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We are in an abandoned warehouse surrounded by empty broken crates. We see dust dissipating in air as this dystopic setting indicates that this place hasn't publicly been used in months, maybe years. An eerie quietness of this place warns the lost against following the path into this wasteland and forebodes a warning that darker things are to come. And they will. Despite the fact that Showdown has literally just ended, we have already had video promos released by participants of the TLC main event ahead of next week's Showdown. Nobody else getting any sleep? Of course not. One is a social butterfly who is either chasing weights or chasing dates, one can't sleep because his self-obsession robs him of the peace of mind and the other is crazily working away his doubts and physically conditioning himself for the grueling contest that awaits. Finally, the other he sits in solitude, legs hanging off of the rafters in the warehouse.

It will be a night for you all to remember, the night where Solomon takes a leap into the unknown and comes out as the victor. You see I've been somewhat bogged down with nothing matches and throwaway multi-man bouts where it does nothing for the winner. It started on Battleground and it started to creep up with me as I departed and made my way to Showdown. I've either been placed in unfavourable matches or in one-sided bouts where you just knew that it would be walking out as the winner, and you know what? It's one of the factors that favour me coming into this match next week. Not only am I fresh from annihilating Daniel Caine but I'm somewhat of a mystery to most people. Nobody has seen me reach my highest level, and I know they say we get stronger each week... But that's not it. I feel as if I've been holding back in lieu with the code of conduct and the ethos of this company and it's only until recently, where I've come to embrace the lack of regard for consequences and discipline. It all started with Raphi Ouellet vs Xavier Arnold; now granted I don't know Raphi at all but Xavier has become somewhat of an annoying pest who I'm always seem to be in a match with, it's as if they believe THIS is my true level so I had to use my initiative and take out my 'supposed' competition. Next up, Daniel Caine. I think we knew that I was going to win this match, Daniel - no offence to him - was on my team at The Palace and he looked massively out of his depth in our six-man tag. I knew it would be light work but then it dawned on me: why waste all of my energy when there's a championship match next week? And that led to what many are calling a heinous ambush, but I call it being proactive, because while two of my opponents went to hell-and-back in their respective proving matches, I come into the match with not a single scratch on me. Walker was practically lights out against Xander Payne, Jake Smith is probably still sore after his 'slobber knocker' against public servant Justiciar Eric; but Solomon, Solomon is feeling fresher than ever, meaning that I can afford to put myself through extra punishment when I sacrifice my body to capture the first marker to officially announce the new regime in EAW. It will be closely contested, it will have four men of contrasting moral compasses, it will have lots of violence. Look at me! I'm at the summit of the card! For too long I have slipped under the radar and people have let the message slip past them, but now I'm at the forefront of the action and THEY WILL listen. THEY WILL watch. Everything I do, I do for professional wrestling and its growth; being dressed up with rules, technicalities and tournaments, it's just commercialised what feels like a vocation to me. I don't do it for the money or the fame, it disgusts me knowing that I am enjoying the attention that I'm getting but people don't know what Solomon is capable of yet. I can't say I've ever been in a main event before; here or anywhere thus all the more reason to make it historical.

Solomon takes a brief pause... The Fallen lets out a chuckle.

So what have we learned in these last 24 hours? Malcolm Jones is still living vicariously through his past achievements and while he'll be the first to tell you that he's been onwards and upwards, let's be honest... It's been a bit too comfortable. He's been competing recently looking to gain something, but now it's time for the realisation that he could leave with nothing at the end of the night. Jake Smith is every bit of a cunt as I thought he'd be, there's literally zero surprise there. It appears if EAW's social media has empowered him and genuinely made him believe the hype that he's one of the next breakout stars in this company, but to be honest; I still get him and his tag team partner mixed up. He talks a lot of smack but when it comes to providing the substance, he's a couple short. This is why The Revolution consistently get their asses handed to them, even in a match against Justiciar Eric, a man of his slight experience should be performing better. Then there's Jax Walker, taking too long to return to the real world because Harlow Reichert has his testicles under lock and key.

