MATCH PROMO Empire #3 - Pushing On. Gaining More.


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It turned Angels to devils that He cast away once upon a time.

It's artificial, and in excess it can bring complete Disaster. It's completely independent. It breeds arrogance and delusion. It doesn't get you everything you need, and with it, it's hard to ever be consistently happy.

Do you know and understand what hubris is, Tyler? I'm sure you do. In fact, I'm willing to bet you can even see it within yourself. However, I'm sure you see it, but only as something that in your mind you must have in order to produce the one of the best legacies ever in this company. What it is, Tyler. All it serves as, and all it will ever is being that detriment that prevents you from rising higher much faster. You have such deadly pride within you, believing because you can and have done everything you've managed to since arriving better than everyone else - in your own mind, that it must mean you always will. It's a fatal flaw to have, Tyler. One that can be easily overcome with the right approach and mentality, because what you have is a mindset. Results have shown, however, that the waves you produce int he ocean can be survived, but apparently that's not enough, is it? Not when you can point the finger, that is. If you can point to Kendra for what you believe is a lack of leadership in being able to back one of her biggest draws. If you can blame the referee for not being perfect and showing the ability to do their job accordingly. If you can't give Cleopatra some credit for doing what in her mind was a sound judgement call to avoid losing her dignity. If the world, as you know it, as we all know it isn't as generous to us as we'd like it to be, do you think anyone is really going to lift a finger to acknowledge your situation if you can't find fault in what you're doing too? From the best that I can tell, and I mentioned it the last time. But, honey, not only do you have a deadly pride that goes beyond just having supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities, you've had a taste of success and now have such a sense of entitlement believing that it's supposed to always work out in the end for you because you believe each big opportunity should belong to you. You define feast or famine just as this Lioness has previously stated. Just imagine having put in the same amount of time to your craft that you have and not seen the same type of results that you have from it. Try to put yourself in mine's or Harlow's shoes. Putting in the effort each time we've had the opportunity to, and learning in defeat what you didn't know previous and being able to use that as the kind of motivation necessary to pull through when given the chance once more the next time around. The biggest difference here, Tyler, between us and you is our setbacks have made us strong enough mentally to look at a challenge like this and nod our heads with confidence with the belief that we can pull through this time around. I'll never show excessive pride in anything that I'm doing, but I'll always show that I've got the ability and confidence to go out and win any battle under any circumstance. But when I've not come out on top, I've acknowledged my shortcomings, I've owned them. The same with Harlow. She's had her fair share of setbacks, but she keeps working on herself. She keeps setting the bar a little higher for herself all the time, even in defeat. Can you say the same, Tyler? Hard to argue against when you believe you're already believing what you bring to the table is better than what everyone brings. In reality you're actually no better off than myself or Harlow this week. It's a crapshoot, Tyler, and you better believe there is nobody that is willing to place their whole bag of winnings down on any of the three of us because literally anything can happen in this situation.

The odds dictate where the big money will go, but they don't guarantee a thing in the end.

In the end it's the house that always wins, just remember that.

Empire wins. Kendra wins. Fox wins. We all win, Tyler. You've said that this Lioness has incorrectly spoken when she's stated that she will continue to rise higher, but if you look close enough you'll notice that from zero week up to now this Lioness has already answered your question in terms of what she's accomplished. Back when this Lioness debuted over six months ago she was the opening match. You've already rundown my defeats for me to show that after that first week of being the opening match what I've accomplished. That being that tangible accomplishments, materialist possessions? Despite having done nothing significant by your own assertion, Tyler, I still stand in the same position you do despite arriving here two months after you with the same exact opportunity, one that this Lioness is primed to go out and take for herself. But since I allow Him to work through me, it will be for Him. I give Him the glory, Tyler. He was the one that worked through others that were responsible for providing this opportunity to me. He was the one that instilled the confidence in me and gave me the strength to keep getting back up to keep on keeping on after Manifest Destiny, after the winner take all, after Bloodletter, after Road To Redemption, and yes after falling short the last time out against Chelsea. He gets the glory, and as He works through me, Tyler, he'll be more than happy to show you your place when He humbles you upon stepping into the den. He's not afraid of you, and He certainly will not back down from you either. When you talk down to someone, belittle them and show insolence toward them without recognizing why it is that they are able to stand where they do in the first place, then you are underestimating them, Tyler. It's as I've stated already this week. He has plan for everyone. Life is a marathon not a sprint, and it works the same way in Elite Answers Wrestling, Tyler. You don't have a chance of finishing if you stop halfway, do you? And so many at this point have, and I know you've seen it because I have too. They say life is short, but even that's not true. It can be for those who stop progressing, that give up. For those who don't? They make plans. They prosper from making those sound plans because they commit themselves by doing exactly what they say they will do, and they don't think about whether their time is short or not. That's not a factor, because they don't doubt themselves and what they have to offer. But not to worry, Tyler, because while you're too busy trying to figure this Lioness out, using such conjecture which shows an extreme lack of commitment to your work to help your own rise, it's this Lioness that's studied you both, and well, already ready to take the next test.

One that she's taken before.

