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The only reason why your name is forever intertwined with this company is because you refuse to separate yourself from it. You overestimate your legacy, you severely overvalue your importance, not just currently, but all-time.

For a while, I couldn’t quite get you. I could never pin you down. You’re not much for lore but I am. I remember some two years ago when we waged battle on Dynasty a few times, then again fought over the Hardcore Championship… you were still Lethal Consequences. Confident, smart, funny, witty, charming… in your own unique way. I marveled at your words, the way you so easily were able to play with and manipulate them. The ability to create all of these similes and metaphors out of seemingly thin air, I could only wish I was as good with it as you were. Now I stand before, over, a man who wants to give the impression that he’s defeated. A man with no hope. A man who will just roll with any punches thrown his way and let be whatever will be.

Seemingly. Because it couldn’t be further from what the reality is. This front, this hard exterior that you have on, it’s shattered, there’s cracks all throughout.

It’s a direct contradiction to what you’ve been saying for the past, countless number of months. In fact, it’s not even close to what you were saying just last week on Voltage during our contract signing. And what, am I just supposed to believe that you’ve had this magical epiphany? That in the six days since then, you’ve come to the remarkable realization that none of this matters? AND MOST OF ALL, that you agree with me? Please.

You feel you deserve better.
You feel you should be the World Champion right now.
You feel you should be in the main event of Pain For Pride.

This is nothing more than a weak and feeble attempt to be what I gave you credit for being earlier, intelligent. You’re trying to be a step ahead of me but it won’t work, it can’t work. No amount of manipulation on the narrative is going to help you, because you don’t, and can’t control this narrative. This isn’t LC’s world, this is LC in a world that he’s never been in before. THEY don’t want you here, EAW doesn’t want YOU. It’s cruel and it’s unfair, but you aren’t the first elitist that’s been through this and you’ll be far from the last. You’re no longer an asset, you’re a liability… and acting like you agree with that even though you don’t, in an effort to rise from the ashes in triumph and turn your career around is just… not good. You beat me at Pain For Pride, what happens? That doesn’t change their perception of you, that doesn’t change your standing in this company, it only makes it that much harder for them to get you out of here. And you? What do you get? Temporary satisfaction that’s quickly replaced by the same frustration you’ve been feeling since you returned after you realize that your big Pain For Pride moment doesn’t mean a damn thing.

You don’t matter.
Nothing can or will change that.

That’s not my opinion of you, it’s the way it is. And for what it’s worth, my opinion of you isn’t a reflection of theirs, I meant what I said yesterday, I harbor no hate or even any negative feelings for you, it’s not worth my energy. I look at you and see a man who still might have something to give, but ability is not, and never will be a true measure here. Nothing has changed in the six years since I brought this company to its knees. No matter who’s in charge, no matter who calls the shots, they’re still called the same way. You’re wasting their time, they’re wasting your time. Know this though, saying you have something left isn’t a co-sign that I think you should be World Champion. You had your shot, you had your opportunity, a fair opportunity, you screwing, no shenanigans, and you failed. Your failures, and you’ve had many, are on you… not them. My saying that you have something left to give simply means that I don’t think you’re worthless the same way that they do. What your worth is, though? It’s up for debate, but it’s not much.

Which is why I’m still fully committed to do what I said I said I would yesterday. No malice. Prior to this week, my only objective was to collect my money, the result of our match didn’t matter to me, I would lose no sleep if I lost. Now that’s different. You need your end, I need to give it to you. If I don’t, it won’t happen. No one other than a very rare, select few knows what this is. No amount of wisdom will make someone see this either, it only opens up to you after you’ve been here long enough. The few that would be capable of seeing it and doing it can’t for a very simple reason… they have other things to do. I have the opportunity now, why prolong it?


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