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As you know, promoing for the Grand Rampage starts tonight and I just wanted to give you all some advice to follow going into it, as a lot of our active members have joined within the past year and have never been in this match before. Although most of the fed will be in the Grand Rampage match and promoing will be a free for all, there are still some guidelines you should keep in mind going into it.

24 Hour Rule - Although the 24 hour rule still applies, in a match like this when 20-30 people are all promoing, I doubt waiting 24 hours will be a factor as promos will come out from several different angles rather quickly.

Quality vs Quantity - If anyone in your Grand Rampage match promos, you’re free to cut another promo, whether they mention you or not. Make sure you aren’t just repeating yourself just for the sake of getting more promos up though. Remember folks… quality>quantity. For example: Malcolm Jones posts a GR promo targeting Mr. DEDEDE, 5 minutes after that Jackson Blayde promos so Malcolm Jones takes the opportunity to get another one up dissing DEDEDE even more without mentioning Blayde, even though DEDEDE hadn’t responded to the first one yet. Now there’s no rules saying you CAN’T do that, but please understand that if you’re just repeating yourself you aren’t doing yourself any favors so at least make your material unique. This isn’t to say shy away from going as hard as you can, but if you’re going to go hard then go hard with material that isn’t repetitive. You have so many different people to promo on so there shouldn’t be an issue with that.

Choosing Targets - You’re free to promo on whoever you want, you don’t have to promo on every single person in the match if you don’t want to. Even though their post frees you up to promo again, you’re also not required to respond to the very last person who posted if you don’t want to, especially if they didn’t mention you. But if you really bout it you’d go for the best of the best :sas2:. If you’re having a hard time figuring out who you should go at, you can either go for the top promoers in the match, people you’ve been involved with in storyline, people you’ve wanted to go up against for a while in general, or people who mention you. I’d also suggest to search your name on the forum to see if anybody has mentioned you or not. This way, you can know who and what to respond to. You can also just read everyone's promos, that’d make a lot more sense.

Pace Yourself - Some people try to come out the gate with 10 promos in 2 days and then the other 5 days they’re burned out. Make sure you have a strategy and you aren’t stretching yourself too thin. Don’t overwhelm yourself. But if you feel like you got the stamina to go hard all week, then by all means, pop off. If you’re just diving in head first recklessly, then don’t be surprised when you land on said head. But like I said, if you’re confident enough to be able to keep that energy up all week, then do your thing, but also know your limits.

Winning - Understand that posting the most promos =/= you won. Could it possibly get you into the last final few left? Perhaps, but once again it all comes down to your actual material. Even if you don’t finish the match where you wanted, please don’t think that your promos have fallen on deaf ears. If you post a lot of promos that are actually good and then you don’t win the match itself, that doesn’t mean you didn’t still win something. These performances can set you up for bigger things in the future. We always appreciate the effort put into these multi-man matches and take a lot of things into consideration. Remember, it’s full steam ahead towards Pain for Pride after this and your placement on the show can very well be contingent upon your performance in this match.

The full list of participants for both Grand Rampage matches will be up tonight before 12AM EST. Promoing opens up tonight at 12AM EST. Other than that, let’s make it a great productive week and may the best man and woman win.

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