MATCH PROMO Empire #1: Believe

Layla Lockhart

The Princess of EAW
"Well well well... this is a match up I didn't expect to be seeing again. When Jael and Chelsea took their balls and went to sit out their nice cushy contracts last year I was pretty convinced that would be the last we'd see of them given how much Fox loves to hand out big money deals to people who don't do any work right now but I guess I was wrong. It's been a long time since I've been in the ring with either of these two but I've been waiting for it for a good long while now. They say you never forget your first, you remember our first match as well as I do Jael? Probably not given how little of a shit you three seem to give about anything but yourselves but I've got the memories, you messed up my eye so badly I thought I was gonna lose sight in it and yet I was still there next week to face you again with Remi and Revy; I was half-blind and had allies who might as well have been extra opponents and yet I still stepped up to the plate and gave it whatever I had left. Ever since you and Chelsea left that gangly bitch tagging with you on Thursday has been trying to take me out of the game and yet here I am right as rain; no Pride, Crowe’s Nest putting me in the line of fire and oh yeah exactly zero fear from me. Because one thing I’ve learned, that everyone’s learned, is that you Crowes? You can talk a big talk alright and I’m not gonna pretend like you aren’t tough, anyone who has paid attention to the best brand in EAW knows you can hold your own in a fight with anyone here… but I find it a bit funny how often you can try and fail to get rid of someone. It’s not just me is it Raven, you tried to take out Remi as well, Mali, Revy too… how’s one out of four sound to you as a rate of success? Because where I come from that’s pretty piss poor and sounds to me like you’re a lot of bark and no bite in the end, you can hurt me sure, you can mock me all you like as I’m sure you all will, but everytime I step up and refuse to bow to you or any of the other self-worshipping filth running around that locker room it just reminds me of exactly why I do it.”

“I’ve got no self-delusions Jael. Unlike you I’m not about to pretend my failures don’t mean anything and act like my successes are the only thing that matter; no one is going to leap into a debate and try and claim Layla Lockhart has run riot in Empire, Laylamania is running wild, Hall of Fame career! No. Much as it might be appealing for you and Raven to think I’m some stupid little girl lost in her own world, I live in reality as much as anyone else and I don’t need you to spell it out that I haven’t had the same amount of success as the Crowe’s Nest… but you already said it yourself, that you three came from nothing and built success for yourselves. Well, two of you did. But see, here’s the funny thing; you want to talk about how I’m deluded or off in some fantasy land and yet it seems a bit odd that you’re apparently too stupid to get it through that ignorant head of yours that history has a knack of repeating itself. You and Chelsea clawed your way from nothing to where you are now and you were willing to take out everyone above you to do it, some might call it commendable but frankly the way you go about it I can only call it sick. But do you think for one second I would be here if I wasn’t willing to look at whoever is placed in front of me and take them down to chase my dreams? Are you that fucking deluded that you think if I’m not eagerly lining up to punt puppies or try and blind people that I’m not willing to put the boots to a miserable bitch like you? Jael, sweetie, you couldn’t PAY me to pass up an opportunity to get in that ring with you and beat some sense into you. You think because I like to look on the bright side of life that I don’t know the thrill of feeling someone who deserves it hurt because of you? I’m never going to pretend I don’t have violence and hate in me Jael, we all do, unlike you and your love for needless cruelty I can think of healthier, more beneificial ways of working it off… save all that bitter disappointment, all those shattered dreams and hatred and find someone who really deserves to feel that. You can yap on all you like about how much I’m not like you Jael but I can tell you one thing that I’m sure we do have in common, and that’s that when I smash my knee across your smug face and watch your eyes swell shut or when I feel your nose smash under my boot I’m gonna be enjoying it as much as anything I could possibly do with my friends and loved ones. There’s a lot of ways to be a good person in this life Jael, sometimes you donate to charities, you offer a hand of friendship to those who need it… and sometimes you do the wider world a favor and you bring the pain to those who would hurt innocent people and show them what pain really feels like.”

“Let’s try something you obviously never do Jael and just think about what you’re saying before you speak for once. You nearly took my eye out. Still here. Your ugly old bat of a friend beside you has tried twice now to snap my neck. Still here. If I can be put through that and come back still ready and eager to fight? Well, do you really think I could get through that and not understand just how to hurt someone? Everytime someone like you hurts me I don’t forget, I don’t forgive… I just wait for the right time to pay it back. Controlled, directed vengeance and hatred Jael? That hurts a lot more than your random, senseless violence and on Thursday I’ll show you just how bad I can hurt people when I want to.”

“And who better to test that theory on than your tag partner… oh wait, forgot, she couldn’t hang onto her title so I guess there’s not much to gain from beating her up anymore. Other than pure satisfaction at least and right now that’s good enough for me right now because what I’m hearing is a former champion who has the absolute fucking gall to still be bitching about a phone after two attempts to end my career here, nevermind all the other underhanded, cowardly shit you’ve been involved in? Making up for the fact youe teammates fucked off to sit on their asses for a while, can tell ya that much!”

“Still, there’s one positive to look on in spite of all this, the light in the darkness; even with the end of The Pride, I find myself still teaming with one of the very best the Empire roster has to offer. Jael, Raven, you can point and laugh at my track record all you want but I’m only one half of this team and quite frankly out of everyone in this match if there’s one person I wouldn’t wanna beon the opposite team of, it’s Andrea Valentine. Andrea…. Well, she’s got a special place in my heart just like she does for a lot of the audience, she took the opportunity she was given to become a success here on Empire after coming from extremely humble beginnings; I don’t believe in princesses, unicorns or fairies, Raven, but I believe in Andrea Valentine and I’ll give her everything I’ve got and more in that ring on Thursday to send the Crowes scurrying back to the nest tails between their legs.”

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