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Bronx, NY
“I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He's got me down on both knees

But it's the devil that's tryna hold me down”
Hold Me Down” by Halsey

“If you must know, Connie, the reason we opted against ‘going after’ the Crowe’s Nest immediately to take back the titles that are obviously rightfully ours was because we were called upon to attend to more important, more pressing matters on Dynasty—something you know very little about, I can see. Thought we just dropped off the face of the earth, did you? No. We were busy being the gracious souls that we have come to be known for. See, Dynasty was in a much worse state than Empire was at the time, and Theron Nikolas did the right thing when he requested our presence, when he enlisted us to aid him in his efforts. He knew we would be successful. And he helped us to destroy Madison Kaline, he gave me the perfect opportunity to redeem myself, take back from the man who fucking left me for dead all those years ago. Would you prefer it if we were in two places at once? Ignore Theron? Thought it not in our best interest to put Empire business on hold while we were handling a matter that was very personal to us? I’ve still yet to hear a single fucking ‘thank you’ after we bashed Madison’s brains in, watched as gallons of her blood and grey matter poured onto the floor.” Amber pauses, slowly closes her eyes and licks her lips. “We were on a purge. An excommunication. An exorcism! And that’s just what we do as the Queen’s Court, we make it a point to put an end to all the affliction that plagues this place. And it requires a great level of mental fortitude to do so. Nobody else in this industry holds the prowess or skill set that’s absolutely necessary to be the way that we are, to accomplish all that we have, to hold our positions and show the entire world what this industry has the potential to become so long as we rid ourselves of the ignorant shitlings who roam the EAW halls.

“You're correct, Constance. You can’t measure up to us. Sorry not sorry. And at this point, it’s just annoying that we have to put up with you little gremlins at all. But the reason I subject myself to these kinds of interactions with you all is because I’m doing you a favor, doing Empire a service. It’s because my sole purpose since my reincarnation was to teach you all and tutor you in ways that you’re able to understand, and hopefully shed some light and cleanse your souls of any corruption and sickness that may have plagued you in the years that I’ve been missing from the industry. That’s been the basis of my nature from the very beginningand it’s exactly why Madison Kaline and Cleopatra latched onto ME! I didn’t go looking for them. Madison knew exactly what she was doing, she knew that she needed me more than anything, needed me to make her look good, show the Jaded era of Empire that she had friends, too, and in much higher places. And I consider myself a dutiful woman. A generous woman. How could I turn this poor soul away when she so desperately needed my assistance? She was humble enough to ask for it, was she not? And I saw a chance to assist others in need and complete my salvage mission on a grander scale, at a much faster pace, because I was stunted yet again when the fucking chairman and his bitch boys sentenced me me to developmental fucking territory and to this day, it is the biggest insult I’ve received. But I digress.

“You know nothing about redemption. About recovery. It’s why I did what I had to, it's why I put my body on the line time after time and accomplish my goals and take back what is mine. My any means necessary.

“What women’s wrestling had become in my absence, Minerva, was a disgrace to what it once was. It’s never been a question of whether or not I can ‘hang’ with the younger talent, no one ever thought that I was getting ‘left behind’ by all the supposed ‘advancements’ in talent that this division has seen. You know it just as well as I do, Minnie, that this division, that women’s wrestling has been disgraced with the vanity and pridefulness that spreads like a sickness throughout the women’s locker room. It's the very women that you ridicule week after week—Kassidy Heart, Sienna Jade, Felix Hartley, Serena Bennett, all superficial women with little to no in-ring substance beyond their sex appeal and petty insults. And this is the future of this business? These are the women who are supposed to inspire the next generation, make us hopeful for the future of wrestling? This is the standard that EAW has allowed to be set in place?” Amber scoffs and lets out a chuckle. “You know very well that you can’t stand these women, that you dislike them just as much as I do, Minerva. You’ve said yourself that the art form we know as women’s wrestling doesn’t need to be sprinkled with this false idea of femininity, or subjective feminism. Make up and lace fronts and corporate deals and slutty, juvenile behavior. That’s all they care about. Hiding behind filters. Enhancing their image. Making sure that they always look your best. Doing everything they can to set yourselves apart from the lives of the everyday people. Made up, too good to be true, gold plated women hiding behind pounds of makeup and hairspray―prettying themelves up to appeal to and fulfill the male fantasy. Those vapid and vain women are a detriment to society―it makes my fucking skin crawl knowing that they walk the face of this earth, that they are allowed to compete in my ring. Yet, you say this era surpassed me? That my decision to dissociate from everything that is considered ‘ladylike,’ that the fact that I choose to present myself in my purest, rawest, dirtiest form makes me less intense? Not worthy to carry the metaphorical crown I wear? That I'm no different than the rest of them? Choose a fucking side.

