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Those who harbor astonishing amounts of malice and use it with vicious intent often times attempt to impose their will upon me in hopes of me experiencing fear. This doesn't prompt that fear those, it inspires my convictions to harder and grow in strength. Observing my opponents harboring hatred and the intent to inflicting bodily harm to me helps me realize how truly lost they are. I can fend off all of their advances and offer them an opportunity at peace before an untimely doom eventually befalls them. But my proposal of mercy is most commonly met with intense rejection. The passion that comes with this rejection prompts me to snuff out their flame so I can progress forward with my career so that I'm not being halted by the meaningless.

When you conjure up the concept of a fluke, you have to take into consideration all variables. Was my defeat of Jack Ripley a fluke? In your eyes it seems to be, but your observation of the truth of events seems to be lacking. I opposed each individual who made up the One Percent and achieved triumph over each of them. Theron Nikolas fled from our match in fear of losing the Answers World Championship. Mr. DEDEDE had to call upon assistance from his allies to fend me off, and when Jack Ripley didn't have either option, I countered everything he threw at me and overwhelmed him. Have you witnessed what has become of his career lately? His loss to me put on full display his helplessness without the One Percent. It showed he wasn't prepared for his stature and praise he had falsely managed to accumulate. His entire career fell apart in a matter of months. It was so severe to the point that StarrStan had to put the looming danger of losing his job over his head in an attempt to inspire him to improve, and yet he failed to do so even then. His career on Dynasty concluded and his firing brought his fall from grace around full circle. Now he finds himself trying to grow on Voltage and merely serves as a fading memory here on Dynasty. Lets progress to things you pin on me that fall out of my control.

This PURE Championship hasn't been on the line since my encounter with Jack Ripley. At this current point in time, I don't have authority over the happenings of Dynasty. I'm always willing to put this championship on the line as I'm confident it'll remain in my grasp regardless. But that responsibility falls on the shoulders of management to produce me a proper contender which they've failed to accomplish. Instead, they randomly opt to assign this King of Elite tournament match with the extra stipulation of the PURE Championship on the line. Lets discuss what falls under you control. If you somehow secured victory and become champion, then what ensues? Do you remain champion and go forward in this tournament or does that fall upon the shoulders of Cameron? You do serve as her substitution after all. This whole predicament lacks logic. If you go all the way to King of Extreme in Cameron's place, does the glory fall upon her despite the work residing on your shoulders? Cameron seems to be a magnet as he continues to bring out the worst in people for reasons I'm not certain of. Mr. DEDEDE went to extremes to dispose of her then as soon as she dealt with him, Devan Dubian commits actions of aggression in a manner he isn't known for. You may come to realize you don't truly belong when opposing me.

Because when I endure failure, I identify what preventing me from progressing and I make the necessary repairs.

Losing at Road to Redemption was a setback and it was never that important I walk out victorious. My impact can become much larger if I manage to reach the pinnacle after becoming King of Elite. This Championship is ever changing. It's been introduced, retired, and brought back to replace the Hardcore Championship. With me, it'll continue to change to become a symbol of darkness. It doesn't serve me if I simply use it to brag and shout out to others that I'm champion and their not.

It's a symbol that I'm capable. It's proof that I've conquered those who were believed to be invincible.

When individuals like Mr. DEDEDE or Apocalypse stand before me, they harbor an aggressive nature that is extremely rare. You've seen it yourself. But I'm different. My aggression is different. When you gaze into my soul, you'll witness a swirling pool of darkness. I have nothing to distract me and have complete control of my emotions. I don't reach into aggression to deal a definitive strike against me opponents, I opt to reach into darkness instead.

Through being put through the ring, being stabbed by a rail road spike, and suffering decimation, I still remain able to defend this championship as I continue to remain faithful to my convictions, Ms. Extreme.

I'm doing what Cameron isn't. She's been broken and now has someone competing for her due to the injuries she's sustained.

But through my injuries and pain, I find even more reason to compete so that I can display the true capabilities of darkness.

You will get the honor of being witness to it all.

Darkness is just over the horizon.

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