MATCH PROMO Empire # 1 - The Rock. The Fortress. The Deliverer.


Everything has a beginning and an end.

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life is to make changes. Whether they end up being negative changes or positive is a matter of mindset. Most of us would probably prefer to avoid falling into the subtle trap that the former might provide in a trial basis, seeking instead the latter. Sometimes we don't know which of either we're getting unless we take a step forward and try. Change for many, it's something that they tend to fear and become anxious about because they do not feel in control. That's where He always steps in and shows us the way. He keeps his promises. He's patient. He won't leave us with nothing. The Pride officially met it's end. Giving time and energy to help forward their battle front, to push their cause never felt like a helpless endeavor. It was part of His plan, and it was one that allowed this Lioness to learn even more about who she was, and also where she needed to continue to work on herself. He teaches us to help others in need before helping ourselves. That was always the most notable example this Lioness was trying to pass along during her time with The Pride. But that was a simple concept that wasn't shared throughout from one member to the next during the group's existence. I won't say that was necessarily what finally led to our undoing. No. In a nutshell, we just never put all the right ingredients together consistently enough to sustain the type of conventional momentum that was needed, that you have to have as a unit to survive, period.

And now it's time to move on.

It's been a while, though, hasn't it? A while since this Lioness has gone after an opportunity that she could call her own were she to secure it. I always knew what I was sacrificing by joining The Pride, and knew eventually a moment like this would present itself again along the path I've been taking. He doesn't just close one door without getting ready to open another with bigger and greater things in mind as part His plan for us. And somehow, you just know. You know that it's time to start something new and trust the process, and that's done through welcoming new beginnings. That's why you're both here as well. I fully understand that and accept the challenge that the two of you will surely present this week. Tyler Wolfe, the last time we met you were able to successfully take this Lioness to task just as you have with many before her. You've grown and matured quickly during your short time here, becoming a full fledged superstar with that's shown a great determination and resolve that gives you the mental strength to pose as a threat to anyone that stands before you looking to take any opportunity that you can see being yours away. You have championship pedigree, which means you have the experience and the know how in these situations. There's surely more to it then just experience, of course, but that always plays a huge factor. This Lioness came to Elite Answers Wrestling with just just over eight years of it, and while that may not register in some people's minds as being able to translate to success at a higher level. That's simply an untrue statement. When someone has told me at times since I've been here that my experience on the independents doesn't mean a thing once I arrived here, anytime, and this Lioness was able to show them different. What we do to get here. The time and energy we put in to be able to dual out our best efforts. If we're blessed enough, all that gives us one opportunity after the next because we were blessed enough to have the right people come along and take notice of that hard work that eventually got word around to others on through a chain or the channels, if you will. What we do here in this company success wise makes us like feast or famine, because we're either being presented with things we may or may not be ready for. You can scoff at it, Tyler, if you want. But we've all three been introduced to it at one point or another. One moment we're on a high that's got our confidence at such a peak that the next rung on the ladder is right there within reach that all we have to do is extend our reach just a bit more to grab hold of our futures. We've all had that opportunity, and we've all allowed it to slip through our grip, only to realize that perhaps we weren't as ready for certain moments and opportunities that we got as we previously thought. You winning a title so early into your EAW career shows how very good you are, that can't be denied. It represents breaking a single glass ceiling more than myself and Harlow Reichart, sure, but in the end it is still just a single one that we're more than capable of achieving for ourselves in due time. The point of making this known is that all that early success or not, we all have to put in the work just to win this week. Maybe my assessment could be wrong? Perhaps you were given too much too soon, some could argue. Past achievements, success? It doesn't guarantee the promises you will surely make come to fruition this week. The promises you make, myself and Harlow can make those same promises and still not succeed. The promises I make every time are that I will use every bit of strength that He provides me, and in doing so ensure that my supporters back home that I fight to represent know that I'm fighting for them, and with all that I will allow it all to help me rise higher.

That's why this Lioness still roars as loud as ever.

