MATCH PROMO Evolution [COK #2]

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Universal Women's Champion
Ms. Cash In The Vault
Las Vegas, NV


The act of a species adapting, growing, becoming more one with the environment in which it lives. Creatures who’s very physical nature changes over millennia to graft itself to thrive in an ecosystem designed to kill it. It’s through this that so many species have found ways to survive no matter what calamity comes across the planet.

So you can brag about how you’ve “tamed” me before. But Sienna, I simply don’t give a single solitary fuck. Because you’ll walk into the steel cage this weekend. But honey… they’ll have to carry your body out.

There’s no “woe is me” dribble this week. Not this time. And as far as the underdog play? To quote the man who made the uggs and vest basic bitch look famous, never tell me the odds. Do I want this win? Fuck yeah I do. I’m starving for it. Ravenous for it. And I’ve got years of pent up aggression to unload on you. Because here’s the reality, Sienna. Be they emotional or physical, scars never heal. Don’t get your shit stirred, I already promised no pity parties. But every single time the two of us have crossed paths inside of that ring, whether it was clean or not… I’ve lost. I walked away the fool. But all of those matches… they’re the past. And that’s all they’ll ever be from here out. Because all that history between us… it’s just fuel for the fire that burns white hot in the very depths of my soul from the brightest part of my hopes to the darkest recesses of my mind. And that fire is going to burn you alive in Doha.

But what makes me talk about evolution along all of this? Honestly, it’s something you said back on Dynasty just before we all traveled to Italy. Back when you made your challenge to turn this into a cage match. What was it exactly? Some shit about me complaining that REVOLT! didn’t see me on your level or something. It made me laugh. I give you this credit. You were the Freeweight Champion back in the day. And me? I was just the new girl who sat quietly in the corner because I didn’t know anyone. But when I joined REVOLT! I didn’t have this hatred for you. I didn’t have some shitty perspective of me versus you and talking about me being held down. In fact back then I had what’s got to be the lamest perspective in all of wrestling. I was just happy to be there. Did REVOLT! ever see me becoming a world champion? Did they bring me on believing I was going to grow the way I did over the next couple of years or develop the fan base I have? Not a chance. In all honesty, when you look at how the merger was already coming like a freight train back then, there’s every possibility I was just signed to pad the roster numbers before the sale of the company. But they did see one thing in me. Just one. That above all else… I fucking wanted it. I didn’t expect things to fall in my lap. I didn’t have a pretense about who I was and what I demanded. I wanted to be in that ring. And I wanted to be the very best. That’s all had to my name. No money. No international acclaim outside of a few minor league stints. I was on the verge of calling it quits and retiring to teach full time when Mike Silver gave me the call to come meet him. And when that meeting happened, Sienna Jade was the one standing atop the Freeweight division. So in that sense… yeah. I’ve been chasing you pretty much since the day I made it to the big time. But for all the shit you toss around… there’s one big difference between me and the rest of the bottom feeders you try to lump me with or that you’ve faced at other times.

I’m not Serena.

I’m not Madison.

I’m not Jael.

I’m not Chelsea.

I’m not Astraea.

I’m not Lexi.

I'm not Tyler.

All these others that you’ve gone against at times… of everyone you’ve had these face offs with… out of everyone that you get into these battles with verbal or physical… the one who won’t die… is me.

For every time I’ve been dragged through the mud or tossed in the trash. For every time I’ve been beaten or humiliated. For every time things haven’t gone my way… I’m the one who never left. I’m the one who has stood back up time and time again and told everyone who mocked me to shove it up their ass and just watch what I do this time. And every single time I have grown. I’ve evolved. Become something more. Setting more firsts for women in wrestling than even you could fucking imagine. From that shy girl who didn’t know what in the blue fuck she was getting her ass into. From the blind moron who followed two shitheads because they teased her with a shortcut that didn’t exist. From that psycho bitch who ran around the Empire locker room terrorizing the mid card. From Fuck Empire to Team Voltage. From everyone and everything I have ever been… I have evolved. You think I’m the Universal Women’s Champion because of lackluster defenses? That’s your perspective. But don’t forget the biggest detail of my defenses. I don’t call myself a fighting champion because of the title matches I’ve had. I call myself a fighting champion because of the matches I’m willing to have. The first time I could get my hands on a microphone after I got this belt I made it clear. Bring me anyone and everyone who wants a shot at me and my title. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes. And I’ll fight them all. So for all your talk about who my defenses were against, contendership battle or not, I didn’t exactly see your ass walking out onto the stage to accept the challenge.

So when you sit there and brag about how much bigger and badder you think you’ve gotten… Sienna… you need to take a step back and really look at what’s in front of you. Because this isn’t about “oh I’m the new me” or whatever the fuck because both of us have dealt with our share of shit since our last match nearly a year ago. But one of us changed because time simply passed. The other changed because she was forced to be the sword thrust into the kiln, hammered and sharpened into a finer weapon than before. Refined over and over until a point that she was deadlier than anyone could ever imagine. This is about one single thing. Me coming into Doha to rip your god forsaken head off your shoulders and take the next step on my path as the Universal Women’s Champion. You say the title doesn’t belong to me? Then come and fucking take it. Come and pry it from my hands if you really think you can because it’ll make it feel just that much sweeter to drive the heel of my boot between your teeth and put you down for good like the mangy bitch you are. At the end of it all… this is going to be my story. And you? You’re going to be nothing more than a footnote by the end of it. But, I have to admit. There’s almost a certain poetry to it, isn’t there? That it would be me of all people to bring you to your knees after everything.

But no… it’s no underdog story. It’s a Champion doing what a Champion does. And Cage match or not… when I pin you… or when I make you tap… you’ll know that you were beaten.

It's inevitable.
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