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Mary S. Atlas

Oh hey, hello again, Sierra this week, hold on, you have to meet me and I'm quite the talker, damn it, I guess I'm going to digress too much, well, I'll get into the story. I can say that I am so excited to be able to fight you, think of it, anyone who has been given a chance to face the former EAW Unified Tag Team Championship, but it would be crazy to say that I am not confident. To win this match, you know, everyone knows, I will say the same, I have a chance to win, many of you may think that I am very proud of winning just a few matches. This damn god is already bragging about. No, I never bragged anything, I said everything the truth I saw. I had to meet Sierra, a young girl from San Francisco, California. Oh, and I'll officially introduce myself. I'm Mary S. Atlas and I'm from St. Louis, Missouri, and I'm not prepared to lose in the match. Now, if you cut anything else out, it's a matter of prestige, you know Voltage is your place, but what if I beat you in front of you in Voltage? If you know, please answer me. Hey, a girl from California, and for Wondergirl like you, I'll give you a memorable night, because I'm going to bring the victory back, Dynasty. It might seem ridiculous what I'm talking about, but what am I saying and I do it? I'm not going to point out any weaknesses in you, because I think someone like you, Sierra, should know himself well. Let's just wait and hear your response and you don't have to suppress the EAW Unified Tag Team Championship because you're just the past. Hear that Sierra, you're just the past. I before, now it hasn't even come out of my head for me to see. And I trap you this much. Sierra, if you come out to talk about it, it sounds embarrassing, so let your audience know Sierra. How well you choose to speak to me If I had to guess, you would have picked up the story I lost in King of Elite, or the story I lost a lot to say. What, let's say something new because I'm tired of listening to the same stories. That you guys keep saying sarcastically about me Trying to undermine me, but what do you know what I can do? I do everything for the win and the honor, the reward will come soon, my efforts to improve it start to take effect.

And honestly, I regret that you will lose the EAW Unified Tag Team Championship. Oh, I must have inflicted too much on your heart, sorry, Sierra, it must have been a lot of pain, I know, I understand, and your latest match was counted out, so I couldn't have picked up your latest thing. You did everything well. And you get a chance in Shock Value. To be honest, I appreciate you and wish you the best of luck in Shock Value, but before that time, you have been prepared and prepared a little bit. Didn't come to tell you how lucky you are now And what can I tell you, Sierra and me, we're at the same level right now. I am not above you and I have nothing to lose. I'm here to win I don't want to repeat it. But I want you to stay awake because no one wants to see anyone in the place, understand? And you have to thank me, Sierra, because I might set a fire in your body, it might make you rise, or maybe burn your body to ashes. And if you don't prepare anything, it would be a disappointment. It's like disrespecting me, Sierra, I'm waiting for you. I want to know what defense you are going to say. Oh, and I hope what I'm waiting for you won't disappoint me. Sierra, I don't want to hear the same persecution, but that's it. That! And you give me what you think you are a little better than me, Sierra. I'm waiting to hear you. You know, I'm so excited, I want to know what you have to say about me, and I'll wait anxiously to reply to it. I want to get a chance like you, Sierra. But I think I'll ask for a little more of myself when I'm ready. Opportunities always come when we're ready and when I'm ready I'll show you that I'm real and Sierra, don't bother me for a long time because I want to talk to you. As your opponent in the upcoming match, I'm going to impress you guys and, oh, this victory, I ask Sierra, I'm here to show you that I'm the real thing, and I'll make you unable to deny the fact that.

Many people may come out to mourn that ohhhhhhhhhhhh. But yeah, I want a lot of people to feel this way. I'm not going to deny what you're going to accuse me of, Sierra, but it will be the same thing that I was ridiculed by others. Oh, and to look down on each other, get some damn words for it to listen to and get in my ears, Sierra, I don't know how you show off your attitude, so that's interesting. I love to see people show stupid attitudes. But I sincerely hope that your attitude is better than anyone else I've met. Hopefully you won't let me down. Sierra, I'm expecting you very high and if I really say yes, since I've met your opponent you look super interesting. Because before you met me, you had very little weaknesses for me to hit, but that's it. I keep talking in my style. I will do it my way I'll show you guys that Sierra is not ready to meet anything unexpected like me. And I'm going to leave the scars in my heart, and oh my, I won't take it back, that wound I gave, and you're just another opponent I will have to defeat Sierra. If you see my message here and please reply to me so I know what I should say to you. Don't let me have to wait long, it's bad manners in case you don't know.

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Please be respectful of the promo rules. I’m changing this to a character development piece because you are only allowed to post one match promo in 24 hours unless your opponent promos, and then you can reply immediately. At the time you posted this, Sierra had not yet promoed so this promo will not count towards Voltage. Furthermore, double posting doesn’t always guarantee you to get a victory. While your enthusiasm is admirable and I respect it, if you want to do extra promos, work on CD pieces that continue to develop Mary and help us learn more about her.
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