MATCH PROMO If They Gassin' A Bitch, I'ma Empty Her Tank, So You Better Stay Down, It's Gon' Be Worth The Wait #OperationDoomsday

Serena Bennett

EAW Hall of Famer
Compton, California

You know. I wonder why y’all never make fun of the white girls for wearing hair extensions. 🤔

But every chance y'all get, it's "haha, Serena's bald!" 'cause, what, I don't wear a natural hair color no more? Just a thought. This the shit I be thinking about sometimes. Just like how I’m wondering why everyone and they moms had my name in their mouth all fucking week long despite me not being booked for in-ring competition. Y’all hate me so fucking much but won’t get off my dick for just a few days, I don’t understand it. And Bhrissy think's it's niggas eating him? Whew, nah, I got him beat by a long shot. Whether it be receiving praise for setting out and achieving exactly what it is I set my mind to by going on to win a world title; being noticed for the great effort I put in week after week when it comes to researching my opponents dilligently; acknowledgement that I am the sexiest woman in EAW, by far, so the men out of my league find it reasonable to write me off as a whore; appreciation for my main-event caliber status while I’m chasing after a world title; using me, the best thing to ever happen to SOSA Henderson, in an attempt to belittle him; or some bitter ass bitch who’s too pussy to @me on social media ‘cause she’s hurt. Dumb ugly broad is big mad at me ‘cause I prevented her ass from looking stoopid for cashing in on a title I’m 'bout to rip from Minerva’s hands anyway. Y’all just don’t know when to quit. It's kewt. For the record, it really doesn’t matter if it was you or Minerva walking into Bloodsport with me, @Darcy May Morgan, that belt’s mine. And you was gettin’ ready to look dumb as all hell by cashing in just to get pinned in two weeks time. You’re welcome, goofy. Nah, it's my time now, puddin'. Wait your turn like everybody else. Situation don't matter, I'm for certain leaving Bloodsport with the title. And hold your fucking tongue next time unless you finna lick on this asshole, princess, you don’t want a single ounce of this here smoke, promise you.

Don't even let me get started on the fact that my next two free-per-view opponents was out here on the last episode of Dynasty arguing over who was gonna beat my ass worse. Imagine being that damn big of a threat, that damn good of an in-ring competitor that bitches is out here tryna outdo each other by testing their abilities against me. Love to fucking see it. I’m the trending topic of just about everybody's conversations lately, it seems. Das cool, I understand, I ain't mad, I don’t blame y’all--but make sure you get comfortable with talking about me and continually getting checked for it, ‘cause something tells me y’all gon’ be talking about me for a loooong time, I’m sure. Just wait for it.

Now! Onto the pressing matter at hand, hm? This week, I’m ‘bouta body Andrea Valentine on the very first Dynasty free-per-view of the season. Nice lil' appetizer before I set my sights on the main course, the entree, my Universal Women's Title. 😌 Some light work, that’s all this is. Lil' refresher just so I can remind myself what it's like to deal with some of y'all ex-Empire hoes and your nonstop bitching. The more things change, the more things stay the same. It’s just funny how niggas wanna talk about how I’m unmotivated, how I’m uninspired, but y’all really must’ve completely forgot the way this bitch handled herself everytime I share a ring with her. Never knew what approach to take, took the safe route every single fucking time in them promo vidyas, never knew what to fucking say with me, and yet, I’m s’posed to be intimidated by the broad because, what, she wasted a season on Voltage and decided it was safe to grow a fucking pair now that she’s in the absence of the hardest bitch in the fucking litter? I disappear and bitches just start flourishing overnight, huh? I’d really like delve deeper, explore this phenomenon a lil' more, but we’ll have time for that another day. I sure hope it ain’t redundant to continue to remind this bitch about how she folded each and every time she had an opportunity to stand out against me. Had my foot placed firmly on that fucking neck all SZN 12, you itty bitty bitch, and as much as I know you want to say that you’re no longer the “competitor” you once were, or that things have “changed” since we met the last time, I’m not hearing it. It’s interesting you wanna tell me I better think twice before deciding to “ignore” you when you might as well have each and every time we stepped in that ring together. Hell, you practically did in the Extreme Elimination Chamber once you realized I wasn’t playin’ with y’all, did it in the Women’s Grand Rampage, and War Games, too, so what’s really good? You had the perfect opportunity even last season to show out against me, but not unlike your coochie cousin, Ms. Extreme, you didn’t care to fucking mention me seriously, instead thought it best to use me as a segue into a reflection on your Specialists Title reign that her sister Consuela practically handed to your bumass--a reign where your defenses ended up only being against women like Celes Dumont, Kathryn Wicked, Serena Riot, Veena-fucking Adams, and--wait. Was that really it? You deadass? The first three don’t even go here no more, bro, and something tells me Veena might’ve had quite a bit on her plate considering she posted one measly promo video for the event, not her best effort whatsoever. I wonder what had her so busy? Oh. That’s interesting. It looks like Kassidy Heart had a match (and even some time to give us an exclusive sneak-peak inside the lives of the chairman and his wife!) the same week you faced Veena at Wicked Games, the event organized by Voltage's head management. Hm. Fascinating. Ugh, so sorry, I can be so scatterbrained sometimes, silly Seweena, getcha head in the game! But anyways, don’t matter, you dropped the title to Darcy not even a full week later, so fuck it. Can’t believe you had the audacity to call me well protected like you faced a single formidable competitor at all throughout that fucking title reign, c’mon now. Your EAW title reign coulda been the same, too, I guess that’s why you pushed so hard to get challengers like Malcolm Jones and Mr. DEDEDE in before ultimately dropping the belt to Rex, but something tells me both of those men are perfectly capable of bouncing back from a loss from you. 😀 They did you a favor by competing with you to begin with, no cap. Besides, I’m pwetty sure had it not been for that nigga’s knobby knees buckling down, that match with DEDEDE might have ended a little differently for ya if you didn’t bully the ref into making the count. Guess we’ll never know.

