MATCH PROMO Dynasty 01: Introductions


Daredevil of Chaos

(The screen fades in and we see Celes sitting at a coffee shop in Lexington Kentucky, the site of this week’s edition of Dynasty idly stirring a cup of coffee and apparently lost in her own thoughts when suddenly Ricky appears and slips into the booth opposite of the younger woman)

Ricky:’s the back?

(Celes simply looks up and glares at the older man for a moment before looking back down and her stirring)

Celes: It’s fine, just stunned me from the impact that’s all.

Ricky: Don’t I know it. There was this one time back in SCW during my ladder match with Reaper, the dude hit me with a snake eyes onto the barricade so hard I thought I was going to pass puppies through my nose.

(Celes stops what she’s doing and looks up at the man before letting out a frustrated sigh and shaking her head)

Celes: Still didn’t get the damn job done.

Ricky: Perhaps, those two fucknuggets understood something however because every time they rewatch the match, they'll quickly be reminded that you’re not the joke that they played you out to be and if either one of them has any real brains, then they would understand and realize that you were holding back.

(Celes arches an eyebrow at that bit of realization)

Celes: I wasn’t holding back, Ricky.

Ricky: Come on, Celeste, I know you better than that. You were holding back just a little bit for some reason and that’s what got you sent into the railing, not because of some dumb cunt getting lucky.

(Celes looks at Ricky for a moment and then nods)

Celes: I was holding back a little.

Ricky: You see!! Honesty is good for the soul!

Celes: I was holding back because the goal of the match was to win the match cleanly, not turn it into the mockery that the Nest has turned my tag division into. I mean when the Queen’s Court held the Empire titles, at least they had some mother fucking *CLASS* they’re just worthless bits of tin around two equally as worthless submissive bitches.

(Ricky nods as he leans back in his seat, looking at the young woman)

Ricky: I’ll give you that one, kiddo, but I think that at Empire they might be doing something equally as stupid and poking the wrong bear….but you got bigger fish to fry this week don’t you?

(Celes slowly nods in agreement before taking a sip of her coffee)

Celes: That I do.

(The screen fades out as the two continue their conversation before it fades back in, this time at a different location where Celes is standing in a park, clad in her signature ring jacket and a baseball cap)

Celes: So this week I’m going to be on Dynasty where I’m apart of a New Breed showcase match against Malik Kennedy and Jaxson Caine, and while I would love another chance to slap a couple of submissive little bitches around some more, this week I have something just as important to deal with.

Having said that I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to facing off against Malik Kennedy and see what happens when the self professed “King of the Underground” faces off against the Dominion’s twisted sister. If “It came from Cleveland” can put me away for the three count or if he is one headbutt away from something extra painful greetings from Junon..either way it’s going to be a fun and violent match for the two of us.

But I don’t want the third person in our little three way to feel left out, so Jaxson Caine...I’ve give you a couple of points for style but negative a million for being booked for a show and not saying shit. I can give Kennedy some slack because I know for a fact that he’s got a lot of heavy things on his mind like how he’s going to approach our match but you….you Caine, haven’t really said anything.

(Celes chuckles rather mirthlessly as she shakes her head, her face in its usual emotionless state as she does so)

Celes: As a matter of fact let me clue the two of you both in on a little secret which is simply if you want to how I was during my match at the Iconic Cup as an example as to how I’m going to be doing business from now on, then go right ahead because I fully intend to be as violent as possible because it gets shit done and while everyone expects me to be all high flying because of my weight class, then you’ve got another thing coming.

You see the people who taught me understood what my strengths were and they chose to have me focus on those very strengths and so while you’re being all flippy and shit, Kennedy, I will ground you with a try to get clever and take this outside of the ring, then you’ll get an education into what I’ve been holding back on.

Caine, you’re the new meat in this match and this promotion, and from what I’ve seen you really haven’t done anything yet to earn your stripes but this is the New Breed Division and we got a pretty boy who is more obsessed with proving that he’s the prettiest one of them all over proving why he should be at the top of this heap.

So come Dynasty, Caine, you need to nut up and show everyone on Voltage why you deserve that spot in not on that brand because this is a showcase match and the powers that be are looking for that next contender to go against the Prophet himself.

(Celes’ face slowly twists into that signature dark smile of her’s)

Celes: And that’s something that I wouldn’t mind going for myself eventually...if anything more than to shut him the fuck up but I’m not looking past the two of you, instead I’m waiting for the two of you and as always I’m looking forward to the fight.

So come to Dynasty, Malik and Jaxson, come and bring your best violence...I’ll be waiting.

(The screen fades out as Celes walks out of the camera’s view)

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