as a way to get better. Despite this, he'll still use anything possible as a way to justify the loss (if the win was not clean).
- Drake's obsession with succeeding stemmed from his past, where it seemed like things just put a stop to his goal at every turn, including being fired from past promotions before getting a real chance to prove himself.
- The only member of Drake's family that he is close to is his sister. Likewise, Jessica Miller is the only member of his immediate family to pay attention to his EAW career.
- Drake doesn't like cheating, but if Jessica ever does help him out in his matches he wouldn't hesitate to capitalize on opportunities given to him by her. She doesn't hold the same morals that he does so she doesn't at all mind doing whatever she can to help Drake win.
- Drake King trained EAW elitist @Harper Lee, and helped her get signed with the help of his sister.
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