He shakes his head...

Malcooooooooolm Jooooooooooooneees...

Solomon begins swinging his legs in the air as he calls out the Interwire Champion's name.

The problem with being at the top is, you're instinctively afraid to look down in case you lose your balance. There seems to be this misguided mindset in the locker rooms that the more you have, the more powerful you are. The more gold you hold, the more prestigious the name carrying those belts becomes... But that's the problem, they don't have a measure of reality. They want to wear all of the gold, completely unaware that all of that jewelry can wear you down into sinking. Despite being aware of what I can bring into this no disqualification TLC match, I am under no illusion that I am in the ring with some of the toughest fuckers in EAW. In the midst of all these tournaments and shit, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and that's why I'm glad that this match is at the pinnacle of the card. So everybody can watch my ascension from Fallen to Champion. And it will happen. Not because I'm better than these men, far from it. I'm not as technically sound as Jake Smith, nor am I as strong as Jax Walker and don't even get me started on the knowhow of that cocky prick Malcolm Jones. It says a lot when you're a public endorsement of Mr. DEDEDE and even he doesn't like you enough to book you somewhat favorably on the card. I mean one-on-one, that's fair enough. You're a champion, it's your duty to hold onto that belt and defend it whenever means necessary. Obviously, the problem with being loud and outspoken is that you attract too much of the wrong attention.

The camera pans in on the stern look of Solomon's as the playful atmosphere turns chilling.

I'm not stupid, I know what the championship means to you. You're an elitist, it's in your best intentions to win whatever you can at any cost necessary. You don't care if it leads to you cramping up or running out of oxygen, your life support is that championship belt you carry and the ambitious you have to somehow eclipse everything you've achieved thus far in EAW. That belt has a lot of weight on it already, it's been held by the likes of Diamond Cage, Scott Oasis, Mr. DEDEDE, etcera, etcera... The longer you carry it, the more it means to you. You want to erase everything from the history books and scribble your name over it because you're a narcissist. You've got an excessive interest in putting yourself over and getting the job done. You know, it's actually sad what you've become. I saw a man riddled by a troubled childhood overcoming his demons and showing a real GRIND to overcome and exceed everything set before him, but now I see a self-entitled egomaniac who thinks he's too good to step into the ring with anybody unproven. Yeah, I came from Battleground... Yeah, I've got a 50% record in EAW. But that's always been done to my lack of passion in particular situations. Throwaway matches, matches I could not be bothered turning up for because I know I'm too good for it. Everyone has to start somewhere and you have the gall to address me as a Battleground reject? We are ALL developmental rejects. But the difference between me and you, is that when the going gets tough, I don't go across the pond to learn Strong Style or see what the Omegas are doing. I've stood my ground and now I'm here in the main event, and I'll be damned if I let some bitter tyrant shut me down in claiming what will be the catalyst in an era of mayhem. You have the gall to address others as short-sighted when you are probably the biggest hypocrite of them all right now, addressing your opponents as some trash found in developmental. Well allow me to correct you on that: I graduated developmental and yeah I graduated before you put me down as if I was released among the other pigeons. I'm not floundering with the likes of Xavier Arnold and Eric Crane, I'm coming straight up and bypassing those they touted as the ones of 2019.

He lets out a soft chuckle...

