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I won’t make any excuses for what happened last week. One of my old rivals, Terry Chambers beat me right in the middle of the ring 1-2-3 fair and square and I can’t help but to congratulate him. As Deadprez and Pierre pointed out last week, EAW isn’t the same as it was before. Terry proved it last week that he alone has stepped up his game to another level and I have to accepted my loss in my return match. So congratulations Terry, you beat me on my best days.

Moving on, I have another tough opponent in Ahren Fournier this week. Ahren is always a great wrestler. He has won EAW Hardcore Championship and Interwire Championship. He has battle some of the best and beat the rest. In any shape and form, Ahren is a big deal in this company. No matter how arrogant he is, his wrestling skills can’t be denied and truthfully this company needs someone like him. A guy who can always have fantastic matches and have countless charisma to help this company grow even bigger. In short, Ahren is a total packaged. If I’m being honest, he can be inducted into EAW Hall of Fame in any minute. I’d love to induct him personally. Hell, I’d love to induct him right now. But hey, I’m in no charge to make the decisions who should go to EAW Hall of Fame, I’m just a Wrestler who gets the paycheck.

A’right, that’s a bad joke hehe. So Ahren, please don’t ever think that EAW is abusing you. You said it yourself that EAW wants to get money through you and you aren’t wrong. I already said it after all that you are one of the money makers in this company. No one are denying how much of a star you are.

Well, let me evaluate myself. Am I a failure? That’s arguably true because it took me one year and a half to win a championship. The National Elite Championship to be specific. Not going to lie, I was surprised that I could win a championship in this company despite how bad I am as a wrestler. Some will say that I have improved myself and some will say that I just got lucky. It seems to be the latter for your case which is fine because that’s what I’m thinking too. I’m glad we are on the same page, Ahren.

Which led me to explain why I decided to return to this company. First thing first. No. I don’t want Money, I don’t want your money to be specific. I took a break from Wrestling because a Movie Director wanted to cast me for his movie called The Navy which will be released next month.

A’right, I’m just promoting my movie anyway hehe.

The reason why I decided to return to this company is because I still have unfinished business with this company. I don’t care if I won The National Elite Championship because of a pure luck or because I was good enough. It’s because I want to accomplish many thing as much as possible until my last breath. The thing is, I won a championship despite how bad I am and it will always be written in the History of Professional Wrestling. Forever and always. That applied to your accomplishment too Ahren. No one gonna argue with that. You are clearly the more success wrestler than I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still can beat you this week.

The High Rollerz beat me twice, yes that’s true, but I beat BOTH David Davidson and Jack Ripley in one on one match respectively before my second encounter with The High Rollerz. Both David and Jack should know my numbers to stop me and yet they failed. They wanted me to be vanished from this Wrestling Business and guess what? They failed. Not to mention, Lioncross wanted to retire before our second encounter with The High Rollerz, so they failed that one too. POP did stop me a few months ago but here I am, ready to beat the odds once again. Not to mention, POP also has quitted this company several I guess in a way I’m a future Hall of Famer too? You never know, Ahren.

So you are in pain now Ahren? Well deal with it, if you want to run away from me I’ll give you a chance. But if you don’t, then just be ready from another beating by yours truly because I’m not going to show you a mercy. I have to redeem myself for my loss last week and I’m not going to play a mind game. If you are really in the pain right now, I’m sorry but you get no sympathy from me. After all, these fans want to see you in action, Ahren. It’s good that you still love your fans, then you have to fight for them. You have to fight your pain to make your fans happy because that’s what I’m going to do for my fans too.

I’m not a fan of your theory that we both are HBB’s victims though. All I see from him being The Interwire Champion is that he is still one of the best in the-ring performer that this company ever has. Does it hurt you Ahren? If you don’t like him being The Interwire Championship, why didn’t you beat him in order to retain your title? I guess, he’s just better than you after all at this point. If you don’t like what I’m saying then c’mon give me your best shot, Ahren.

HBB, I know you are going to watch me closely. You might want to take a note because you might see a future contender for your Interwire Title that not named Ahren.
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