MATCH PROMO Hellmonger (Clash of Kindgoms 2)

Shane Gates

The Fucking Dynasty of Showdown


You don’t know suffering. You don’t know why you shouldn’t have brought my wife into this. You felt a little bit edgy huh? Thought you could get away with a cheap insult to try and defame me? That’s not how it works Jalyn. You only did that to try and make a fool out of me did you not? You don’t think I can’t destroy you? You think that you are so superior to me that I won’t be able to stop you? You're not the greatest. Your just spewing false lies to somewhat protect yourself from your eventual downfall. The Downfall I shall force you to experience first hand. You are nothing more than a naïve person who is cocky enough to think he is above everybody else in this world but fails to realize that the ego you have will be your eventual downfall. You keep doubting me and undermining me but watch and see me humiliate you and make you leave for good this time since EAW has no room for disrespectful little shits like you running the show. You think the darkness is a joke. Some illusion I made to be edgy but that is not true Jaylyn. You must be a comedian or something because you like to make jokes at others expense huh? But the only Joke will be when you lose at Clash at Kingdoms because you are nothing more than a man desperate for recognition you will stupe to an even lower level to get it done. Oh and please don't relate me to those shitty emo people or whatever their sad excuse of a life was. They’re not really going to do anything important in their sad life’s so why think of me as one of them? Oh you seem to be assuming I’m part of a group because that’s a good insult these days huh? Maybe you should check if you lost parts of your brain since it seems your a lot more stupid then you think you are. Ask yourself Jaylyn are you really setting yourself up for failure for thinking I’m not worthy of getting a shot at the new breed title? You are just like the rest who doubted me and told me I couldn’t do anything in this world. But then you eventually realize when karma bites you in the ass and you realize how bad you fucked up calling me a emo or whatever the fuck you said. You are going to suffer in the worst way possible. Mark my fucking words on that. You won’t deny me my destiny, and what should be truly mines.

You see Jalyn with you acting like you have some superiority complex or whatever this ego you have that you think your superior then me or Nathan which is not even true since you think your so deserving of this chance because you were hand picked? Even if you were hand picked you will still loose and humiliate your self and your brand in your process. You didn't even put in any work to earn this. You might as well just be Captain Charismas Golden boy since he felt like handing you this opportunity. I know you put in the work in for that and I can somewhat respect you for it but I just cant respect you as a man and a competitor. You just seem like a guy who is so full of himself and thinks he can just walk in after being away for so long and be handed a opportunity on a golden fucking platter. That's not fair for the guys who scratched and clawed their way to even get a chance. Hell I know that little prick Nathan said this already but you weren't even on Fight Grid. Now you might not care for a event like that since you might feel its insignificant but I enjoyed getting a opportunity to destroy the insignificant pile of jobber trash Shaker Jones. He really stood no chance against me and if you think just because your not Shaker Jones, you think you can beat me. But when you eventually realize when you try and keep me down and when I keep getting back up you will soon realize I will not lie down so easily and let a ungrateful bastard like you win this opportunity? I don't fucking think so, I will not lie down and let you steal this opportunity from the hard working people. The ones who've had to scratch and claw their way to earn opportunity's like this. If I was handed every single opportunity without putting in the work in. Would you think people would respect me? No they would just think of me as an entitled prick who really did nothing to earn this opportunity. Now I know you put in some work and did your time to earn a opportunity like this but to just brag about it and put down half the EAW roster who put their blood, sweat and tears into this company and not even be given a chance like this? You might just be a good ass competitor but I think of you as an entitled little shit who doesn't seem to realize that. I'm going to enjoy making you suffer Jaylyn. Your going to regret having the gall to insult my wife like that. Mark my fucking words you sad pathetic bastard.

So now you decide to speak Nathan. After god knows how long your first insult to me is how I somewhat fell from grace but Nathan you fail to realize that I don't give one shit about what you think about me or what I've done here. Yeah I've had a few bumps in the road but did I quit like Mr. Jaylyn when the going got tough? No I stayed here in EAW and stood my ground and scratched and clawed until I was told by the Showdown GM I had this match for the chance at a future New Breed Title shot. So what if you think I'm a whiny ass then so be it. If you think I bitch and moan about everything then your pretty dead wrong Nathan. I realized that bitching and moaning will get you nowhere in this world so I stopped doing that. I made sure that every bump in the road I sufferd was a learning experience and something to improve myself for the future. But you fail to realize that you don't have my number Nathan, I am just a man who enjoys to hand out brutal and torturous beatings to the ones who deserve it. And if you think I'm a poor sod because I lost most of my opportunities given to me then why did the Showdown GM give me this then Nathan? If I'm not good enough to hang with the young punks like you and Jaylyn why did Jenny Punk Consider me for this opportunity? Did she want me to fail again so she gave me this opportunity somewhat knowing I might loose again? Or did she Realize I still have a fire lit in my soul that even loss cant even faze me and she knows how damn good of a wrestler I am so she gave me another chance at glory. If I wasn't good enough would I have been considered for this match? I probably would of just of been in catering hell for a long time if I stopped caring about this business a long time ago but I'm not that type of guy. I rather fight like my life depends on it so I get opportunities like this and I can seize them. This time will be different. I plan on making the most of this opportunity that was granted to me by the Showdown GM and I plan on being the number 1 contender for the New Breed Championship. I wont let you or Jaylyn stop me. Your going to have to straight up murder me in that ring before I ever give up because I plan on fighting in that ring until I cant even move. My passion for this sport is undying and I plan on making the most of the opportunity given before me.

Nothing will stop me from attaining glory this time around. I've been put down for most of my life and being told I'm just not cut out for this stuff and I should just retire because I'm a old fart. Did you think I fucking let that stop me? No, I kept on fighting an fighting until I proved every one of those sorry little excuses of human beings wrong. By the time I proved them wrong I think they didn't want to even want to step out into the public eye anymore. Hell their mothers just should of aborted them in the first place because they really had no benefit and no use to this world except shit talking. And if you think I'm gonna let a few words hurt me mentally really wont hurt me in the long run. Its just going to keep me motivated and hungry for more until I destroy both of you sorry excuses of human beings. When you step into that ring with me I will make sure you felt like you never even existed in this world because I am that hungry to win this and I will not let anybody stop me from that goal. I am going to keep on fighting and I will be making sure that this match will be the worst nightmare for the both of you. You think you can keep me down and prevent me from reaching my goal? You can keep on trying but it sadly wont really work with me. You can defame me, You can talk shit about my losses, and You can talk shit about my wasted opportunities but I wont let it stop me, nothing really will at this point. I just want to destroy both of you badly. And nothing will stop me from that really.

The Nightmare for the both of you is only beginning.
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