MATCH PROMO Fight Grid, (Promo 2) - Who is Oliver Queen?

Oliver Queen

Emerald Archer
There was pain that shot through his body, his shirt having been laid across the computer desk that rested in the center of his bunker. Oliver had went to war the night prior and the bruising and cuts across his back and chest areas told the story. He had been busy re-arranging his arrows and wincing every time he made a sudden movement. It was no secret that he would be coming into this match slightly injured but there was no plans of allowing these injuries to stop him from competing, despite the pleas of his wife to be and other family and friends.

No, Oliver intended on entering this match with the sole purpose of winning because he was not about to fail. Failure had been something he punished others for. To succeed he knew he had to give it his all in this match. The contract had been signed, the decision was made and The Emerald Archer would be having his first match against what he could only assume were two very tough opponents.

His phone blasted with texts from people saying that this Mysterious Alun person had finally made a statement. So he opened the EAW website to view what had been said and listened to every word intently. He clung to everything because he knew, one mistake, one misjudgment could cost him the match and that was not an option he could afford to make.

Oliver's eyes slowly closed after the final words had been spoken and to say this man's words weren't concerning would be an understatement but he had been under pressure before so this was nothing new. He opened his eyes to see that he had been approached by a literal camera crew that had some how managed to find their way into his bunker.

"Fine you caught me, is this what the camera expected to find? Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow? I came out as that ages ago. You're not doing yourself any favors by following me around and you're asking me if I've felt pain? For five years I felt pain. Pain not even Alun could ever fathom. He claims to know pain, but what pain has he truly felt that I havent?

Last night I danced with a literal Devil, a very bad man and there was no pale moon light. Just darkness with only a couple of street lights to help light my way and yeah, I'm busted up, I'm bruised but that's not going to stop me from coming into this match and seeing what you Alun, and Tommy Crash are really about. You seem like a noble guy, sure you have your jokes, your wise cracks."

He actually cracked a smile when he recalled the comparison Alun tried to make between him and a so called 'Dark Knight'. This even brought out a soft chuckle from under his breath.

"You know, I actually found your little dig adorable? Asking if I'm like The Batman? Am I a Vigilante? I have been called a Vigilante but I am no Superhero and The Batman is a myth, he isn't real and I have yet to be proven otherwise nor am I a cosplayer. I don't play games, I don't go to conventions nor do I collect comic books. I am a man who looks out for his family and friends. I will however tell you what is real;

My determination, my drive and desire to push you and Tommy to your limits the moment that bell rings is the realest answer I can give. You are right about one thing, There will be two losers and those failed, not this city, but themselves and I don't intend to be one of them.

Oliver sighed softly and stepped toward a full body mirror that was attached to the wall and stared at the reflection of himself in the mirror. A sight that still disgusted him because of the man he knew he had become over time. A shadow of his former self and a reflection that hoped some day he could come back from.

"Let's talk pain. Every day I wear my pain. I wake up and see it in the mirror. I feel it with bad weather and yes, Alun you are correct. I do wear a hood, I go out at night and I stop people from doing bad things. These scars are my badges and every night I am presented with a new badge. How many badges do you have? How many have you earned in your life? Now you do strike me as someone with a dark past so I would assume you have gained your fair share, am I correct? Well, I look forward to finding out.

I'll admit. I enjoyed your promo, you're an articulate guy. Something in your eyes tells me you may be the biggest threat in this match but again like you said, Two of us will be walking away as losers of this match while one stands in the middle of the ring with his arm raised. I don't know if it's going to be me. It could be you Alun or it could be Tommy. I once had a buddy named Tommy. But there is one thing about me and Friends though, anyone who gets close to me gets hurt and not by my choice."

Oliver slipped the gray t-shirt he was once wearing back over his upper body and grabbed his bow and walked over to the display of arrows and placed his bow in the holder where it belonged in the center of the case. He walked toward the elevator that lead to the exit from the bunker. He turned and looked directly at the camera with a bewildered expression over his features.

""How did you guys even find this place anyway? Did you talk to someone who knows me? I'm a little concerned about how a camera crew was actually able to access this bunker. I know I signed a EAW Contract but there was no fine print that says you are allowed to invade my privacy or stalk me.

You know, I get that you guys need a response and trust me, I enjoyed Alun's promo. I'm sure he's a good guy but I enjoy my privacy and I could have responded to him in my own time. Do you see that bow?"

Oliver pointed to the display case that held both his bow and arrows.

"Approach me again without my knowledge and I promise that each of you will be wearing an arrow in your shoulders. I may have moved to part time with that so I can focus on wrestling and I may have the support of my family and friends in making this move, but I would appreciate a heads up the next time your crew wants to invade my private space for a response. Are we clear?"

He cleared his throat and began to shut down the computers in his bunker so he could go home and be with his family for the evening. His eyes moved back to the camera after the final computer had been turned off.

"Anyway, before I end this thing there is one final thing I wanted to say to Alun and to Tommy. May the best man win and I mean that. I know I havent heard from you yet Tommy, so I don't know what to expect from you and Alun? You're also right about one thing. We may leave this as enemies or we may become allies but I'm not very good at keeping allies, so we'll have to see"

Finally he managed to shut the last computer down and headed toward the elevator that lead to the exit from the bunker. He turned and looked directly at the camera with a scowl over his features.

"Now get out"

He pressed the button to activate the elevator and immediately the door opened and he stepped inside along with the camera crew in time for the image to fade to black.
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