MATCH PROMO "Heart-to-Heart." — Dynasty I

Cameron Ella Ava

The Goddess.
EAW Hall of Famer
Deckers Creek — Morgantown, West Virginia — Valentine’s Day:

The weather was perfect outside. It wasn’t too hot. It wasn’t too cold. It felt perfect enough to go outside and enjoy the scenery. That was exactly what Cameron Ella Ava and Jamie O’Hara did. It was too good to pass up and if it meant spending time with one another, they were going to do that. The married couple decided to go for a walk with one another. The two of them enjoyed going on long walks and just admiring the world around them. It was peaceful, calm and relaxing which was something that Jamie could wish for. The two of them were walking hand and hand down the Deckers Creek Trail in Morgantown, West Virginia. It had been a while since the two of them could spend quality time with one another. During the past few months, Cameron was on the road while Jamie was at home recovering from his injuries and pursuing outside projects. When Jamie returned, Cameron thought that she had gotten the one person she wanted by her side (besides Camille), but when Cameron had gotten her concussion, it put plans on hold. Even though Jamie spend a week helping Cameron recover, these two didn’t spend as much time with one another as Cameron was bedridden and unable to move. However, he did remain by her side no matter what until he was needed back on the road.

The two stopped walking as they stopped near the creek. They got a great view of the water screaming across the creek, going over the big boulders. To the side of them, they saw the waterfall cascading down the cliff. The two of them took a seat down one of the rocks a few inches away from the creek. They soaked in the scenery for about a moment before they broke the silence.

“The view is so pretty.” Cameron commented as she couldn’t take her eyes off the waterfall.

“You are.” Jamie agreed, but he wasn’t talking about the creek. His eyes had not left Cameron the moment they sat down. There was a part of him that wondered how he managed to get so lucky. “What does she see in me?” He thought as Cameron could notice him staring at her, which broke his thoughts and he needed to think quick on his feet. “I mean, the view is beautiful. The water cascading down. The trees surrounding the creek. The water floating down the creek to who knows where. It’s nice.”

“Nice save.” Cameron nudged him playfully as the two of them shared a chuckle.

“Come on, you had to admit that was smooth as fuck.”

“Hey, I’m not saying it wasn’t.”

The two of them go silent as they enjoy the scenery more. These two can go silent in the most random times, but it never felt awkward with the two of them. These two were comfortable with each other and knew when to give the other the space they needed.

“There was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Jamie broke the silence as he thought about how he was going to bring this up. He was normally someone who did his best to avoid any arguments. These two barely argued with one another and when they did, it is ugly and no one wants to be around for those.

“Is this about what Camille said in the trainer’s room?” Cameron could read Jamie like he were a book. Cameron tried to prevent the argument from occurring in front of Camille. Camille was stubborn as hell and would automatically be on Cameron’s side. Besides, Cameron thought that this was an argument that Jamie and her were to have alone.

“It is. I was just caught off guard because we were so keen on getting married and spending the rest of lives together. I thought you would have been more than excited to take my last name and make it official. I understand that for branding purposes and wrestling stuff in general, you should keep Ava as your last name and I’m not arguing against that, but as my wife, I would love nothing more than for your last name to be O’Hara.”
Jamie explained as Cameron processed everything that he had told her. Cameron understood where Jamie was coming from and he had the right to feel hurt or whatever emotions he was feeling at the moment.

“You’re right.” Cameron admitted. “I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want people to refer to me as ‘Jamie’s wife’. It’s fine around family and friends, but at work and to the fans? I don’t want that at all. I love being your wife and I love you, don’t get me wrong. For years, I was stuck in my ex’s shadow and it was ‘That’s the Chairman’s girl’ or ‘That’s Demon’s girl’. It took me so fucking long to have people refer to me as Cameron Ella Ava and to get that stigma off of me. Yeah, I have some douchebags that like to call me ‘Dark Demon’s whore’ and it’s like whatever. I’m just insecure of being in your shadow and by taking your last name in my personal life, it just adds on to that. I know, it’s hard to understand my reasoning.”

“Cam, you’re not in anyone’s shadow. Don’t have that thought cross your mind again.” Jamie intertwined his hands against Cameron’s. “Besides, if it makes you feel any better, I think that you became a bigger legend than that flog and that must make him want neck himself.”

“You mean, he hasn’t already?” Cameron joked as the married couple began to crack up and were failing at trying not to laugh at the joke, which was wrong on so many levels.

“Wow, this got dark.” Jamie commented.

“Yeah, we’re a bunch of cunts.” Cameron commented as she wrapped her arms around Jamie, who kissed the top of her head. This was a perfect moment between the two of them and she didn’t want to let go of it. “Next time we’re in L.A., we’re changing my last name. Just talking to you made me feel better.”