On the grandest of scales you and I are in the same boat it would seem, Harlow. We've not reached our full potential in realizing individual success at the lower midcard level. We've made noise here and there, even made ourselves stand out for a time only to be introduced to those two doors I mentioned of earlier. So many, Harlow, so often they look upon the door that's closing on them or that has closed. They look upon it regretfully so much to the point that they end up missing out on the one that has opened for them. Sometimes it's because the one that closed they may have seen as their best opportunity to do something great and with that they don't see the door that's opened. If not that, then it's that they no longer see the point. You've been there recently and at times in your young career so far, and believe me, coming from experience both in life and in my eight years of battling to get here that's a very trying place to be. A place where we have difficult choices to make, and so far we've made the choice to keep going despite some setbacks. That's the most important one to make, because that goes a long way in helping us make the other choices. The most common trait we seem to share is in the fact that we're both confident enough in our own abilities that we can overcome these small hurdles, and instead of seeing them as a detriment to our eventual rise we see them as further motivation to keep going out and earning what we put the time in to in an effort to succeed at higher planes. You've had your support system, and understandably that's going to give you a slight edge, perhaps. All the more reason that this Lioness should look forward to this contest in inviting both you and Tyler into the den, a place where this Lioness is never lacking in confidence, and never conceding victory. Was there a period during my tenure where I wholeheartedly knew that what I was fighting for went well beyond any individual success I was seeking for myself? Yes. My time of fighting along side and for The Pride would contest to that, but I've always readily acknowledged that when confronted about it. I even admitted to the Pride leaders what my intentions were, and that I realized I was sacrificing potential individual success. For a time there was hope that we could all pull through the torrid periods, but that was never the case and was never going to be because other than for reasons of why we banded together in the first place, we never truly co-existed for each other. Remi admitted to not being the leader The Pride needed. Daisy never really got the chance to fulfill the role as it was thrust upon her, and then all the attacks from the outside by those looking put us out of commission for good. Some may believe that I should be vengeful towards those that have threatened to take us out, or those that have actually succeeded. But vengeance is never the answer, Harlow. Tyler may believe different because of the results she's gotten from putting all that rage deep into her pit and letting it build up to unleash a side of her that's manifested through her emotional personality, but it's through defeat that always shows her eventually. She hates to lose. She understands it's growth, yes, but she hates it all the same. That hate builds her motivation, maybe, but her hate is keeping her and will continue to keep her from ever reaching her full potential. The truth, though, is that He has never destined any of us to live to be anything less than what we are and later what we become.

He designed us for success.

He made us to be winners

Being judged based on how successful one is or lack thereof will prove to not be as much of a factor in the way the outcome comes to be this week as many might believe. It's how we're judged later if we've gone on to have successful careers, sure, but at this level as competitive as it is, anyone can beat anyone on any given week no matter the circumstances. You've both seen it. You've both proved it at different times during your respective tenures here as has this Lioness. That's not what will decide everything this week. If that were the case this Lioness may be elsewhere battling at higher planes by now, or perhaps not. If every setback inside this den was meant to dictate everything for this Lioness then she would not be here competing with the both of you. You've both put this Lioness down in the past, and those past triumphs give you both the mental edge, no doubt. It gives you both the sense of believing in yourselves and your ability to do so again, but with the same token this Lioness has shown the past barely makes a difference when something is up for grabs, win or lose. The motivation, however, that will always be in the form of fighting for those that support me, that helped me get to this point. Those that He placed in my life specifically to help me grow, mature, and get better all the time at this craft. I will go out and earn it for them....always. The Pride may not have succeeded, but don't let that be the basis for how you view this Lioness. Like the both of you, she's lived, she's loved, she's cried, she's fallen, she's laughed, she's gotten back up, and.....she's continued to grow. This path He's laid, it's by design. It's one that's proven to be passionate, risky (sometimes beyond control), adventurous, and un-caged. He will always show us the way in an effort to capture our hearts. On Empire, He will show us the way again through triumph or defeat.

The Lioness, she never doubts. Her faith and courage, tested they will be many times over at every turn. But at each she will prove to be strong enough to fight against those who dare to see them as a weakness, and wise enough to bide her time, to await her moment to strike last.

I'm Constance Blevins.......I am The Lioness......And I'll show you why I prepare, ready myself as I do.......And show why, in the end, I'll continue to rise higher.
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