MATCH PROMO HBB visits Cleopatra before Empire

Heart Break Boy

EAW Hall of Famer
(Cameras open in St. Paul Minnesota as Cleopatra is shown in black shorts, a small white tank top and her hair in a ponytail. She can be seen stretching, and preparing herself against upcoming opponent, Kassidy Heart while both Vixens & Empire Tag Championships are laid by her side. Suddenly, the Heart Break Boy, Cleopatra’s former Project E.G.O. stablemate and leader stands behind her with his arms folded, watching as Cleo hesitantly turns around to see him)

Cleo: HBB? What are you doing here?

HBB: I’ve just come to see how my old stablemate was doing. And from the looks of it (HBB looks down at Cleo’s championships) You’re doing just fine.

Cleo: Exactly, so what is the real reason you’re here?

HBB: Oh, nothing…

Cleo: I know you, HBB… We have taken over this land for years in Project E.G.O. You’ve taught me everything you know, except how to lose big title matches.

HBB: Ouch…

Cleo: Just face the noise, HBB… How in the hell do you lose to POP at Pain for Pride? POP is good, don’t get me wrong but he shouldn’t be on your level as you were once his leader. You also no showed against Malcolm Jones. What is wrong with you? I’m the MAIN reason why Project E.G.O. could potentially be inducted into the Hall of Fame because despite everything, I know how to stay relevant. You on the other hand? You need MY help. You need me desperately to take out Kassidy Heart, so you can take out the biggest threat at Road to Redemption, Ahren Fournier. Is that right?

HBB: No.

Cleo: Then WHY the fuck, are you interrupting my work out session?! You’re supposed to be hanging out with Chris Elite for your tag match on Showdown.

HBB: I don’t even like Chris Elite…

Cleo: You don’t even like me…

HBB: True, but it’s nothing like that. I just kind of miss the old days we’ve spent together. With me, you, POP and others that aren’t here unfortunately. I just think it’s a blessing to revisit my old mates before I spend time away…

Cleo: Time away? You’re retiring again for the 100th time?!

HBB: I just think it’s miserable how EAW has treated my career. They’ve thrown me in world title matches every single time and I’ve lost many times. My whole reason in this business is to emerge as the Golden Boy. But how can I be that man when gold has quickly served as my kryptonite. These people look up to the newer generation. They want Ahren Fournier to become champion because he’s young and has a bright future.

Cleo: You’ve also beaten him twice in a row, HBB… Stop the slob stories and get to work! You don’t see me coming up with excuses after losses. I take the hit but quickly bounce back… No retirements… no returns. This is only my second run and I’m already ten times better than I once was before. Yes, last week, myself and Madison lost our match against Cameron’s fragile twin sister and the Scarecrow face ass, Raven Roberts. But I don’t count moral victories unlike Kassidy Heart. She needs to use every single negative point against me to prove something. However, it all falls on death ears. Her last little speech was out of desperation because she knows very well that I’m about to decimate her dumb ass in the middle of that ring. You want to talk about being creative? I don’t need to find new ways to beat the shit out her stupid face. Cleopatra has always been straight to the point and the truth of the matter about our match on Empire, she has more to prove than me. It’s just so sad that it’s unlikely for her to get that chance to face Madison Kaline because she couldn’t defend her own tag belts. She couldn’t even take light insults. And she damn sure couldn’t beat me, the Queen of the Nile!

HBB: Well, Cleo, it’s too late to talk about her now. Your match is tonight.

Cleo: I know, she was saved by the bell because I would have ripped her a new one. I’m still confident that I’ll take care of business.

HBB: I’m sure you will.

Cleo: Speaking of taking care of business. Did you ever gain full custody of the Hayden Twins from that miserable bitch, HBG?

HBB: Why do you have to bring that up in front of the cameras?!

Cleo: Because you know how much I hate HBG… Why couldn’t you just use a condom?

HBB: Cleo… now you know me. I do not like condoms.

Cleo: You must wear protection, can’t be popping kids out of horses.

HBB: You’re calling my baby mama, a horse?

Cleo: I mean she chases every guy when they’re on top. That sounds like a horse to me.

HBB: Ok Ms. Take my breath away… So, explain to me why you’re teaming up with Theron Nikolas? After also being in companionship with Dark Demon, Jaywalker and Project E.G.O in the past.

Cleo: I do whatever it takes to get where I need to be. But that doesn’t mean I have to date them to get what I want.

HBB: Please… You were Troy Conway’s biggest boo out of all.

Cleo: Too bad he couldn’t last long enough. And he didn’t even have what I wanted.

HBB: What?!!

Cleo: You heard me.

HBB: Cleo, you remind me of a sexless robot. Do you even like boys?

Cleo: Nope… well… that Malcolm Jones guy is pretty cute. You should know a thing or two about him already, HBB.

HBB: Whatever… Since when have you been into black boys?

Cleo: Don’t try to sound so racist before Astraea Jordan and Daisy pops up.

HBB: I mean… he’s black.

Cleo: Yeah but you know people are quick to use the racial card in this place.

HBB: My current girlfriend is black, you know…

Cleo: HBB, you cannot paint your hand black then call it your girlfriend!

HBB: Ha Ha Ha! Very funny, Cleo! Wait until Kassidy paints your eyes that color, tonight.

Cleo: In your dreams, HBB. But since you’re here and I’m busy doing champion things. You should cut a promo.

HBB: Hmmm… I thought we were already doing that? I already told you the cameras were rolling…

Cleo: WHAT?! You got me on camera in my shorts?!

HBB: What’s wrong with a little attention, Cleo?!

Cleo: Attention is for whores like Kassidy Heart… I don’t need it for my pleasing. (Cleo picks up both of her titles) THIS IS ALL I NEED!

Goodbye, HBB.


(Cleopatra vastly walks off the scene as the Heart Break Boy watches her then turns his attention back to the camera)

Well, ladies and gentlemen… Even though Cleopatra’s personality is dull as a pet turtle, she is right! There are no more excuses for the Heart Break Boy. It’s do or die for me, at this point. If I lose at Road to Redemption, that will be the last time, you’ll EVER see the Heart Break Boy in an EAW ring again. That’s the bad part about this whole thing. But the good part is that it will NEVER happen. Because I will become EAW Champion. I will bring back the Golden Era. Diamond Cage’s reign is coming to a near end. In the year of 2019, it will be officially the Heart Break BOY’s year. I will reign as champion because nobody on this current roster can touch me. Not Chris, not Ahren, not Cody, not Malcolm, not Drake, and certainly not Diamond Cage. Chris, we may be teammates this upcoming match but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Every single body in that ring is a target. I plan on winning this match, of course. But afterwards, I will behead anybody in my way once that bell rings again. I will not suffer defeat like I did against Rex McAllister. It’s all or nothing and I’m throwing in all the cards. Everyone must tighten up and get ready. I don’t care what you do in your free time, but I know what I’m going to do. Not only will I train harder, seek more advice and understand everyone’s backstory. I will be on top of everything else that comes with this match. There will be no breaks at all for me. People want to see fresh faces as champion. They want to see their friends become world champion. They look passed the Heart Break Boy, right now and label me as “old,” and just there because I want to live my old glory days. News flash, this IS my glory days and sooner than later, I will prevail just like it was 2011 all over again. Now, boys… I ask you… I beg you…. Give me your BEST shot.

(The Heart Break Boy steps back then Goldprint’s the camera as the screen blacks out)

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