Drizzy & Vizzy

Drake King

World Heavyweight Champion
Unified Tag Team Champion

Team Name: Drizzy and Vizzy
Team Members: Drake King and the Visual Prophet
Picture Base of Each Member: Seth Rollins | Velveteen Dream
Combined Weight: 480 lbs

Team Disposition/Alignment: Tweener
Team Gimmick: Drake King and the Visual Prophet is the definition of opposites attracting. During the build up to Road to Redemption 2019, Drake and Viz found themselves teaming up with one another for three weeks straight, and in those three weeks they won all three of their matches. Drake King doesn't exactly have the same fondness of the Visual Prophet that Viz has for him, but the Paragon agreed to trust Viz, as long as it leads the two where they want to go. Become the best Tag Team in Elite Answers Wrestling. They have a complicated relationship, but business is business, and these two are willing to team up for the sake of it.

Theme Music: 'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin
Entrance: TBA, usually the Visual Prophet would have a very flashy entrance, with Drake King following behind, not seeming very impressed.
In-Ring Attires: Both Drake and Viz would wear the attires they normally wear, sometimes with a matching color scheme for important matches. They still prioritize their singles careers over their Tag Team, plus Drake still insists on not being friends with the Visual Prophet.
Tendency to Cheat: Rarely
Passion – they just want to wrestle and don’t care about anything else
Glory – they just want to win and don’t care about anything else
Gold – they want to win as many championships and achievements as they can
Platform – they want fame and influence

Wrestling Debut:
Drake King – 2010
The Visual Prophet – 2014
Tag Team – November 2019
- Both Drake and Viz have a weird chemistry that oddly works despite how different the two are. Despite not liking each other originally, in the ring they work like a well oiled machine, as long as they're on the same page.
- Both Drake and Viz are very resilient. It takes a lot to keep either man down, so no matter who they're facing, it'd be nearly impossible for them not to put up a great fight.
- While they work great while they are on the same page, sometimes the two may bicker during matches due to that not being the case, distracting the two and leaving an opening.
- Both Drake King and the Visual Prophet have a lot of confidence, and sometimes their confidence may get the best of them as they may underestimate their opponents.
Promotions: Elite Answers Wrestling
In-Ring Achievements:
Drake King:
1x Interwire Champion
1x World Heavyweight Champion

The Visual Prophet:
1x New Breed Champion
King of Elite 2020 winner

Tag Team:
1x Unified Tag Team Champions

Common Moves:
- Ripcord Knee (Drake King) and Jumping Knee (The Visual Prophet) Combo
- Clothesline to opponent in corner by The Visual Prophet, before throwing opponent into a Slingblade by Drake King
- Superkick (Drake King) followed by a German Suplex (The Visual Prophet)
- Double Dropkick
- Snapmare (The Visual Prophet) followed by Penalty Kick (Drake King) to seated opponent
- Full Nelson submission (The Visual Prophet) followed by Springboard Knee Strike (Drake King)
- Clothesline/Leg Sweep combo
- Diving Leg Drop (The Visual Prophet) followed by Diving Frog Splash (Drake King)
- Superkick (Drake King) and Yakuza Kick (The Visual Prophet) Combo
- Double Suplex

Signature Moves:
- 'Dust in the Wind' – Sit Out Powerbomb (The Visual Prophet) and Diving Blockbuster (Drake King) Combo
- 'Luster Buster' – Spinebuster (The Visual Prophet) and Slingblade (Drake King) Combo
- 'Suplex Bomb’ – Suplex (Drake King) and Sit Out Powerbomb (The Visual Prophet) Combo

Finishing Moves:
- 'The Treaty of Paris’ – 'Dawn of Justice' Single Underhook Brainbuster (Drake King) followed by 'Bow to the Heart' Diving Elbow Drop (The Visual Prophet)
- 'Masterclass' – Flapjack (Drake King) and 'Kiss to the Head' Bullhammer Elbow (The Visual Prophet) Combo
- 'OFF WITH YOUR HEAD' – 'Prophet Driver' Dream Valley Driver (The Visual Prophet) followed by the 'Guillotine' Sick Kick (Drake King) to seated opponent
- 'Fusion Dance' – Leg Sweep (The Visual Prophet) and the 'Guillotine' Sick Kick (Drake King) Combo

- Drake King and the Visual Prophet prioritize their singles careers over being a Tag Team, but the two are always fine teaming up with each other, especially if it's for Championships.
- 'The Treaty of Paris' and 'Fusion Dance' are the primary Tag Team finishers for Drizzy and Vizzy, but if they're unable to hit either of those they'll resort to using of their other Tag Team finishers, or just their own.
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