One that she's ready to pass this time around.

I'm curious to know, though, Tyler. Where did you ever get a silly thought in your head that this Lioness didn't want this opportunity as much if not more than you? If this were a few months ago. If this were even a solid month ago, then you would've been right. But as it stands now? This Lioness is going for the opportunity to battle for the New Breed Championship. The feeling she has now was nowhere near what she felt when challenging for the right to hold the Specialist Championship. In those times is was about fighting by the side of The Pride. I even stated so much to everyone that I didn't need that title even if we had come out on top in those instances. Those victories would have gone to The Pride. I would've rightfully relinquished my right to hold tangible evidence of victory if it meant I could uplift another within the group. That's how I felt then because I understood what the others wanted, and I was trying to do my part and serve Him in keeping them together. As I've stated, as a unit we did not achieve our goals. Now we've all decided to evolve on our own. We'll see each other here and there in the den, perhaps. But we'll always share a certain special bond that comes with having spent all that time trying to fight together for a cause. However, now it's time to start going after the opportunities that are there for the taking. In a constantly changing environment such as this, and quickly I might add, the things we do or don't do are what ultimately determines how far we're bound to go. Guaranteed failure is doing nothing at all. I don't underestimate the competition, Tyler, because I know there's no merit to doing so. This is the most prestigious company out there where everyone competes at the highest level. Empire is stacked with talent. So much talent that opportunities like this have finally opened these types of doors for us to open with the chance to seize. That's why they created Empire their own tag team division. That's why there is a vixens division along with the other two. We've opened doors, Tyler. All three of us and then some by simply coming into existence, not just you, I'm afraid. In high stakes situations, you said it. Your words. It's going to be about who wants it more. So do you really believe that overall style of fighting, shapes, size of the competition is going to make that much of a difference when we're all going to have our own agendas out there? If you and Harlow did decide to team up on this Lioness is resourceful enough to use her awareness of her surroundings to her advantage, not to worry. This Lioness will do it within the boundaries that are placed, and in the end? Believe me, as angry and frustrated as you were after last week's show, that won't even compare to possibly whats to come this week if you come up short again. This Lioness has always believed that it could be against one, or it could be against them all and this Lioness with the strength He provides her would live to fight until the end.

Nothing to hold back this time.

Nothing to lose.

Harlow, it's a pleasure to be able to step into the den with you again. You've brought your usual good and keen analysis to this matchup as well, I see. Many of what you've assessed from afar aren't wrong. But then this Lioness has made her intentions quite clear at the same time. She's left nothing out this week. She's acknowledged the choices she's made in the past and why she made them in the first place, but ultimately made it clear what she was always destined for. I came here to be a singles star, yes. But I came here to set the necessary examples by living and dying by my own beliefs and ideals. Now the time has come to finally start refocusing my attention on fulfilling my desires as an individual, and it starts tomorrow night when she does battle with you and Tyler Wolfe. I appreciate the work you've obviously shown in turning things around for yourself. You don't see many make the kind of one eighty that you have, going from someone who didn't put in the work at first, get behind the eight ball as you did and come back kicking and throwing everything you have at the competition just to stand here this week. I'm not going to deny your natural gifts as a wrestler, because like I said not many make the kind of recovery that you have. That alone shows how exceptionally talented you are. And imagine where you would be had you put in the work from the start. I'm not here to judge, though. You're here, and that's what counts. We've all three suffered our fair share of setbacks, and yes as you've stated, we're on even keel. But not because of how many matches we've won or lost in these same situations, but this one. This is the only one that counts, Harlow. This is our next best chance to keep on climbing and rising higher. However, to say that this Lioness doesn't draw her greatest strength from His guidance shows a bit of shortsightedness, I'm afraid. It's piggybacking off where others have gotten it wrong, but you've at least shown where you stand on the matter. I can respect that about you. But the reality is that he helps those that help themselves. He doesn't let us slip, He works tirelessly to ensure we get every chance to succeed. You've spoken of size and weight being a factor just as Tyler has, and I feel inclined to accept that disadvantage for the mere fact that it means that this Lioness will have to think a little harder while on her feet and never allow herself to be placed in a vulnerable enough position to give you both all the advantage in the world. She's shown she is capable of overcoming the physical disadvantages she walks with.

But that will not be enough to hold her back this time.

It will be hunting time the moment you both step into the den with this Lioness. You both can come forth with everything you have and this Lioness will invite it. We train and condition our bodies to take the type of punishment we take each and every time we step between the ropes. We're in the main event this week, ladies. We've all shared that spot on the card before and we've shown that we're certainly capable of holding down that position which is why we'll get more opportunities at it going forward. This an opportunity that we can all benefit from, especially the winner who could go on to fulfill their own desires. There has never been a time where He has allowed me to doubt, especially when He has provided me the strength in place of that to keep rising higher. On Empire this Lioness will find her way once again. She'll be relentless in this hunt, striking you both at will with each moment that she has the opening to do so and will not until she has won the day.

I'm Constance Blevins.....I am The Lioness.....and I'll show you why I prepare, ready myself as I do....and show why, in the end, I'll be ready to rise higher.
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