MATCH PROMO Dynasty Promo: Snakes and Ladders

Shaker Jones

Punk Rock Country Boy
We open on Shaker Jones in the locker room.

Shaker: Damn that was a heck of a fight, I'll give it to ya Cross, you are one tough SOB. But there is a silver lining in all of this, I was close. I took you to the absolute limit and you know it Cross, I ain't the only one hurting today.

Shaker: But I guess I'm not hurting as bad as Kevin Hunter. The man who just lost the openweight championship.

Shaker: After all your big talk, about how you are going to do this, and are going to do that, you came up short. There is no way around it, you can't deny that you got beat, doesn't feel good huh? I was in the same position myself after I lost the Big Bhaker Bhampionship.

Shaker: But I didn't come here to console you, no, no, no. I want to make a name in EAW, and the first step is kicking your ass.

Shaker: Unlike you I am not hiding behind a gimmick. The Alpha King, what is that. You showed on Voltage that you are no king, someone came and took your crown and now you are no more than a peasent. Where as I am who I say I am I am the Punk Rock Country Boy. A name that sounds weird to begin with because they don't quite match up. I am from the country, and I have been Punk Rock, most of my life. I live by D.I.Y. Do It Yourself, a slogan made famous by. I have never had anything handed to me in thus business, I had to go and do it myself, and it has shaped me into the man I am today. I am like Ian MacKaye, the lead singer of the band Minor Threat, the guy who pretty much coined the term and is the definition of DIY. No label was going to sign his band so he made up his own. He put together the first few Minor Threat albums, and that ethic shows. If you Do It Yourself, you get more satisfaction out of what you have done. Because It was not handed to you, you did it.

Shaker: You see, let's think of this match like snakes and ladders. As Kevin Hunter will be sliding down the ranks, going further and further from the number one contendership, I will be climbing the ladder to success, what success, the openweight title, the pure title, the tag titles, maybe even the world championship. This will all come in time, I just have to keep going up the ladder. If I somehow fall and wind up on the snake's back, I will use all my power to get on the ladder and climb it again. Like Chumbawanba said "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down". Good words to think by. I have been knocked down my fair share of times, but the thing that makes me different, is that I don't give up. The word quit is not even in my dictionary.

We hear a radio in the background playing Queen's "We Will Rock You" as the camera fades out

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