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EAW Hall of Famer
I don’t go into matches thinking I’m going to lose. I’m not even going to respond to anything the Visual Prophet has to say. Let me actually sit down and talk to you people, let you know a little something about me. I’m an anomaly, I’m something that wasn’t supposed to happen and I hit the industry like a violent earthquake. I don’t need to lower myself to petty insults, I don’t need to talk about how big of a dick mines is compared to my opponent. I don’t have to make pop culture references. I’ve become exactly what I fought with and that’s legacy, I’ve become a legacy and because I am now in this business defined by legacy people want to take food off my plate. People can’t get the job done so they call in Diamond Cage to help make this guy into a star. Any kind of violence or depravity that the Visual Prophet has to dish out is quite frankly a joke to me, that’s child’s play. This whole game is child’s play, I can be gone and go snort coke or smoke a brutal bob and train for a month and I’m still one of the best in the world because I’m like that. That’s who I am, I am Diamond Cage, not a gimmick by the way, not a flamboyant hypocrite, I am Diamond Cage. I have my ups, and my downs which people are so quick to jump on. “Yeah you were on top of the business but that was long ago”. And ? Okay so Michael Jordan is a six time NBA Champion but that was years ago, fact is he still got that brass ring and you still scraping for it.

Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, everyone wants to stand out and with standing out all you do is look the same. These promos are nothing now but contest of who can make the best references to pop culture and the rap game and spit slang the coolest. I’m not hating but none of these promos have real levity, everyone wants to be entertained but when we get in the ring they don’t make up for those words. You underdeliver like you always do, I don’t let myself down. By you mentioning my downs you just remind me that if I stayed in this business consistently that there wouldn’t be a Visual Prophet, you remind me that I am that damn good. And the fact that I can come back and I can still see myself going toe to toe with you easily I can see that you still aren’t even in my league. We aren’t on the same page or standard, we aren’t even in the same damn library. I said before Visual Prophet that you are the sheep, you are about to be lead to slaughter. Nobody cares about how good you are on these sticks or in this ring and I’ve proven I’m good at all of it. I’ve proved I can carry this industry, you proved you can make losing look good. We are not the same, your promos will hold levity to a Chris Elite because he’s a dick rider that complains about other dick riders. They will predict you to win this match because they are your friends, this is a friendly industry, you friend the right people up and you’ll get to where you need to be. I don’t need to be favorited in anything, I’m still the man in my eyes. I don’t have jealousy for you because you have nothing I want but I’m sure I got something you need and it’s legacy and so far your legacy has been nothing but excuses. You’ve lost and try to add extra verbiage as to why you lost, guys like you can’t handle failure yet talk to me like I’m such a failure. It’s been a year since I’ve held the EAW Championship, I’ve held it though and you’ve done what Visual Prophet? What have you done recently that makes you a threat. I stay ten toes and don’t give up and I show that if I listen to people like you I’m doing myself a disservice, I got people who look up to me and I didn’t ask for that shit, I didn’t want fans. I wanted to show I was good enough to do this and I take the respect from the fans, I’ve never lied to them. But accuse me of leaving? You think these people are going to buy in to you and turn on me because I leave? They aren’t tired of me, I’m an act that hasn’t grown stale because I’ve been myself since day one and you can’t say the same because you’ve been this industry if we all dressed in drag. So let’s talk about why I probably took the call from EAW and said I’ll show up. Maybe a small part of me likes you, I like you. You are different, and I am different and you can go in this ring. Maybe you are on the come up and I think I can get you to that level. There’s no malice from me to you, I want you to grow, I want you to be the reason why I don’t have to keep coming back but maybe I want to fight you because I want to say I encountered the “Visual Prophet experience” and I not only survived it, I kicked its ass.

You are a prodigy, but stepping inside the ring with me is swimming in deep, deep water. I’m a killer shark, I’ll bring you to deep waters, when your feet no longer touch the grown, and I’ll drown you because that is who I am and that is what this business is about and should still be about to this day. I want to restore a feeling, I came up in a system where if you use your head in battle it got smashed with a steel chair or something even worse, you need to sleep on pins and needles in this business. And Visual Prophet I can be that for you, the restored feeling and the pins and needles to remind you that you may be the prodigy but you are stepping inside the ring with the most dangerous man in the world. I’m a sick son of a bitch, a violent buffoon, whose purpose is to stain the canvas with my opponents blood. I am brutal, I am beaten, but I’m having the time of my life when I’m doing it in that ring. This is fun, this is everything I ever wanted. A chance for a guy to try and kick my ass while I am determined to kick his ass. I will protect my legacy, I will remind the short few of you who seem to have forgotten just who in the hell I am. But maybe me leaving is why they forget? But the show wasn’t meant to go on forever, I changed myself from being a gear to being a necessity. EAW doesn’t need Diamond Cage, that’s evident, they can’t make a new one, sorry Alexander. But it’s evident that EAW wants Diamond Cage, I wouldn’t have gotten the call and it’s evident you want me too but you want me because you think I’m feeble, I’m just something you can steamroll over and feel proud of doing that because you are so used to things being easy that you think I’m easy because this EAW landscape is easy. It’s easy to come up in this system, none of you know what it’s like to fight. You can come out here and pretend to be some sassy male stripper and that makes you a star. I’m not hating your game, I’m checking your game and I’m checking you. We polar opposites, I don’t judge you off of first glance, I know you can get it done in the ring, but against me what works with others just won’t work against me. You gotta come different and you gotta come swift, what you call violent is Starbucks to me, what I call violent makes the devil work overtime. You’ll find that out, they might as well change the name of this show to depravity in Egypt, because that is what will be your experience after the smoke clears and I’m standing with you underneath my oppressive boot having to make an excuse as to why Diamond Cage kicked your ass.
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