MATCH PROMO I'll Give Them Chaos - Showdown 1/19

Eric Havoc

There Is No Order
Eric sat in a wrecked room, staring at the camera in rage with hair over his eyes.

I’ve been thinking, asking myself some questions, I’ve been booked for a four way dance against Joshua Nicholls, Cody Marshall, and Shane Gates. I’ve come to the realization: I just don’t care.

I’ve bled, I’ve dealt with Deadprez siding with A-holes and saying I belong in Development, I’ve fought in the tundra known as Russia against said A-Hole. And I. Do. Not. Care. I’m dealing with the fact that garbage people run, and exploit, the innocent, and the innocent support them. They want chaos, I’ll give them chaos. Let me lay out my opponents I’m facing.

Shane Gates and Cody Marshall, I have no qualms with them, they are simply obstacles I have to run through in this match. Joshua Nicholls however, will be me channelling my aggression from my loss on a guy I’ve labeled a marked man. He cost me my debut match with his Revolution Buddy, so I’m going to make sure he doesn’t fuck with ever again.

I’ve had to sit back and watch the disasters of this company thrive and prosper with sheep supporting them from the beginning! The Authorities are ineffective! The management is ineffective! The roster is plagued by morons! So as the start of my new crusade, Joshua, Cody, Shane, we are fighting in a fatal four way, which means no rules, anything goes, weapons-allowed.

Eric picks up a steel bat and hoisted it over his right shoulder.

I intend to grind all your bones into dust, oh and Deadprez, once I’m done with them…

Eric gets up and walks towards the camera, steel bat in hand.

I’m going to enjoy smashing your skull in with this same bat.

Eric smashes the camera with the steel bat, cutting off the feed.

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