MATCH PROMO I don't fail, I learn (Battle of Egypt 3)

Charlie Marr

Marlon Bando
EAW World Champion
Where do I begin? DDD has brought the fire. It’s a shame that most of his slams belong on 4chan forums. This man takes inspiration from 15 year old kids with pepes as avatars. It’s pathetic to see a grown man forced to sink to such levels. Just admit that I have you rattled, DDD. You’re struggling to battle verbally with a man of my talent, you’re simply not used to facing someone who can go toe to toe with you on the mic. I’ve got you clawing for new material, desperately trawling through edgelord post after post just to find some insults to throw at me. Grow up, DDD. You’re almost 40, why are you acting like a teenager? I know your confidence is rarely ever shaken, you’re far too arrogant for that. It’s hard to damage the confidence of a man as delusional as you. I could have you begging for mercy and yet you’d still believe you were winning. You’ve already proven this week that you are delusional. The fact you don’t seem to acknowledge how fucking good I am proves that. You are caught up in your own head, you are too concerned about yourself. Focus on me, before it’s too late. Underestimate me at your own peril, it will cost you. I think you need to truly understand who you are facing this week, DDD. You’re not battling some show opener on Showdown anymore, you’re facing Big Match Charlie. These are the sort of matches that I live for. I rise to the occasion and dominate on the big stage. I don’t get stage fright like those you normally face. I am not the Visual Prophet. I will not crumble when the lights turn on just because I am facing Mr DEDEDE. I have already beaten Impact, the best EAW wrestler of all time. Beating the second best will be light work, you’re nothing compared to him. You’re facing the most talented elitist currently signed to this company. I have been successful in every single thing I have done since I stepped into this company. I seemed to shock the world when I won the World Championship against Malcom Jones. That was only a shock to those who hadn’t been paying attention to me for the past year. For those who had been paying close attention, it was just a matter of time before I won the big gold. My fans expected it from me. They knew how talented I am and success was expected. My fans expect me to win this match and I will deliver. You will just be another on the list of EAW legends that I have beaten. It is ridiculous how dominant I have been since I joined Voltage. It is almost unfair. Never has this company seen a man combine strength and speed to such a dangerous level. I am the perfect elitist.

Thank you for that completely unnecessary spiel about how you are genetically superior. For a start, nobody asked. Secondly, if you were so genetically superior, why are you chubby? We can all see that little gut you’ve got, you’re not hiding anything. This god complex you seem to have is frightening. We all know how white cis males with attitudes like this end up. We espedcially know how American white cis males with a god complex end up. Worrying times for everyone. Epstein Jr is scaring me, I imagine all of you are feeling the same way. At least he can appreciate my incredible physique. It’s a little bit sus but I still respect it all the same. Nothing wrong with appreciating another mans body, I don’t share the same disgusting views that men like Malcom Jones do. Thank you for the compliments, DDD. I hope it is nothing more than a compliment and you’re not in one of your gay phases again. Oh wait, that phase never existed. You faked being a homosexual all for attention, I feel like the bizarreness of that doesn’t get discussed enough. The Chairman of a multi-million dollar company pretending to be gay for no real reason, how isn’t that a bigger story? I can’t believe DDD pulled a Kevin Spacey and everyone just ignored it. He’s been flying questionable girls out on the EAW private jet for years, someone must have exposed him and he decided that was the only way out of it. Ah well, I guess I will punish him for his sins when we step into the ring together. Enough about that though, these are all just allegations that I am sure DDD has paid enough money to hide. Let’s forget about them. Back to the important one, me. My physique matters more than DDD seems to think. Just look at the difference between us. You’re skinny fat, I am built like a greek god. I am so much more powerful than you, I can dominate you. I can toss you around the ring like a ragdoll and overpower you. Do you really think you’re going to be able to keep me in a submission hold? I will just power out before you can even lock it in. Do you really think your pathetic spear will do any damage to me? You’ll simply crash your shoulder into my abs. You’ll end up worse off than I do. This is going to be like a walk in the park for me.

Talk about how I’ve apparently failed in the past all you want. I’ve explained and gave legitimate reasons for those failures time and time again. All that matters is those trials and tribulations have led me to the point that I am at today. Without those down moments, I wouldn’t be holding the EAW World Championship right now. I don’t care that I didn’t win War Games, I don’t care that I didn’t win CITV, who cares that you retained your tag team championships against MarrKade a year and a half ago? Every time I fail, I become stronger and achieve what I need too. Just look at what happened following Pain for Pride festival. Daryl and I may have not captured the tag team titles at that event but we did just a few months later. We then went on to dominate the division until I turned on him. I may not have won War Games but what has happened to the winning team? Theron Nikolas, where the fuck is he? Jack Ripley, he’s a mid carder that is below me. Then there’s yourself, a man that is about to be humiliated by Charlie Marr. Ever since that War Games match, I have left my competitors in the dust. How are you possibly insulting me for something that massively benefitted my career? Finally, The CITV Match. I may have lost it but what the hell happened after that? I earned a World Championship shot and I won that match. Please though DDD, continue to attempt to make fun of me for losses that only benefited my career. I can tell you’ve done your research. You fucking suck, old man. You’re losing it verbally and in the ring. Just pass the torch already, I am the top dog.
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