MATCH PROMO "God, I Am Not" - EAW Draft Show, July 4th, 2020 #3 - The Covenant vs. The 420's (Jake Smith & Bronson Daniels) - Tag Team Match

Colby Sol

The Right Hand of Virtue
Pennslyvania, USA
"Now we have the right to give this being the well-known name that always designates what no power of imagination, no flight of the boldest fantasy, no intently devout heart, no abstract thinking however profound, no enraptured and transported spirit has ever attained: God. But this basic unity is of the past; it no longer is. It has, by changing its being, totally and completely shattered itself. God has died and his death was the life of the world."

— Mainländer, Die Philosophie der Erlösung

A False Prophet, "The Visual Prophet".

A "Gawd", Mr. DEDEDE.

A False Idol, Who You Assume To Be Me.

I Am None Of These Pseudonyms.

Nor Am I Victim Of Their Propaganda.

For My Utopia Is Equal.

And It's Word Remains True.





Baseless Accusations.

As I hear you speak Jake Smith, all I can think about is how wrong you are. Truthfully, the educational system, the system meant to teach you right from wrong, has failed you. I pity you for trusting in this system. Rather then question the origins of your teachings, you walk into this world believing you know it all. Knowledge is a life-long journey, and one you quit long before reaching it's destination. Find your nearest dictionary, and look up what a "Covenant" is. Your poor education and grammar goes hand in hand with your promo skills, showing obvious signs that you don't do your home-work. I ask, when did I ever say myself or Jesse was God? I appreciate the underlining compliment, but fear not. I am like you, a human being. A human being with a justified sense to do right by this world. What you assume is us trying to be deities, is objectively wrong. If you cared to actually look through our history, you'd see that we're simply trying to cure this place. Again and again, people have accused us of doing wrong, when in hind-sight, we're the heroes of this story. Change is something you and Bronson simply don't accept, and that's fine. It's fine for you to simply ignore us, or to bash our message, it's a new idea that you, a man of complacency, who is happy to just be along for the ride, can't accept. Would you believe people thought in-door lighting was witch craft? Or that concocting medicine for the sick would lead to executions, because unenlightened towns folk couldn't accept what they were seeing? You're someone who can't let go of these ideals you've set in your mind. While you try to come up with this plot of me playing "God", I can only laugh at the feeble attempt of tearing down my arguments. With each word you speak, your credibility in this match drastically goes down. What's next? Will you piggy-back off of Bronson's points when left shocked and confused? Or will you come up with another baseless accusation? I'm delighted in finding out, but... I sense a feeling of confusion from you. I sense a feeling of unadulterated rage, that someone just proved you wrong.

You are wrong, Jake Smith. Wrong for believing my words hold any lies. I understand you strongly dislike me speaking, but the feeling is mutual. Might I ask, who exactly is saying your run as PURE Champion was note worthy? I don't see you speaking the names of your fallen foes, and I can't help but accept the fact it's because they aren't worth mentioning at all. Strange. Strange how a reign that you claim is oh-so great holds no noteworthy names. They're not very impressive if they lost to you of all people, to be fair. You, a man who like Bronson, is currently living a double life as a comedy based figure on EAW broadcasting, is trying to balance it out with this ego-induced tough guy act. How can you expect me to take you seriously after not only losing your title, but your girlfriend in a "Mud-Wrasslin" match? I don't understand it. I don't wish to understand it either, because you're so quick to beat around the bush. You're so quick to turn the other cheek and talk about someone else before yourself. I openly take on any and all false allegations head on, and each time I do, everyone else is quick to change the subject. That is my reasoning behind saying I've expose the Jake Smith myth. I don't need to defend myself or my actions like you or Bronson, as I simply relay and explain the intention behind them with resilience to your denouncing. What you call judging, is me simply stating my views. Would you rather me just keep my mouth shut and not speak at all? Would you prefer an easy win? Is that what you'd like? To not hear someone speak on your actions? You are responsible for your own actions, and as one half of the duo looking to fix this place, it is our right to play the role judge, jury, and executioner. I have the right to speak about whatever I like, as it is my constitutional right. Funny, how like the same system who wishes to take AWAY that right, you wish for me to stop speaking. So no, I'll talk about your title reign, and I've spoken at length about what occurred in my match for Pain For Pride and Fighting Spirit. Had you listened, you'd know that. You would know the unjustified ruling that had taken place, and in my shoes, you would be irritated. You'd be far more then that. You'd rant and rave, cursing out everyone's name. Interestingly enough, I bring up your defeat at the hands of Xander Payne, who decided he'd add another title to his collection with ease, and you're quick to play it off as me just being someone who "shouldn't speak". But I digress. Let's switch gears.

Let's continue from your ignorance, to your sob story.

To you, losing the PURE Title is simply another failure. Just another road-block in your road to a wanna-be Hall of Famer. I agree, to an extent. The difference between you and I is I know how to do more then just bounce back from losses. I accept them as they are reality, and I can not change that. I will however, protest if there is foul play. But you? You play it off. You think of it as a fluke, or just simply something that doesn't define you. To a degree, your aren't defined by your losses. A man is defined based on the principles of his morals and his actions. I don't see Jake Smith as the "comeback kid" who simply bounces back and finds something to do, I see someone of low self-confidence who talks a big game, and has no real goal other then just collecting championships and having a soap opera drama surrounded by four sets of ropes. The Covenant doesn't believe they are God, we simply want to help those less fortunate then us. We desire championship gold not for ourselves, but to help spread our message. You and Bronson look towards collecting dollars, and nothing more then to be praised as "icons" of this generation. It's such a selfish goal. You're the type to walk on the street and see a Vietnam Soldier with one leg, who fought for a system he beleived in, and kick his other out from under him and spit on him. You never think of being the other common man, and it shows in your words and your delusions of self-grandeur. Myself and Jesse are there to help those who you deem beneath you and help them up, offering them food, warmth, and shelter, for being a victim to your selfishness. You believe that somehow, because I've only been here for three months, I'm not better then you. Your experience doesn't mean you are wiser then me, and it shows in the way you struggle to construct a solid argument against me. There was a time that yes, I was beneath you. When I joined this company, I had the same goals as you. I wanted to be a fighting champion and represent myself to the highest degree, but after multiple failures, Jesse Barlow saved me. I can't thank him enough, and it's a pleasure to do business with him. With him, I found a goal to accomplish something greater then myself. Week after week, I continued to improve under his mentor-ship, and here I am, facing, in your words, two people who are constantly named dropped. I don't believe I'm just on the same level as you, I believe I am better then you. I don't need the approval of other Elitists to believe that like you do, and for you to say I'm being carried by Jesse is idiotic after complimenting Jalyn Garcia, who also has a mentor, as a talking point against me. There's no shame in having someone guide me along the way, and by all means, continue to assume what he thinks. In recent weeks, he has spoken of me like a proud father, and I take that to heart. He knows the good I do him, and the feeling is mutual. But once again, like Bronson, you bring up another tired, old point, that others on Voltage would constantly harass me with.

Do, the, homework.

If you continue to repeat history, you are doomed to make the same mistakes as those before.

And those mistakes are fatal.
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