EAW Intergender Tag Team Tournament Announcement!

Sienna Jade

Empire Tag Team Champion
EAW Hall of Famer
San Diego, California
Hi, everyone!

We would like to announce that we are creating an EAW Intergender Tag Team Tourney! We have decided that for this time around, you guys can choose your partners, create a tag team name, and post it here on this thread stating that you'd like to participate!

The Elitists that decide to team up will be fighting to win some cash money for the charity of their choosing. Make sure to add that to your reply as well!

Also, only 8 teams will be selected. 'Promoing' for this event can emulate how the WWE superstars did which was cutting goofy and not so serious promos on their iPhones. You dont need to have the setting of your promo be via iPhone, everyone has creative freedom to do this how they want! But it does not have to be long, 200 words or more would be suffice.

This event will take place after TI and will be announced officially with the card on the forum. Thanks to those who participate in this!!