“What kind of fool do you take me for, Minerva? Save the sob story of how tragic it was for you to pack your bags and adopt whatever your version of some gypsy wanderlust fantasy is. As if your high school education gave you any other options. You did exactly what you had to do in order to get by, to achieve your goals, there’s no shame in that, nobody looks down on you for doing so. I sure as hell don’t. Like I didn’t grow up in the Bronx, the ‘burning borough’ of New York City. Where arson fires, rampant crime, and poverty beyond your limited comprehension are the factors that sculpted my upbringing. I’m the furthest thing from any of these other princesses you want to compare me with so badly. I gave my father the same series of emotions I’m sure yours experienced when I told him I was leaving New York City with no plans to ever come back, for my own selfish reasons. And I suffered because of it, I suffered my whole life, even with my parents' assistance. I know poverty, starvation, hopelessness, struggle, despair―god, I hope Serena Bennett doesn't hear me say that. But know that I refer to myself as a Queen or a Diva not for the pomp and circumstance of what comes with the name, but for the irony of it all. It is a title you may typically associate with the high class lifestyle I’m not so familiar with, but also a name suited for a ruler, a powerful force, a woman regarded as excellent or outstanding of her kind. Would you prefer I call myself a princess? Sovereign? Goddess? Empress?" Amber rolls her eyes. "I don’t give a shit. Spin it however you’d like. Doesn’t matter what you call me, I don’t conform to any of the stereotypes that accompany those descriptive terms. I am who I am, and that’s Amber Keys, the Dirti Diva, the rightful Queen of Empire.

“On Empire, we are surrounded by some of the densest, most fragile souls to walk the face of the earth. There have been close to no signs of intelligent life during the years of my absence, and the damage is beginning to show. Now these fuckups like Heavenly Hell are forcing their way into the realm of professional wrestling at an unprecedented rate. And it has become our, the Queens Court's, inherent responsibility to stop them from further defiling our craft. We can’t allow you to take hold of our precious Empire Tag Team Championship titles because of what I know you’ll do to those belts should you ever get a hold of them. It’ll be no different than what happened to the broads who held it before. I have no other purpose, no other source of motivation if not to protect and cherish and nourish the souls and put an end anguish Empire and EAW has faced for so many years without me there to help them. This is what I live for. This brand is and the sacredness of this industry is what I cherish more than anything. You should be scared of a woman like me, a woman with as much drive and passion and bloodlust as me. I'd do anything to ensure that all that I care about is well-protected from those who look to tear down all that I've built.

“At Terminus, you'll get a taste of this bloodlust for yourselves. Constance and Minerva, your truth will be revealed, no longer will you deceive us, try and convince those who don't know any better that you actually mean anything in the grand scheme of this life. And as for the EAW Universe, you're welcome. For very soon, you will all get to witness yet another grandiose display of pure talent, sensational wrestling ability, a transformative performance where Amber Keys and Cleopatra will earn the right to call themselves yet again the Empire Tag Team Champions.”

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