Santana Matthews

Collector's Comics, Somerset, Kentucky
Tuesday, March 20, 2019 - 12:00 pm

La Halćon is sitting at a table surrounded by shelves filled with comics and collectables. She's dressed casually, wearing a pair of red Converse, faded bluejeans, and a blue baby doll tee with the Spiderman logo in red on the chest. Her mask matches her clothes, red with blue rhinestone accents, and she's wearing blue eyeshadow to complete the look.

Directly in front of her is a microphone attached to a crane arm, and seated to her right hand side is a middle aged man with a sleeve of tattoos depicting the Sinister Six, among various other comic characters. He is wearing a black t-shirt with the words ‘Independent Talent’ across the chest, as are the two men seated around the rest of the table. The tattooed man, who is the main host, looks over everything before looking to Halćon.

You ready?

She shrugs and nods.

Sure, let's do it!

The man nods and takes a deep breath before hitting a red button. A guitar riff begins to play followed by a female voice over:

Welcome to the Independent Talent podcast, the greatest pro wrestling podcast on the entire fucking planet, now set back, crank the volume, and prepare your ear holes for your host...Lemonjuice McGee!

The fanfare dies down as Lemonjuice leans in to the mic.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us tonight on the Independent Talent Podcast, with me as always is the bottomless pit of wrestling knowledge that is Hogue Masters, and across from him is Independent Talent’s own independent wrestler...the Fighting Man Lee Pierce!

Hogie, the man seated across from Halćon who is heavily bearded and had close cropped black hair, gives a toothy grin.

Always glad to be on the show!

The last host, Lee Pierce, is wearing a flatbill cap and has curls of brown hair protruding from underneath. He rubs his hand over his cleanshaven jaw and nods.

Today's show will be just like both myself, and my homeland of Britain: Great!

His obvious English accent fills the room as he gives a smirk at the other hosts who roll their eyes. Lemonjuice waves dismissively.

Today's show will be great because we have a very special guest here with us, EAW Empire Elitist La Halćon is sitting at our table as we record this broadcast from the backroom of the newly opened Collector's Comics right in the heart of downtown Somerset!

Lemonjuice looks at Halćon.

Let's get started, you didn't debut as La Halćon, right? You had a short run that was moderately successful, without the mask. So, the big question is: Why change?

Halćon nods, she knew this question was coming.

That's a fair question , why give up on something before it really has a chance to shine? People like Sian, my opponent next week, will tell you it's because I want to hide, that I'm afraid to face the world. This couldn't be further from the truth, though. Sure I had a bit of an identity crisis, but who hasn't at some point? I don't see the mask as something to hide behind, I see it as my warpaint, something I wear to go to battle.

Lemonjuice nods and looks over some notes placed before him.

‘La Halćon” means ‘the falcon’ right? What inspired you to take that name?

Tapping her fingers lightly on her jawbone, Halćon answers.

Well, I've always liked them, since I was a kiddo, I admired their speed and strength. The falcon is a proud bird, and I am a proud woman…

She pauses briefly and the corners of her eyes wrinkles as if she were smiling.

Besides, birds have a bad name in EAW, I'd like to change that.

Lee Pierce interjects here.

Do you think you'll be able to live up to the proud, noble heritage of the falcon when you're standing across the ring from the Deus ex Machina Sian Ryder? Not for nothing, this is the woman who just took Raven Roberts to the limit at the Iconic Cup, a show you weren't even booked on...pardon me from being a bitot biased for my hometown girl, but it seems a monumental task from my perspective

Halćon eyebrows shoot up at the question. It hit her pretty close to home, and she took a moment to answer.

True, I wasn't on the show at the Iconic Cup, but the fact of the matter is not everyone can be on every show, Empire is one of the most stacked rosters ever seen, and the level of competition is second to none! So, sure, maybe Sian seems scary, but she's no scarier than Felix, or Tyler, or anyone else we have. Also, I'd just like to point out that, yeah, Sian took Raven to the limit in the last woman standing match, but what everyone is overlooking is that was supposed to be her match. She is specialized in last women standing matches, she trains for them, but she couldn't seal the deal. Now, I'm not taking anything away from Sian, but fact is if she can't win the one match she is supposed to, then I don't think it's unfair at all to say I have a better chance than you and she believes. Sian seems to think I'm going to cower in the corner from her as she stomps around the ring and throws a tantrum like she done at the hospital last weekend. Very impressive display, by the way, we all know nurses and doctors are trained killers, you're lucky that you managed to fight them off!

The sarcasm in her final statement causes the table to chuckle. Hogie now moves forward to address Halćon.

I know you've added a lot of high risk offense to your aresenal, but you're also an accomplished collegiate wrestler. How does that help against someone like Sian, who has made a habit of manhandling her opponents?

Halćon rolls her right shoulder.

Great question! That's another thing people are overlooking: I've got more muscle mass, more strength, than Sian, and I'm an All American wrestler. I was top three in the entire nation when I graduated, sure, now I've expanded what I can do with some high impact offense, it's not the same high impact you would get from Layla, for example, who is very small. I've spent years training to become one of the best pure wrestlers around. I'm not there yet, but I'm well on my way, and Sian is sorely mistaken if she thinks I'm backing down from her, and she's in for a huge surprise if she thinks she can try to tie me up and impose her will.

Lemonjuice seems impressed and moves the conversation along.

Sian claims she's an unbroken machine who is going to keep moving forward, regardless of setbacks. She claims you're not capable of this because your personal shift. How do you respond to that?

Halćon takes a moment to form her answer.

Look, I understand how she can see things that way, her mindset is to plow through problems with reckless abandon, and to be honest, it shows. She's wrong, though. She talks about how I wanted to quit, but I didn't quit. I found the inner strength and fortitude to learn from my losses and to move forward stronger than before. I didn't become Halćon because I was afraid to be Santana, I stand before you better than I was because of who I am, not who I tried to not be. Again, Sian isn't facing a mewling quim of a woman who is waiting to be choked out. She's looking for a fight, and I'm more than ready to meet her! As far as her claim that the machine is not broken, is she talking about the same machine that couldn't do the one thing it was designed to do? You wanna know what the Iconic Cup taught me? I learned that when Sian faces someone she can't bully around then she's at the disadvantage. I mean, just look at the start of the match! Raven nearly beat Sian with a gown glove!

Lemonjuice nods appreciably.

Good point! Okay, La Halćon, we're going to go ahead and wrap the interview up, real quick though, you're going to be with us later tonight for a special screening of Captain Marvel?

Halćon nods enthusiastically.

Definitely! I wouldn't miss it, but I hope Sian doesn't think that means I'm overlooking her! I know exactly what kind of person she is, and what the stakes are this week.

The post show jingle plays and fades out as Lemonjuice looks to Halćon. You know, it's funny you're called the God from the Machine, something commonly seen as a limited, unimaginative concept...very much like Sian’s approach, keep yelling sis, and eventually no one will listen anymore.

Satisfied with the interview, Lemonjuice brings up the shows exit theme.

That's all for this episode of Independent Talent, we'd like to offer a very special thank you to La Halćon for joining us today! For The Fighting Man Lee Pierce and Hogie Masters, I'm Lemonjuice McGee, and you're not!

The music fades as the three hosts smile at Halćon and begin talking comics as the camera fades.

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