MATCH PROMO Empire #1: Pioneers Yes, Legends, Yes, Has Beens, Yes


Ashford, Kent

Last week didn't quite go to plan for Karina-Ann and Celes Dumont, they lost to the team of Constance and Santana in what was a sweet bit of revenge for Santana after what Karina and Celes did too her a few weeks prior, but that was last week this week is where it all counts this week Karina and Celes together known as Fatal Destiny are set for a championship tag team match on Empire against the reigning Empire tag team champions Amber Keys and Cleopatra. Karina was determined to make this opportunity count and she wasn't going to give it anything less than 110% in this match. This was the match Celes and Karina had been waiting for and neither of them was going to let this opportunity slip through their fingers.

"So last week didn't go to plan, but Celes and I don't like to dwell on the past it's time to look forward and forward we look to this week, this week is our opportunity to make a real statement, a statement that I have been barking on about since we got here, that Celes and I are here to take over this division, last week was a mere blimp in our record but come Empire Amber and Cleopatra and the rest of the roster will be bowing down to the NEW Empire tag team champions. Amber seems to wanna bark on about how her and Cleo built this division, this empire if you like and true as that may be that was the past ladies it's all about the future now and Celes and I are THE future of this division. You guys were the pioneers I can't fault that or say that's not true because the facts are there but your going to find out that your time in the spotlight is over, you may be the Queen's Court but there's nothing royal about how you guys conduct yourselves. Not that I'm saying me and Celes conduct ourselves better than you because well we don't care how we look. You like to think of us as cheap knock-offs of the pair of you....ahaha very funny don't be salty because we look a million times better than the both of you, you know it and the fans know it that you guys are slowing down in your old age, I mean what are you guys now like...45....50?"

"Amber you like to say that Cleo broke the stereotype of blondes....are you for real, last I checked Cleo's face is about as plastic as her personality and her breasts are about as big as her own hype and ego. I however am all natural and Celes is far better than your tatty ass Amber. You like to say that Celes is a weak link, that her and I together just don't work, you say that you guys have great chemistry together and as true as that may be, without each it seems like you just can never get the job done. Madison Kaline hides behind you guys and uses you for protection because she's incapable of winning a match fairly, though the same can be said for you guys I mean when did you guys last win a match cleanly, fair and square and all of that.....OH YEARS AGO, you see Celes and I may have lost last week but we are still very much a threat to this division. We won't go down without a fight and your going to find that out on Empire when we fight and continue to fight until you guys have no choice but to hand over what is rightfully ours those tag team titles. The only reason you guys are still champion is because your the 'queens' of foul play and cheating. Celes and I are going to embarrass you both on Empire. Oh and if you think about bringing that trash of a champion Madison Kaline with you, well you best think twice because this is going to be a fair tag team match, not a three on two so you best keep her locked up or else myself and Celes will have to make sure she's out of equations ourselves."

Karina then cracks her knuckles as the last time she was in a match with Madison both Amber and Cleo got involved for no reason. Karina didn't want that to happen again.

"You see Celes and I fully knew that we'd be overlooked here on Empire, you seem to think that you guys still run the place and yes you three hoes do hold all the titles, that is only because you use the numbers game to your advantage everytime you guys step into the ring. That's why Celes and myself will be making sure that the playing field is even. If little Maddie even thinks of stepping foot into the arena when our match is taking place, well then little miss champion can expect a fine in the mail. Because a little birdy told me that she's banned from ringside. Oh that's right no more number's advantage. You know what that means right, just in case your old haggered brains can't process that it means that you guys will be a weaker unit and a weak unit means that can be exploited and taken advantage of. You see you may think that I am taking this lightly but that's anything but the truth you see, you guys run around posing your authority but behind that whole ego and the favct you guys think you are untouchable. But you see I'm not a dumb blonde and I have been studying the pair of you and my findings where quite interesting to say the least."

"You see I've been studying both of your past matches and I am great and finding people's flaws, now I'm not going to reveal what each of your flaws are because well only Celes and I need to know what it takes to beat the two of you. That's why when I spotted each of your flaws I pointed them out to my girl Celes and we now have a plan and strategy in place to ensure that the reign of the Queen's Court comes to a rightfully end. It's a new era here in EAW and it's out with the old and in with the new. Now don't get me wrong you guys are both legendary and were vital to this company when it first began, but that was back then now your just a couple of has beens that need to be put down and in there place and Fatal Destiny are the girls who are going to do just you can kiss those titles goodbye and make sure you shine them up real nice for us because those titles are going to be ours, we'll be the ones to make those titles mean something again you guys may be the champions but what exactly have you done since winning the titles, oh right not a whole lot it seems. Champions are supposed to be fighting champions and when we win, well that's exactly what we will be fighting champions."

Karina then motions around her waist signifying as if there was a belt around it, she then smirked into the camera.

"Ladies it's like that saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. You guys have been at the top of the mountain for many years now and I actually respect you guys for that, however you need to realize that yes you were once great but your light is now fading ladies and once we take those titles from you on Empire you'll once again be just relics from the past trying to scratch, claw and clingy onto whatever glimmer of hope light that you have left. You see Amber and Cleo you may think that this match will be easy but we are young and in top health you guys are old and have been through many battles that have clearly taken a toll on you not just physically but mentally too, you may think that you are prepared for us but you see Fatal Destiny is unpredictable nobody can truly prepare for us. So ladies lace up your boots and stepped into our kingdom, our domain....but rest assured once we are done with the both of you. Well let's just say you'll both be looking into a considering what the best retirement home for you guys is. Maybe Madison will follow you there like a little puppy too. I mean I've never not seen you guys glued at the hip you may as well be conjoined together. I mean if you did that then you'd be twice as easy to hit because well the two of you conjoined well that would make for a rather large target if you ask me, but you aren't conjoined but that doesn't mean that we can't hit you that your not just just as big a target, you guys aren't invisible, you guys are indestructible. You guys are just human like everyone else and all humans have there limits and there breaking points, it just so happens that I've found out what yours both are, see I'm clever like that."

"You see ladies pioneers you may be, legend's you may be. But the most important thing of all is your has beens and we are going to turn you back into relics of the past and don't worry we'll put a nice pretty headstone on your graves because relics belong in the dirt, but then again you guys are used to that. So you should feel right at home."

"Now au revoir, bitches!"

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