It's funny. For such a meticulous man, it's disappointing to see that your most damning insult for me is 'bootleg' Zack Crash. A great man indeed, a man whose name you have no right to mention. Zack Crash won the Cash in The Vault AND the World Heavyweight Championship the same night at Pain For Pride, you were busy filling out application forms looking for work around that time and when you do get your Pain For Pride moment? You blow it. Maybe you should just settle the fuck down and commit yourself to a mid-tier championship if your past is anything to go by. Sure you got your back on Chris Elite, but you didn't quite win the big one back, did you? Now Christopher is no pushover don't get me wrong, but the motivation clearly wasn't there because he just lost recently to Jax Walker. You know, the other Battleground reject? You started at the end of 2017, you have had plenty of time to make movements and do whatever the fuck you want... Just so as long you get to brag about it in the end. That's why I don't understand your logic and reasoning, as of why you get to talk down to others as if you're different... SPECIAL... When the only reason you're above me is because you've been here longer than me Elder Statesman. If we are to be meticulous for a moment then so be it, because you ain't the only one paying attention to every single detail. You were in the business for four months before you got your big break for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Elite, you had all the chips on your side, you even psyched the guy out by laying waste to anyone who associated with the guy... But you couldn't get the job done, could you? I started in September... meaning that this is MY fourth month in EAW and I'm getting my first break. Sure, it's not the big PFP but it's enough for me. It's a big enough platform for me to get the world's attention and that's because of you Malcolm. It's a strange predicament we are in right now... Hahahahaha... Your name brings prestige to this Interwire Championship and I'm trying to win the Interwire Championship to bring prestige to my name. And it seems as if in all of these delusions of grandeur, my statement has gotten a little lost in translation... I didn't say you don't need the belt because of your talent, but because of your profile. You are competing for other accolades as it is, it's just a little greedy if you ask me. Now if you wanted to win ALL of the gold and be a fighting champion, then ok I could respect that. But are you going to compete in EVERY single match on the card and defend all of your belts? No, that's what I thought.

A look of disgust surfaces.

"I DoNt NeEd YoUR VaLiDAtioN" he says. He seems to think I'm brown-nosing, that's cute. I couldn't give a shit if you liked me or not MJ, I'm paying attention to you and taking you seriously as my biggest obstacle because I am competing for YOUR championship. To respect the belt and the importance of this match, I have to - albeit begrudgingly - respect the champ and understand that he's been in this position before. He's had people gunning for him, people shooting targets on his back; you have all the tools necessary to ensure that you walk out as the winner and live to fight another day and it's led you to Saturday night. The night where you have to rely on everything you know to get you out of a situation where you don't know what you're in for, because you don't know me despite all the clever comparisons. Cult? I'm not meaning to start a cult of any sort. All I'm doing is carving a footpath for likeminded talent to follow and come take ownership of their careers back at the behest of people like you. People who think they can win everything and not deal with the fallout. Because while the likes of Damon Diesel work their ass off and show up every week, we've got champions like you and Raven Roberts that think they can wander off and do their own thing. When was the last time the New Breed Championship was defended? When was the last time the Interwire Championship was defended actually? Was it at the last FPV? Wait, no. You were competing for a place in the King of Elite finals and you did win. Well done. I bet you feel like a million bucks with a victory in a match you needed help in. Wait, I remember. Nearly a MONTH ago. And this egomaniac thinks he's going to rule the world when he can't even do double duty like a REAL fighting champion. For all you say about Hurricane Hawk and his apparent incompetence, it just occurred to me that you've never thanked the guy once. Every show I see you up on, you're doing one match a night and looking ahead to see what else you can go and grab. You think the world stops just because Malcolm Jones is en-route to being crowned King of Elite, but no, you have that Interwire Championship weighing you down... and it is weighing you down, because I see sinking in your false promises and bravado. You think that you're the only person in this match with confidence in themselves? Jax Walker has beat a man who beat you, Jake Smith is... well, he's confident... Maybe too confident. We're all confident here and just because the old head says something, it doesn't make it so. I don't think I'll headline Pain For Pride but maybe if I go and conquer a KINGDOM or climb OLYMPUS, and come back when it's all over then I'll try ask Ahren Fournier if he wants to be tag team partners, unravel all of his strategies, beat the living hell out of him before the night... MAYBE THEN, I'll be in with a chance. I'm not here to be a passenger on this ride, I'm hijacking it as of now. You're up against a man who feels at home in Showdown. The perfect place to down tools and plant seeds for the harvest that promises to change the face of EAW. Yes, you offer some solid advice as the veteran. I could lose this match and use it to redirect my energies on finding myself as a competitor and working out what gets results. I could end up folding like many who have stumbled across me. I could use this match as an example to see where I'm going wrong and rectify it. I could, but I won't... None of these variants are options. I'm not here to lose. I have a body of work being implemented and it all depends on seizing opportunities where they come along, because guys like me, we don't get chances like this twice. So let's make this one time we meet a reason to never meet again, for my sake... and yours.

