MATCH PROMO He who laughs last. ( Showdown vs Shane Gates Final Promo )

Ryan Wilson

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I am a comedian sometimes, but you Shane are a joke all the time.

You caught me, I will admit I did omit to mention the two other wins you had this season I am man enough to do so, but let’s be real here do you really or rather can you take any pride in having won against someone like Shaker twice and some no name named Victor? Would you rather sweep those ‘’achievements’’ under the rug until you get some real wins? Some real results which I have seen are not about to come your way tonight?

This is my show Shane, you are on my brand.
Showdown is The Ryan Wilson Show and you are going to be a guest on tonight’s episode that is entitled ‘’I am about to get my ass kicked again!’’ only this time friend there won’t be any outside interference from your wife and the win I will get over you is going to be even more painful than the trip through the announcers table at Reasonable Doubt. I am going to make sure this little drop of ours thanks to some worse than you loser is going to feel like brain freeze compared to the pain I am going to get you through in our match. In fact, don’t consider this a match I sure won’t see it this way. For me this fight of ours is a display of violence an ode to brutality a love song to how much hated I have in me and how much I am desiring to break a bitch in half.

I’m going to call you whatever the fuck I want Shane and you know why? Because you keep on bringing arguments that prevents me from doing otherwise! Repeating that you will force me to respect you when it will never happen won’t make me take you seriously. Thinking I don’t have the flame of competition proving you are again not doing your job in terms of studying and knowing me doesn’t make me want to give you a fair chance in what is going to be a massacre later on. Talking about lack of heart or passion on my part is admitting you are just a stupid twit because if you really think I am any of that you clearly have no idea of who you have infront of you much less what you are into later on. You uneducated imbecile! You want more proof? What about that Ok boomer reference? Really Shane? You do know what age range is needed for someone to be a baby boomer? Or did you just picked up the meme online because it's trendy these days? I bet you don’t even know I am not even in my thirties yet. A baby boomer is someone who was born between 1946 and 1964 so before you throw shit at me trying to sound cool how about a little fact check eh bitch? At least I admit to my mistakes, you on your end you just keep on running into a brick wall full speed ahead.

That wall is coming to you real quick real fast and you are looking at it.
You talk about wanting to be respected bitch you aren’t deserving of respect!
You can talk all the trash you want, history will repeat itself in the sense that I will be picking up another win on your account.
I will taking you out, I will bring the pain, I will make you feel the hurt and I will fucking enjoy it.

Then once I’m done with you I’m going to go grab a shower, then some lunch and get ready for next week’s show.
This is how insignificant you are, you won’t even be an afterthought but right now all you are is my personal punching bag! You are a bad punch line with an even worse delivery but despite this I will be the one who will laugh last after I’m done with your sorry ass. You aren’t an underdog, you are a dog under my boot heels. Your theme song is People = Shit. I agree that they are, but so are you.

NEXT on the Ryan Wilson Show witness the brutal beating of Shane Gates brought to you by your host Ryan Fucking Wilson!

Stay tuned, it’s going to be bloody!

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