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Chances to thrive.


Chances to achieve great, great things.

Chapter Two: Start Again

Once again they arrive at my feet.

Voltage, March 29th, 2020

Even as I hurdle towards another.




“You’re an idiot”

The words flew through the phone like daggers penetrating my heart.

“I just--”

“No. You got cocky and ahead of yourself.”

He’s right.

“What did you think you were going to accomplish? You thought it was your trump card?”

“No I didn’t. I- I- I jus--”

“Whether or not you saw Price as someone worthy of facing the grea--”

“It’s not like that”

It wasn’t my intention.

“Don’t interrupt me”


“As I was saying. Whether or not you thought Price was worth your time or attention is irrelevant. You overlooked her and thought your little ‘WildHeart’ was going to be an intimidating factor.”

He’s right.


“No, not yet, I’m not done.”

“Yes, the same reason why I’ve won what I’ve won, become the Elitist I am is very same ideology I’ve instilled in you. That when the time comes you train harder than anyone else, you study longer than anyone else, you work yourself to the bone trying to be in perfect fighting condition. You called it ‘WildHeart’ and I approved it, I didn’t think you would be a fucking idiot about it--”

“No you’re wrong--”

“Don’t cut me off again”

“This is how you’re mocked. This is how whatever you build is undone. This is why the next time you open your mouth to spout ‘WildHeart’, they’ll only see it as nonsense because it is. It’s nonsense now and it will be nonsense when you face Justin Windgate - that is if you manage to still face him.”

I don’t understand it.

“Now. Stop looking ahead. You don’t have to respect your opponent or the match itself, but at least respect the fact that you have something in front of you that demands your attention. You’re focusing on the New Breed Championship, I get it, but you have the chance to progress your career even beyond that. It’s what you want right? To replicate my own success as the New Breed Champion?”

“It is…”

“Well then, don’t let it slip through the grasp”


Opportunity is what we all desire.

Opportunity always exists.

I’ve watched opportunity slip through my hands previously. A couple of times rather. The opportunity to prove myself, the opportunity to progress forward, the opportunity to become a Champion, the opportunity to simply live and breath freely both inside and outside this ring. All blown, all thrown away for one reason or another. But opportunity always exists. The opportunity to return, the opportunity to become a Champion and now before me an opportunity to further my career here on Voltage. It can be vague, a broad and general concept of ‘opportunity’ but it always implies something great. No matter the value to others, to me, any and all opportunity is significant and worth fighting tooth and nail to obtain. Even as I remain wholeheartedly focused on Justin Windgate and becoming the New Breed Champion, when the opportunity presents itself there’s a necessity to seize it, most certainly when it’s against such talent on Voltage. As I’ve watched opportunity slip through my grasp countless times already in the youth of my career it becomes more and more valuable with each that arrives. Just imagine the weight of victory in this Ladder match. To beat former World Champions and a more than capable former Interwire Champion and then walk into Grand Rampage competing for the New Breed title? One of many goals I hold when it comes to the New Breed title and division is to elevate the gold, elevate myself and elevate my challengers to heights not yet seen. Survival of the fittest, where every challenger defeated is still destined for greater things and I - as the Champion of them all - destined to become part of the one percent of the one percent to achieve it all. This is how value exists, how value grows from something that can be so incredibly abstract, be so void of meaning and significance. In one way for myself, there’s opportunity in the aspiration to win ‘opportunity’; value in something that is ultimately valueless to even my opponents. A primer ahead of Grand Rampage, a chance to prove that I stand among the apparent best that Voltage has, an opportunity to continue my growth and only cement my refusal to stagnate. Even when I see these three as just a homeless looking bum, a dentist who when she loses her job will remind us all of the good coronavirus is providing and Rex’s missus, they’re in their positions for their talent. Its competition I crave, competition that I have always wanted to face, not being stuck down in the dumps against names that have already left this company in shame and others who have done nothing since our encounters. Even leaving this entire division behind - title and all - through beating all three and proving myself to be simply better, simply greater than they could possibly be.

Progression, always.

And progression is what I’m sure both Bethany and Raven both seek. To progress towards greater goals, greater success. It’s the natural path we all follow, a continued desire to always be better, always achieve more. It doesn’t matter the success one has, nobody appreciates defeat; there is no satisfaction in what we’ve already done, already achieved, there’s a constant drive that boils away beneath the surface regardless of what we deal with day to day. This ladder match provides that opportunity to go one step further towards those greater goals, that greater success. What’s the value of the opportunity to Bethany? To Raven? Is it the Grand Rampage match being dangled before us? Is it a contendership? Truly I can’t answer the value of the opportunity, this abstract reward being suspended above us, just out of our reach. Once again however, I remain as the one who has the most to gain from it; the most who benefits from victory. Defeating Bethany now and taking this away from her would be rather comforting. Sometimes I get caught up in the regrets of the past, in what I couldn’t do and when her and I crossed paths she got the better of me. And that betterment propelled her towards the kind of success that I had dreams of achieving the moment I stepped into this company. I wonder what could have been, how different it could have been if it was me who ended up coming out on top of that encounter. Alas, I can’t change the past and I’m not letting those regrets weigh me down. It is but a secondary aspect of winning, a minor point that can be taken or left to the side without notice. Raven on the other hand is just a scalp worth claiming. A World Champion - albeit the one World Championship that has historically been and continued to be seen of lesser value than the other three World Championships regardless of the changes the title has undergone in recent years - and someone who has had quite the impressive previous twelve months to say the least. Its talent and its competition that I’ve wanted to face, that I’ve hoped I would face. Though that’s where the pleasantries end and its simply because I don’t give a fuck. What she’s done, what she’s achieved, how far she’s come, the last twelve months or who she’s getting fucked by it doesn’t really matter when in the end I’ll continue to rise to the top. There is no addition to gain from victory that isn’t already earned through the opportunity that this is; to simply prove that I can not just stand with the “best” but defeat the “best”.

