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Theron Nikolas

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The world tries to hard to see themselves in the image that they dream about being in. They tell themselves that they’ve worked so hard. They tell themselves that they’re deserving; that they’re going to accomplish the one thing that absolutely no one else has been able to achieve. But, they ignore the fact that they’re nothing close to what they want to be. They see themselves through those infamous rose tinted glasses where there’s nothing wrong. Where they’re completely different to those who they hate. Where they’re the small piece of light surrounded by nothing but darkness. Where they’re the valiant hero that pieces that blade through the black heart of the proverbial villain of their story.

But, just like last time - you show your flaws through your own words.

What’s it like, Cameron? You were always the leader of your pack. You were the one person in your family that lead from the front… to the point where you casted that great shadow over both Camille and Consuela. They fought. They did everything in their power to become their own person; something that’s separates themselves from your name. But - it didn’t matter what they did - your success always overshadowed their efforts. Consuela was a two time Specialist Champion, but the eyes of the world - she was still only your sister. Camille travelled around the world; competing in companies near and far, won championships almost everywhere she went - but, she was still only your sister in the eyes of everyone else. The truth that everyone seems to be so blind to, Cameron - we are absolutely no different. You parade around with your sisters; you cling to Jamie and smile to world - but, you’re the only person that matters. You come first before everyone else. That’s why it still stings so badly when you look back at the awards and accomplishments that weren’t thrown your way. That’s why you look at the Heart Break Gal with absolutely and unbridled fury at the fact that she was given the award that you believed wholehearted deserved more than any other woman that has walked through those doors. That’s why your grit your teeth and loathe the fact that she accomplished something that you never could, no matter how many fucking attempt you had to do so. The difference between you and I is that I don’t hide it. I don’t try to be someone that I’m not; I don’t try to act like I’m righteous. I have never once said that I care about anything other than where I’m at. I stand beside the Queen’s Court; I stood beside both DDD and Jack Ripley, and have always said that I come first. That’s why I drove that knife in the spine of DDD at Ides of March. He proved that he was willing to place my back up against a wall and put everything that I created at risk.

But, you look towards the Queen’s Court because you’ve been in my shoes.

That’s what I love about this. You look down. I couldn’t give a fuck about the perception of how I managed to win this championship and how I’ve managed to make sure that it never leaves my grasp. BUT, YOU LOOK DOWN AT ME, CAMERON? WE’RE NOT GOING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU NEEDED YOUR FAMILY TO BEAT DDD? ARE WE GOING TO FORGET THAT AFTER MONTHS OF CONSISTENTLY LOSING TO ARIA JAXON THAT YOU CLUTCHED ONTO THE LEGS OF BOTH KENDRA SHAMEZ AND THE HEART BREAK GAL TO FINALLY TAKE CLAIM OF THE WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP? THE VALIANT, THE GREAT, THE BARRIER BREAKING WHORE THAT IS CAMERON ELLA AVA IS GOING TO FIGHT! SHE’S GOING TO DO WHAT SHE HAS CONSISTENCY PROVEN THAT SHE FUCKING CAN’T AT GRAND RAMPAGE! SHE’S GOING TO CUT DOWN THE GOD EMPEROR! SHE’S GOING TO DO EXACTLY WHAT HE, THE WORLD AND MORE IMPORTANTLY - YOU - KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT! You’re a fucking hypocrite. There’s always something there to fall back on when things get tough, Cameron. There’s always something there to make sure that the woman that sees herself above every other female elitist that has ever walked through the doors of this company doesn’t fade away into obscurity. But, the benefit this time is there’s going to be nothing there to stop you from fading away. You lose at the Grand Rampage - and I promise that you’re going to end up like every other name that has fallen to their knees and knelt before their God Emperor - you’re left with nothing. The years that you’ve placed into this business. The years of putting so much effort into chasing this unreachable goal proves to be all for nothing. You’re forced to admit that you’re not good enough. You’re forced to swallow your pride and accept that you never deserved everything you felt so fucking entitled to. You take off those rose tinted glasses and see yourself as I do.

Just a worthless whore.

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