Solomon finally breathes as he closes his eyes, exhaling with relief as a look of euphoria overcomes him.


Jake Smith had addressed Solomon earlier, calling The Fallen "easy", not that the latter seems to care as an eager grin surfaces.

I apologise for sounding a bit 'dismissive' towards you. Had I known that Malcolm Jones was going to tap into his Onlyfans Princess Mode, I'd have reined in the offence and addressed you properly. You know what Jake, I think I got you wrong. Because I saw your name featured prominently on the card when we were both in Battleground and even when you were up on that "Rookies" to watch list, I was a little bit confused. Because I've had the pleasure of watching you up close and personal and followed you everywhere, but I still just see you as one-half of The Mighty Monotonous Mongs. BUT HEY, maybe that'll all change when we meet in the ring. Maybe I can see what the fuss is about? Because I've got the strangest feeling that maybe your wife - and manager - plays a bigger role in your career than it seems... from a backstage politic perspective. I can definitely see something. I will say that you would probably oust Malcolm Jones in a competition if the match were to be decided on... say....

Solomon ponders as he gazes into the distance, elongating his words to apparently leave Jake Smith hanging on every word.

Ah, I got it! HYPOCRISY. I called MJ a hypocrite but I think you've done the impossible and managed to outdo our Concrete Rose; because you have the gall to ask me what I've done to earn this shot, but the fact is you're the only one who didn't win a qualifying match to get where you are. I mean, you've spent the last couple of weeks bullying Justiciar Eric and trying to force him to go back on Jury Duty. Have you no shame? The man has barely stepped out of the courtroom and you're already trying to end his career. How would you like it if I tried ending your career? His gaze intensifies along with his tone of voice. Joshua and your wife can't save you from what lies ahead because if I don't get my hands on you, there are two other tough motherfuckers who you'll probably end up pissing off too by Saturday. You call me the easiest but I don't understand that. I managed to do the fucking impossible and win a match with DANIEL CAINE as one of my partners, and on the other side was... Bowie Grey. You know? One of those guys on Battleground that you pissed off that ended up giving you a beating. I wish for a lot of things in life; the power to read minds, the power to set alight buildings with just my eyes, the power to revive the dead, but never have I ever thought about you. It's not that you're not a charming young man with a great future ahead of you - well seems to think so - it's just, you're so average and predictable. You think that carrying along your cuckold and your wife will give you a strength in numbers advantage, but you clearly haven't heard of the "Quality over Quantity" argument.

Solomon stops in his tracks and looks to the bottom left hand side of the screen where a smaller screen surfaces with Jake Smith from his recent video package addressing his TLC opponents.

I see, why your angry. I see why, but let's face it you weren't going to win that match anyways, the man formally known as "Vizzy" would've beat you if we The Revolution hadn't played our part, you say Myles didn't deserve to win that match...

First of all, I could probably play the whole video but it's this part that stands out to me. You said "your" angry instead of "you're" angry, it's a small difference but I can tell it by your tone of voice. What an idiot. But then...

The video is replaced with an image of Solomon's previous video package.

You may not remember this but I was in a triple threat match on Battleground, Visual Prophet had me beat in the middle of the ring fair and square until you and your partner Joshua Nicholls got involved to distract him. It was your involvement that begun the ridiculous ascension of Myles, the man who clearly did not deserve to win that match.

