MATCH PROMO False Prophets

SOSA Henderson

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New Breed Champion

Hold on, wait for a second, let's get something straight. I've been a champion in major league wrestling. I've been a champion everywhere else in the world. But now they want to question if SOSA has what it takes to become a champion in the EAW? Do I have to start setting reminders about the things I've done lately? If you've been paying close attention, no one on the EAW roster can pin King SOSA cleanly down on the mat. I've been in the EAW for only two seconds and I'm pretty sure that little rising star list they made at the end of last year has changed. This is a chance to prove the doubters wrong, the ones that didn't believe SOSA could carry the torch for the next generation. As I said before, the Visual nigga has a bright future and has shown exceptional work with the New Breed Championship but how long will he keep this up? Swinging your hips in front of grown men every single night and playing Uncle Sam's puppet to Veena Adams will not keep your career alive. You need to recognize the true Visual of the EAW. Because I fuckin deserve this moment! There hasn't been a day since my debut I've fallen off. You can place stereotypes and judge me all day long but opinions don't matter in this shitty ass world. I trust nobody other than those that support me. Those most important people are my family and Serena Bennett. So you think I'm just going to sit here and wait for an opportunity to rip the eye sockets from the Visual's face? Hell Naw, this is how it's goin' down. I've waited months for this opportunity and had to jump through many obstacles to get here. Therefore this is my chance to finally shine! I've been grinding for this opportunity, unlike Visual Prophet who was gifted soon as he got here. He was the chosen LeBron James of this generation and now he's about to meet with Kevin Durant, the man that has cost him two NBA Championships and will likely succeed even more.

Yea, I said it. I'm the best player in the world, and I got the best team behind me, the city of Philadephia! Can someone please tell me what does the Visual Prophet has behind him? A load of bullshit that he's been feeding these people for a while and it's become flat out embarrassing to the people. He's been breaking more laws than me with his Smush Parker lookin' ass stealing these good loyal fans money like that. I mean he came in calling himself the face of Empire? How could you jump ahead of yourself by disrespecting the great women that perhaps have more manhood than you? Then you have the nerve posting a lot of shit about my lady on your social media like we don't already know you don't like girls. I don't know if you were just being funny or trying to imitate new feminine traits of the true face of Empire, Serena Bennett. The only thing I know is, I'll gladly return the favor for her. I'ma holla back and start posting pictures of your face after I've stomped it or I have another one... The New Breed Championship raised above your head while my foot lies on your stomach. I'm sure you've already seen this prophecy and I don't know what else the future holds for you. I'm just making it clear that I'm the rightful leader of the new generation. SOSA Henderson has what it takes to evolve the New Breed generation with honor, dignity, and loyalty standing right behind me. I didn't say this was going to be easy because I know our generation upholds exceptional talent. We have many great potential leaders and future GOATS. And one of them goes by the name of SOSA Henderson and it won't stop now. It will NEVER stop.

At a very young age, I had to experience through the struggles and it helped mold me into the man, which God wanted me to be. I ain't even done yet because I refuse to be the second best. There's no point in fighting if you're comfortable with taking the backseat and of course, I can only speak for myself. I don't care what others want to be, SOSA will always choose to be "first." That keyword, "confidence" is one of my biggest attributes. I truly believe this world mines and what my mind adjusts to will turn into my reality. I'm more than determined to put on for my city and the communities in a way that no one saw it coming. Remember when Jesus said, "He will come like a thief in a night?" Well, I'm coming in the exact same way as the Prophet's foreseen red-light. Showdown deserves another champion that can actually win his own battles. Yes, I'm a former felon. I used to gangbang. I used to sell drugs because there was no one in my life to depend on but ME! It's always these cac bitches like Veena Adams making poor decisions by judging a nigga from the ghetto even when he's turned his life over and done something positive with it. Maybe some things come up misplaced from time-to-time but don't take away the fact I've worked my ass off to become the man that these bitches love to see. THESE BITCHES LOVE SOSA! And quite frankly, I don't see any bitches screaming out Visual's name. Maybe I'd hear it at one of those Pride rally jawns but when it pertains to this ring, I've electrified his place. You can see it for yourself. However, I honestly could care less if these fans love me or you, or the next person. Nothing will stop me from reaching the goal I've been praying long and hard to achieve. Let's not fail to mention how it's come at the perfect opportunity.

You see, excluding all the vile things I've said about you, Prophet... You do have many eyes glued onto you every week. You've fought the very near end of all of your hard battles. You never backed down from any challenge of your championship. Therefore, it will be a joyous moment to steal all the shine that has kept you relevant then maximize the glow onto me. It's almost like the exact same thing I've done with Noah Reigner. Remember him? I'm sure we both can relate. However, you're no different from him since obviously you love playing along with their dirty games, how about I match it? Some could say it's one of those fantasy match-ups like the Riddler vs. Jigsaw. Two men that were once underappreciated but now have shown their worth. Two men that share the same passion with entertaining these folks, no matter how ridiculous it can be. Because we also need to come in terms with reality. Handing off the torch in the wrong hands will prove cancerous towards the EAW's future. Just take a look at it... We have real niggas like me but then we got these flamboyant freaks thinking it's 1984. I'm not sure but how long has the purple rained? It's a new age, niggas ain't trying to keep hearing the bullshit games you've been running. Now you will have nowhere else to run because you see, we've been locked inside a Steel Cage. It's one of the most dangerous entities in our business that could potentially end careers. I don't mind playing by these rules and it will actually turn out as a very touching story in the end. After being jailed behind those bars so many times, I've always declared it would be for the last time. But there has always been something to remind me why I've been destined to change this world.

Booking this match in a Steel Cage with a freak like Visual isn't an ideal situation considering his confusing choice of lifestyle. Then again, I've only come to rip him apart, and show him what it's like to face tougher opponents much like one of his very first tests was against Malcolm Jones. Let's see how well he can match up to another level of high caliber. I don't even feel the pressure because I'm never going to stop proving why that title is good as mine! If I need to rip the Jheri curl out of his head or if I need to give the pedigree to the Adams bitch... It doesn't matter. SOSA will do what he has to do in order to carry the torch. I will expose Visual Prophet for what he is. How can this man claim to be "sovereign?" He is far from having any type of authority and overwhelming power when he isn't the reason behind his own successes. This is one of many blind spots in his visions. Vizzy has been chained and locked inside a cage mentally by the dumb bitch Veena. Maybe I can show him the light unless he's very careful and realized that time is running out. Do you know who just recently realized this? The man I've brought up earlier and some of you may even idolize. The 5-Time choke artist known as LeBron James. The man that knew he couldn't win anymore so he tried to find an escape. I wonder what escape route you'll like to take on your first time choking, Prophet. Because the universe has already spoken. It spoke that the time for a new torch holder has come in play. The whole world will soon scream these bitches love their "New Breed Majesty," and one of the most electrifying men in this business that was raised from the slumps and cold-blooded streets of Philly. That reminds me of how I'm grateful for the opportunity to lead by example. We still have a week to decide but soon as Saturday hits and the lights have roused the Cricket Grounds, we will see the Bisexual Puppet finally getting to meet his successor. Right now, I'm just waiting for him to shoot back because sure enough once it's my turn again then that means only one thing. Game-over. Pussy.