“I know, I’m great.” Jamie flashed cocky smile at her as Cameron aggressively nudged him again. “Wow, so violent.”

“Don’t push it.”


You know, I have been spending the past twenty-four hours wondering how to respond to Donovan Cross. Much like Jamie, I had no clue who Donovan was. I had to rewatch old episodes of Dynasty to get the idea of who he was and all I see is another one of those “dark” and “edgy” personalities that Dynasty always seems to get. One of the more notable things out of their Dynasty run was getting themselves in a scuffle with The Score and finding themselves take a loss on a Dynasty main event at one point. Lately? The only noteworthy accomplishment was becoming one of Theron Nikolas’ bitches. That’s when you know that things have gotten downhill for you. There is a part of me that wants to feel sympathy for you two about having to stoop that low, but you never had any morals to begin with. You and Apocalypse are willing to cause as much pain and havoc as possible. It does not matter who you end up hurting, but the fact that you two are responsible for that amount of torture puts smiles to your faces. In a way, it’s almost like what I had to deal with for six months with Mr. DEDEDE. He was the same man, who was so determined to break me and make sure that he never sees my face around here again. He had pure satisfaction with watching me break as the weeks progressed. However, I can never say that you’re like Mr. DEDEDE. No, you will never exceed that level of causing me and Jamie the pain that we had for six months. Just like Devan Dubian and Bowie Gray can never reach that level of pain and torture that they are planning to inflict on me and Camille. Jamie and I will come out of this match unharmed by “The Monster and The Devil”. We’ll have a couple scratches and bruises, but it will not be something that haunts our nightmares. It wont’t even be something that leaves us frighten. You’re stepping into the ring against a woman who has already gone through the biggest nightmare of her entire career. I am someone who knows what a nightmare is supposed to be. You and Apocalypse? You two are no nightmares. Jamie and I will be more than happy to expose you and Apocalypse to be nothing more than the “edgy” pieces of shit that this brand already has. We have Devan Dubian, Bowie Gray, Erebus Jennings and Darkane. You don’t bring anything new or exciting to the table. You don’t bring anything special.

Jamie and I though? We are the special commodity that these people try to replicate. Accomplishment wise, shtick wise, relationship wise. There have been a bunch of men and women throughout our careers, who have tried their hardest to one up us. It’s been pretty depressing to watch, because those men and women are only setting themselves up to fail. Instead, you get morons like Lucas Johnson trying to call themselves an “Ace”. You have the women on Empire with the delusion that once they get off the brand, they’ll get that special “Cameron treatment”. Yet, these people are only seeing the glitz and glamour. They weren’t here for the finished product rather than the struggles that we had to endure. Jamie wouldn’t have been the success he is today if it wasn’t for that failed Cash in the Vault cash-in. I wouldn’t have been successful if the Vixens Division never died. Due to these setbacks, we were able to make something out of it. We could have been discouraged. We could have left, but instead, we stayed and we decided to make our situations a lot better than they were at that moment. Jamie was able to rack up two World Championship reigns in the short period of time he was in EAW. He is the longest reigning World Champion in EAW History. He became a first ballot Hall of Famer. I can go on about how amazing he is, but I would be blabbing on until the next Pain for Pride. He knows that he’s amazing. For me, I have become a vital part of the machine that this company needs to function. For my entire career, I have been the go-to girl for any problem the company has. Opponent can’t show? Just insert Cameron into the picture. Need someone to open the show? Just ask Cameron to do that. Jamie and I are just two machines that keep this company moving. I mean, Jamie was going for half a year and yet, people could not stop talking about him. There was a few people that tried to be that replacement, but they could never compare. Me? I could walk out of EAW tomorrow and it will feel like something is missing. People would realize the huge hole in this so-called “machine” and nothing will ever come close to it. With you, Donovan. You can leave tomorrow and no one could care less.

I don’t go into this match with hopes of intimidating you, Donovan. Why would I want to do that? What will that accomplish? I’m not like that partner of yours, who relies on his size to intimidate people. If some moron by the name of Theron Nikolas can eliminate him from the Extreme Elimination Chamber and retain the Answers World Championship, then Jamie and I will have no issue with bring this “monster” down to his knees. Apocalypse has his height to rely on. With being that tall, anyone could throw anyone else like a rag doll across the ring or slam their opponent through the ring, but I am not worried about that whatsoever. There is no way that I am going into this match with fearing for my life because that will never get anything done. Go ahead, Donovan, bring your monster. Bring Soothsayer Hamasa. Bring a while army, but nothing is going to bring us down.

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