MATCH PROMO I don’t do this for you - I do this in SPITE of you.

Theron Nikolas

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I get it.

That the biggest thing that people need to understand. I get absolutely everything that they’re trying to accomplish.

I tried to be the hero. I tried to fight the good fight; be the man that the world places all of their hopes in as he battles to do the right thing. I wanted to be their champion. I wanted to be the champion that everyone took so much pride in, but what I quickly began to understand is that - in the grand scheme of things… that gets you nowhere. That ultimate dream that countless others in this business holds only takes you down a road of hardship and disappointment, and it’s only once you begin to fight for yourself and yourself only that you begin to truly take steps towards everything you’ve continuously dreamed about achieving. But, with my actions came that overwhelming doubt from the rest of the world. The world began to pray for my downfall. They focused on my failures; bought into the idea when I was forced to put everything that I said; that I promised on the line… I couldn’t get the job done. NONE OF YOU BELIEVED THAT I DESERVED THIS CHAMPIONSHIP. NONE OF YOU THOUGHT THAT I COULD MAKE IT TO THE TOP OF THIS BUSINESS; BECOME UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN THIS PROFESSION. YOUR HEROES LINED THEMSELVES UP - THEY ALL TRIED TO CUT ME DOWN. YOU DIDN’T THINK I COULD BEAT CM BANKS AT PAIN FOR PRIDE. YOU DIDN’T THINK THAT I COULD CONQUER DARKANE. YOU DIDN’T THINK I COULD FORCE THE ACE TO GET DOWN ONTO HIS KNEES AND KNEEL. BUT, HERE I STAND THE ANSWERS WORLD CHAMPION. HERE I STAND YOUR GOD EMPEROR.

I have tried to help anyone willing to listen. I have tried to help those shed themselves of their weaknesses; help guide them down the path that leads towards their wildest dreams, but they’ve proven that they hold no intention in listening. I don’t stand here as the Answers World Champion for anyone. I stand here with this piece of gold in spite of every single one of you. I told the world that I was going to hold onto this championship for as long as I wanted to… and if I’ve proven anything throughout the past two years - I am not a liar. I’ve told you everything that was going to happen. I told you Ronn had thrown his career away. I told you that Darkane wasn’t invincible. I told you that the Mighty would kneel.

I will reign forever while you continue to try to fight hopeless battles.

Do you remember the feeling, Hades? Do you remember the feeling of years of hard work; blood, sweat and tears finally paying off? Do you remember sitting in your throne; the Answers World Championship resting in your lap as your shadow cast across this entire company? It’s a feeling of absolute euphoria. I was so excited when you returned. I expected the same thing that I believed that Jamie was going to give me. I hoped that you were finally the man that was going to provide that challenge that I’ve been waiting so long for. But, that victory over DDD; the signs that the man that once reigned over this company had finally returned in his greatest form turned out to be nothing more than an illusion. You were - you still are a shell of something that used to be great. You promised so much at Road to Redemption, but turned out to be the victim. A man that regressed from standing tall at the end of Pain for Pride - to a man that found his match in Lucas Johnson. I’m happy to tally up constant defenses of my championship; each one another notch towards becoming something that I already know that I’m going to become. Your name; Jamie’s name, everyone inside that Elimination Chamber months ago - they’re all pieces that are building my legacy. The legacy of a God Emperor. The greatest World Champion in company history.

And all you can do while I create absolute greatness is…


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