Embarrassed her not once, not twice, but three times previously, long before I was considered a legitimate contender for the World Title I’ll be bringing home with me after Bloodsport. And your ass really want some more of this? iight sis, it's your burial. Side note, issa shame my UWC recollection couldn’t happen at this Opp's: Doomsday. Haha, get it? ‘Cause Raggedy Andrea’s the opp in this scenario and it’s her--nvm. But let's refrain from continuing to mention my title match before Andrea gets her panties in a bunch over my eagerness to look right past her on my way to the top, wouldn't wanna hurt no feelings now, would we? I sure hope to god that there’s nobody out there thinking that the reason “Andrea had the season Serena was SUPPOSED to have” has anything to do with that bitch’s talent, consistence, persona, none of that, she got lucky, truth be told. That's why the reason she even secured that title in the first place is sake of Malcolm Jones’ beef with Charlie that built up so damn bad he felt it necessary to distract that man mid-Chamber--oh bbbbut wait, I forgot, she “did all that she could to prove to the whole world why she deserved that title!” so I suppose I'm not allowed to bring up old shit she's tired of hearing no more. Suppose that means I have to agree with her stoopid ass, huh? Oh no, it wasn’t a fluke! Don’t try to discredit her! That’s why she went on to beat Charlie again, huh, just to set the record straight and legitimize her victory! Yeah! Except that bitch Malcolm was also right there by your side to fuck Charlie over out of a victory as the guest referee. Nigga basically handed the Voltage torch right to you, get serious. I can't relate, tho. 😛 I’m self-made, bitch. Ain’t nobody have to put me on, since my debut, all I had to do was step up to the plate to let y'all know exactly what the fuck I'm about. Borrowed some of FOX Network's money and brand as my ticket in, but das about it. Sure as hell didn't need to cozy up with nobody for the majority of my fucking EAW career in order to get ahead, no ma'am. No help from a soft spot in Consuela Rose Ava's heart, a bitch with a last name that holds arguably just as much influence in the industry as an Adams. And certainly not protection from a pussy ass, fake hard shitstain like Camille or a crybaby, moody lil' cunt like Raven. All you fucking did last season was latch onto bitches ‘cause you saw just how dangerous it was for you once you spent a half a season without Consuela by your fucking side, ‘cause when she went missing, that’s exactly when I came in to fuck everything up for you. Shit ain't start lookin' better for you until that bitch returned on Empire, caught the Specialists Title I let slip from my fingers, and held onto it just long enough to hand it right back to you. Y'all motherfuckers wanna talk about "legacy manufacturing" so bad, try that one on for size. Hope you thanked that bitch properly for all she's done for you in your goddamn career. Even if it was a fucky ass reign, but we already talked about that. So, whatever, Empire closes, and you went and got arm in arm with some biddies right after the draft and let them do half if not most of the fucking work around Voltage for you, always half-assing shit out here and it's not a good fucking look. Exactly why you lost to Xander Payne's fat ass after waiting until the very last fucking possible minute to open your mouth. Not unlike the way you waited until the last second to capitalize on my efforts all week and decided to take credit for the hard work I dished out to put Charles away on Dynasty. Not at all different from the way you decided to capitalize off Minerva's handiwork when my back was turned. Give me one good reason why I should ever take your raggedy ass seriously, sis, why the fuck shouldn’t I simply relegate you to a footnote, or a sideplot? You've done very little to prove that you have what it takes to take on the kind of challenge you'll find in a competitor like me, all you been doin' is getting on my nerves, forreal. You ain’t shit, bitch, nothing but a stepping stone to me, just like you always been and will only continue to be. Change my mind. I'll wait.
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