Drake King

Drake King

World Heavyweight Champion
Where the gold is

Wrestling Name: Drake King
Real Name: Drake Aaron Miller
Picbase: Seth Rollins
Nicknames: The Paragon
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220 lbs
Date of Birth: March 29th, 1993
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Ruthless Heel, on the Tweener side if need be
Gimmick/Bio: Drake King knows, or at the very least believes he's the best wrestler this planet has to offer, and while in many people's eyes something like that sounds like complete delusion, Drake is aiming to prove that his belief is anything but that. Drake is at the point where he'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and his goal above all else is to prove that his words are nothing but the absolute truth. Drake won't stop until the entire world belongs to him. The days of being the King are over, now he just wants to be the best.
- Stomping on the ground before 'Fallen Kingdom'
- Trash talking opponent
- Beating chest

- 6 Midcard Championships in small promotions, most of them no longer running.
EAW Accomplishments:
- #10 Highest Draw 2018
- Retired the Heart Break Boy
- 1x Interwire Champion (107 days; 2 successful defenses)
- 1x World Heavyweight Champion (_ days; _ successful defenses)
EAW Awards:
- MVE #173 (Most Valuable Elitist)
- MVE #179 (BOTW + MOTW vs @Bhris Elite and @TLA w/ @Jax Walker)
- MVE #193 (POTW)
- Elitist of the Month (August 2019)
- MVE #197 (Most Valuable Elitist)
- MVE #198 (BOTW + MOTW vs @Kassidy Heart )
- MVE #206 (MOTW [Dynasty EEC])
- EAW Most Improved 2019
- MVE #208 (POTW + MOTW vs @Darcy May Morgan and @TLA w/ @Sierra Bradford)

Entrance Music: 'Zero' by Crown the Empire
Special Entrance: Up to all the writers
- Piledriver Athletics (2019-2019)

Wrestling Debut: 2010
Started Training: 2007
Favorite Match Type: Nearly any match, Drake wants to be the best at everything
Least Favorite: Battle Royales
Favorite Weapon: Drake King likes to use out of the box weapons, some of the ones he's used in the past includes a branding iron, his championships, and even a sharpie, but to Drake anything could be a weapon if you put your mind to it.
Cheat: If needed. Drake still doesn't like to cheat, but after how the later half of his 2019 went, he'll do it if it means getting the job done.
Wrestling style: Technician/High flyer
Manager: Jessica

Common strikes:
- Clothesline
- Dropkick
- Midsection super kick
- Elbows
- Bicycle kick
- SpringBoard Clothesline
- Forearms (Discus/Normal/Springboard)
- Roundhouse kick
- Shoot kicks
- Enzuigiri
- Pele kick
- Superkick (To someone diving at him/To someone kneeling/To someone standing)
- SpringBoard Knee
Common moves:
- Snap Suplex
- Brainbuster
- Hip toss
- Arm Drag
- Jumping Cutter
- Neckbreaker (normal/floatover/jumping)
- Snap DDT
- Tornado DDT
- Jumping/Running DDT
- Drop Toe Hold
- Hurricanrana
- Snap German Suplex
- Snap Dragon Suplex
- Dragon Screw
- Leg DDT
- Kneedrops to leg/arm/head
- Stomps to leg/arm/head
- Jumping Facebuster
- Sit out Powerbomb
- Buckle Bomb
- Crossface
- Rings of Saturn
- Arm/Kneebar
- Heel hook
- Sharpshooter
- Sleeper hold
- Cattle Mutilation
- Boston Crab
- Cobra Clutch
- Chickenwing
Common dives:
- Frog Splash
- Elbow drop
- Tope Con Hilo
- Suicide dive
- Moonsault (Asai/Diving)
- Blockbuster
-A Superkick followed by a Ripcord Knee Strike (Can be followed by 'Drawn By Blood' finisher to end matches)
-Midsection Superkick followed by Bicycle knee
-Superkick followed by German Suplex and/or Dragon Suplex
Signature moves:
- Miller Lite: Pedigree [Can be a set up for Fallen Kingdom]
- Wasteland: Falcon Arrow
- Phoenix Splash
- Dark Side: Deep Six set up transitioned into Blue Thunder Bomb
Finishing Moves:
- Fallen Kingdom: Curb Stomp
- Blood in the Water: Swinging Reverse STO, sometimes with Ripcord set up
- The Guillotine: Sick Kick [Main Finisher]

Ultra Finisher:
- Homicide: Leaping Double Foot Stomp

- John Miller: Father (Born April 7 1967)
- Stephanie Miller: Mother (Born June 11 1970)
- Jessica Miller: Sister (Born September 15 1996)


Name: Jessica
Real Name: Jessica Selina Miller
Height: 5'3
Weight: 113
Picbase: Brianna Hildebrand

Jessica Selina Miller has always been a huge wrestling fan, and now she has the chance to be involved with wrestling in some capacity, as she was convinced to train with Drake, but never actually desired to become a wrestler herself. She's definitely the more approachable person between her and her brother, but her approachability doesn't correlate to her behavior at ringside. If Drake ever is in the position to where he really needs help, Jessica wouldn't hesitate to do whatever she can in order to help Drake win. In the case that she doesn't accompany Drake, she'd usually be backstage anyway, she wouldn't miss a show unless she absolutely had to.
- Jessica is the only member of Drake's immediate family to be close to both him and their parents.
- Jeesica does not care about cheating and will get involved in Drake's matches in any way she can.
- Jessica has weeks worth of wrestling training. She's a bit useful.

-Drake does not like to swear. It's not a family thing, or anything like that. He just doesn't do it.
- Due to where he is in the company now, Drake has learned to accept it when he loses, and attempt to use that loss as a way to get better. Despite this, he'll still use anything possible as a way to justify the loss (if the win was not clean).
- Drake doesn't like cheating, but if Jessica ever does help him out in his matches he wouldn't hesitate to capitalize on opportunities given to him by her. She doesn't hold the same morals that he does so she doesn't at all mind doing whatever she can to help Drake win.
- Drake King trained EAW elitist Harper Lee, and helped her get signed with the help of his sister.
- Drake King does not like to be called the King anymore, and sees it as nothing more than a last name.
- Drake clearly has a soft spot for elitist Sierra Bradford, but that does not mean he should be taken lightly. History has shown that if needed to be, Drake can be one of the most ruthless and even sadistic people on the roster. It's Drake's ability to at any time switch from being seemingly pure evil to an actual caring person that makes him a pretty impressive character.
- Drake and Jessica don't use their real last names because they don't want the rest of their family benefiting or becoming famous off of their own work. Pretty selfish.
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