Did you catch that? Nowhere did I have any gripes about losing the match, just you and your even more generic partner dishonouring the man who earned the right to say that he defeated me. I... Hang on, I'm getting a word from my sponsors again.

The Solomon video package is replaced by the same clip that it replaced. Jake Smith begins ranting on-screen again.

You think pain is the way of living, well if I stand corrected I almost murdered Justiciar Eric on concrete, I don't see him around anymore, where is he? Nowhere because he felt the need to walk off from EAW because he felt after I beat him twice that he didn't deserve to be here

Solomon resumes speaking.

'I BEAT JUSTICIAR ERIC. I MADE HIM DISAPPEAR.' That's a very compelling story, but why does it say on the manifest that Justiciar Eric is competing on Saturday in a Fatal 4-Way too? Nice one my friend, you sure made him disappear. You know what? Watching your flawed logic is giving me a headache. THIS is the future of EAW? He doesn't even know what day it is...

Solomon disapprovingly mutters his final sentence, obviously the buildup to this match hasn't changed his opinion of Jake Smith in the slightest.

Jax Walker....

A certain fatigue surfaces in Solomon's words as he draws his vowels out, clearly still mindfucked as of how contradictory and hypocritical Jake Smith can be and how this 'hypocrite' is higher rated by EAW management than he is.

I... I don't feel particular comfortable calling you Jax, I'm just going to stick with Johnny if that's okay with you? No? Okay then.
See I’m in a bit of a tricky situation where I don’t wanna hurt your feelings because unlike the other two in our match, I actually somewhat like you. You’re not egotistic and you acknowledge that this match could go anyway as you should. This match isn’t going to be decided by ability or experience, it’s going to be who wants it the most. I don’t doubt that you can multitask, you didn’t get this far without keeping your head screwed on and knocking down whatever walls they built in front of you… But I’m no wall, I’m the entire fortress and you’re going to need your entire focus on me and this Interwire Championship otherwise, I’m afraid you’re going home to Ms. Reichert empty handed. Because as touching your devotion to your lady is, there’s a third party involved; The EAW Interwire Championship. She’s the real prize in this dance, and she might be a little offended that you aren’t giving her full focus. Because as touching as you fighting for your lady is, you’re getting it all wrong. There’s one lady you should be fighting for, and she’s going to suspended above the ring waiting for a loyal man to come and rescue her from Malcolm Jones’ shifty shoulder. There’s an old proverb saying “If you don’t love yourself enough, how can you love others?” It’s ringing true in this situation again. You may have confidence in yourself. But the fact that you depend on your passion for your woman as a motivation makes me worry for you. If you want that fine ass Ms Reichert, then that’s fair enough but she shouldn’t be the motivation here. She should be an added bonus. You’re getting your priorities all mixed up here. I don’t doubt your talent, I don’t even doubt your ability to get the job done, I know you’re on a path to greater things but you’re going to have to stop right there and postpone your journey because I’m not letting you pass me. I’ve been working towards this opportunity to claim that all important marker that sees me above the rest where others can look to me as inspiration. Where others can realise that Dystopia is the way forward and is the first step to taking their careers back. I’ve been in a really good place, doing exactly what I promise people because how else are people going to listen? I need to solidify my claims. And that means making good on the first thing I said I’d do since leaving Battleground, seizing the opportunity if it presents itself and here it is right in front of me. I understand your caution Johnny, you probably think I’ve been following your career on Battleground but you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. That shitstorm of a developmental brand did nothing to cover us in glory and we escaped from that hellhole when it shut down; you’re a better man than the Johnny Walker on Battleground. You’re fucking Jax Walker. And I’m not Solomon Hill anymore, I’m just Solomon. That’s why I took my assault on Daniel Caine further, too many people keep calling him by MY name. It’s a bit hurtful. Nevertheless I wish you the best of luck, because you’re going to need it to survive let alone win come Saturday and that’s not a warning, that’s a promise.

Solomon leaps off of the level and lands on his feet on the ground floor, only slightly stumbling.
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