Which leaves me to the apparent “best” in Charlie Marr.

What a fucking laughable idea.

I’m going to steal a narrative point from Jamie O’Hara if you don’t mind, Charlie, and I apologise if it’s perhaps sickening to hear again.

He made a point that greatness isn’t achieved by doing something great merely once, but rather doing great things over and over and over again. That every legend, every generation defining Elitist, achieved their status of being a great or one of the greatest, by doing great things repeatedly. You couldn’t win at King of Elite. You couldn’t defeat Andrea at Shock Value. Now you have to fight for another opportunity, another chance, another go at doing something great once again. You briefly mentioned trends, referring to myself as such but what’s to say that Charlie Marr wasn’t a trend? That your reign as the EAW World Champion was nothing more than a brief and rather popular moment at best? Of course you’re going to object to that, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Yet here you are, kicking stones believing yourself to be entitled to opportunity, deserving to have it handed to you having failed to make the most of the opportunity that has already come your way. Wasted once. Wasted twice. If you fail to win this match? Just further cements the reality that Charlie Marr is a fucking trend himself. That you are no different to the people that Jamie himself brought up, who he compared you to; one hit wonders who had a brief moment of love and popularity before fading into obscurity. Time and time again it happens bUt iT WOn'T happeN to Me!! Until the three months it's been since you last held that title becomes half a year and that half year becomes an entire year. Over and over again until people only remember it existed by reading a row on a table on some wikia. Trend, Charlie Marr is a trend. I don’t need to be a wise veteran, I don’t have to be here for some period of time to be educated on this shit to know that your career has already played out. It's been played out ever since the dawn of this company, hell, even the dawn of this business. But I’m not concerned with what you’ve done, I can’t take that away, dismiss it, belittle it or discredit it. However, what I can do is look at what you’ve done since and the reality is that Charlie Marr is no longer the face of this brand. The reality is that you’re slipping further from the prominence you once held. Do you believe opportunities like King of Elite will always be there? Think you can just demand your way into another title match? Hell, lose this match and do you think that such an ‘opportunity’ will be there tomorrow? Do you think you can better your feats of last year’s Grand Rampage by going one step further and winning it? Oh, lets just go ahead and correct you that you DIDN’T go all the way last year, yer got thrown out just at the end. Ouch, to go from number one and get thrown out at the end must suck. Hate to see it. Opportunity dries up. Opportunity fades away. Opportunity quickly becomes a rarity and just because you were the EAW World Champion before doesn’t mean you’re entitled to always being in the conversation. Remember what it was like when you struggled for relevance? When you struggled just for a chance to shine? Oh you thought those days were done? :mjlol: The more you miss, the more you fail to make the most of what comes your way, the sooner people start to forget about you. At some point they stop putting you in these positions, in these matches hoping that you win, that their faith in and expectations of you are worth the time and the investment and instead turn to others.

But you’re the exception, aren’t you Charlie?

No matter if you fail on Voltage you will still be treated with the utmost care and respect, being given countless more chances to prove that your time at the top, your time as Champion wasn’t just a brief, fleeting thing that came and quickly went. No, nobody else is going to be elevated further up the rankings for their efforts, consistency and success! You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? No matter how valuable you think you are, no matter what you think you’re entitled to there will always be another to push past you, there will always be another who becomes Champion while you waste away in a place you believe yourself to be above. You are no exception, you’re simply a reminder of the rule that exists for us all. And this very match only furthers that reality. Whether it’s myself or the other two that find themselves winning the contest is irrelevant as ultimately Charlie Marr continues to slip further away from his grand place of prominence and fame. Yet perhaps I more than the others will dig the dagger further into your chest than they could. The nobody who has achieved nothing, the lowly fledgling who hasn’t won anything significant, who ultimately and undoubtedly has any right to be in the ring with the “great” Charlie Marr - let alone this match to begin with - how would it look should it be me who wins? Absolute SCENES; down the fucking drain does every ideal vision you hold of yourself. It doesn’t quite matter what the opportunity is, it’s going to be a considerable step forward for me regardless and more importantly, it’s an opportunity that you won’t have yourself; I’d consider myself a thankless hero for assisting in the slow decay of your time at the peak, every bit counts after all even if this opportunity is insignificant and has little value. In the end my lack of experience and success won’t matter. As it stands I have one opportunity in my grasp, I’ll have a second by the end of Voltage and I’ll seize both. I’ll shake the mountain with every step towards the peak I take; seismic activity causing so many to tumble as I fall along with the rockface they clung to.

And I’ll fucking bury you beneath the rocks.



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