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Is this a damn joke? Huh, hawk? Did you actually see Under Siege? Did you actually see my match? Because I pulled off what could be performance of the night! I showed everyone why I'm the wrestling machine, but you're not impressed enough? Did you see how I played around with Jax Walker till I made him pass out and pinned him one, two, three? Did you see how after beating that mad dog I gave SOSA the match nobody could give him yet? I refused to stay down, but since he was fresher than me, he managed to barely keep me down for three seconds. I regret nothing about it. I didn't want another shot at that title, I just wanted to unleash my wrath and I did it. But Hawk, please tell me you saw all that. I did all that stuff and you're going to put me in a match against El Darkstar, a fucking newcomer who's only match was with freaking Chudd. Not only you put me in a match with him, but it's also the opening match of the show. Meanwhile Justiciar Eric and Shane Gates are above the card. Fuck's sake, Hurricane Hawk. Don't be as dumb as your name sounds, for once. I demand some real competition, not these "local talent" tier competitors. But hey, you want to give me the easy matches, I'll make this guy an example. If making Jax Walker my bitch wasn't an example, then this will. Learn to fucking respect me, douchebag.

El Darkstar, man, I don't know much about you and I really don't want to. You look like you saw Narcos: Mexico once and decided to start your career based on that. I guess with you, it's the same case as with all the other mexican wrestlers. You fight for your pride and honor and to represent your country, blah, blah, blah. All Mexico is known for is drug trafficking, violence, basically everything illegal. Since you must know about illegal shit, let me tell something illegal. Me versus you, in a match. That's totally illegal, because you're a nobody and I'm Damon Diesel. It's like comparing Brian Scalabrine to Michael Jordan. Your career doesn't even measure up to my boots. But despite that, I'm sure you're going to show that fighting spirit, because you're quick and all that, but honestly, how many other guys just like you do I have to fight to prove you shouldn't even be thinking about facing me? Well, it's time to make an example, and for your bad luck, it's going to be you. I'll torture you in the ring, without getting disqualified. I'll show you what a rat is compared to a machine. Then, after I'm done with you from bell to bell, I'll massacre you all around ringside, till you fucking bleed and beg for mercy. Then I'll drag you all the way to Hawk's office and show him what happens when you don't give me real competition. Am I crazy? I don't know, probably... You're named Darkstar, but I'll show you a dark world, somewhere you can't get away from once you've been there. Get ready for it... Bad times are coming...


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