MATCH PROMO "It's What You Deserve." -- Voltage I

Consuela Rose Ava

The Perfectionist.
Interwire Champion
Two weeks ago, I should have removed any doubts about whether I would have defeated Camille without the use of the 24/7 contract. I proved that I could have defeated her for the Interwire Championship. I went into the match without having the intention of beating my sister to a pulp. I got my message about how we needed to stand as a united force across and in fact and I won. People looked at this match on paper and believed that Camille had the match in the bag. It was her ideal stipulation and people believed I was too “soft” to dig deep to that extreme side of myself and the great Ms. Extreme. It was an excellent way to prove that I more than stand as the Interwire Champion. It was a clear message that it doesn’t matter if it’s my sister or any other opponent, I will find a way to defeat them. It’s what I’ve done all season. I’ve conquered odds. I’ve knocked assholes down a peg or two and on this edition of Voltage, it won’t be any different; however, it will just be a flood of memories of emotions returning to me.

I’ve conquered the obstacle named Jesse Barlow at Bloodsport earlier this season. How can everyone forget about the hell that Jesse made my life? How can I forget about him trying to invade my personal life, bring my own daughter into the situation, and claim that he was doing the right thing? “But, but, but, but, I just wanted her to have a relationship with her father!” Here’s something that you need to know, Jesse. One: that wasn’t her father. Two: you weren’t doing me or her any favors by trying to meddle in our lives. Three: you got what you deserved at Bloodsport. There is one thing that you don’t do to me and that's bring up my family, let alone my daughter into the situation. I like to think that you learned your lesson with that. At the same time, I have seen your name dropping me at any chance possible. You’ve tried to slander my name in order to have a piss poor attempt at trying to convey your points to anyone that will pay attention to you. “Look at what a horrible person Consuela is! She’s barely at home with her daughter! Blah, blah, and blah!” Once again, how do you know for sure that I’m barely at home with my daughter? Whenever I’m not doing Voltage, I’m at home with her. Besides, if I did bring her to Voltage with me, I would get you trying to start shit like “You’re putting her endangered with the coronavirus!” If I decided to provide footage of me socializing with my daughter, it’s: “You’re daughter’s an accessory and for the cameras!” If I decide to keep things private, it’s: “You’re neglecting your daughter!” It’s like dude, it seems like you’re never happy with how I parent. Also, why the hell should I look at you for parenting advice on how to protect my daughter when you couldn’t protect Colby Sol from getting destroyed by Cepheus St. Claire? You’re the last person in this company who I would take parenting advice from. Hell, I would take advice from Mr. DEDEDE on how to be a parent before I go to you for advice and he ended my sister’s career. That’s how little that I value your advice. Hell, I don’t value you as a human being because you crossed the line with me so much earlier this season. You have tried to manipulate and exploit me and my personal life this season and that’s nothing that I can forgive. I haven’t forgotten, Jesse. As much as you’ve tried to forget about the ass beating I gave to you at Bloodsport, you haven’t been able to do that. I mean, how can you forget that I’m the reason that led to your downward spiral. Since losing to me, you had been floating around the Voltage locker room, hoping for some sort of opportunity. You had one failed opportunity at becoming Interwire Champion, but Dr. Bethany Blue made you her bitch. For weeks, you spent getting owned by The Woogieman before you finally stood up for yourself. Your biggest victory so far is defeating The Woogieman. As much as he’s such a legend, who has won the hearts of everyone, that’s your only highlight this season so far.

Meanwhile, I propelled my career to the next level. I defended my contract on a couple of occasions but defeated all the challengers that stepped forward to face me. I ended The Corvus and cashed in my contract to become Interwire Champion. Yeah, I stayed in the shadows for a moment, but I wanted to take everyone by surprise and cash in this contract. I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to make sure that the moment was perfect for me. I am a perfectionist and I can truly say that the moment was perfect for me. That’s what I’ve done recently, but what have you done, Jesse? I’m taking this opportunity to catch up and socialize with you, but I’m curious, what have you done recently? Delivering your best impression of a cult leader. I mean, it’s kinda cute that you’re starting your own cult. You got that cute Hannah Marin chick with you. I loved her on Pretty Little Liars. You forced Colby Sol to join your little group, but it was without his consent. I mean, you had to FORCE someone to join your cult? If it turns out that Colby is unable to compete for the rest of the season, it seems like the injury was nothing more than a blessing in disguise for him. Imagine being forced into aligning with someone like yourself. It would be a total nightmare for me. How in the world would anyone trust you to lead them to greatness when you can’t do the same for yourself? You’ve led yourself nowhere of importance. What’s your excuse for that? Is everyone just afraid of you calling them out on their bullshit? Is everyone fearing about what you got to say next? To me, it seems like nothing more than karma and man, is it a bitch? Karma has been nothing, but a huge bitch to you, Jesse. It seems like ever since you lost to me, you haven’t been able to bounce back from that and it’s what you deserve. You deserved every negative thing that happened to you. From all of that, I would have hoped that you would have sat down and reflected on your wrong doing, but you hold yourself in such high regard. In your twisted, little world, there is no one as perfect as you. You value yourself as being this person that is going to change this company for the good, but people see you as the complete opposite of that. People don’t see you as anyone they want to rally behind. It’s one of the reasons that men like the Woogieman and Colby Sol didn’t hesitate to reject your offer with standing alongside you and can’t you blame them? I wouldn’t want to stand alongside you. You have everything about you that makes me want to punch you in the face. As much as I’m dreading rehashing all of this beef with us, I am reeeeaaaallllly going to enjoy punching you in your face. It seems wrong of me to enjoy inflicting any sort of pain towards my opponents, but this may be a situation that I am more than going to enjoy.

Personally, I feel like I have nothing to prove towards you. I’ve defeated you in the past. I’ve won the war between us and that was it. I’ve moved on. I’ve moved away from the situation regarding you. With the special guest commentators of this match, it should be quite interesting to see which of them won’t be able to sit down and just watch the match unfold. Another factor that I’m concerned with is with Hannah and whether she’ll be able to keep her hands to herself. I’m not really in the mood for all of the bullshit that you and she have planned for this match. If anything, I’m also getting a vibe from Gavin McArdle that’s telling me to keep my head on a swivel, but we’ll see if my suspicions about him are spot on when this match is said and done. I hate to tell you that this match is going to be another repeat of Bloodsport, Jesse, but don’t expect me to hit you with microwaves or whatever weapons that I will be getting my hands on. Other than that, it’s going to have the same result. I’m confident in my skills. I have more confidence with me that wasn’t there around the beginning of the season. That is something that you’ll see with our next confrontation. It would be such a shame if you make yourself look more of an ass than you’ll look at Fighting Spirit in front of Cepheus, but I’m the Interwire Champion. I got an expectation to hold towards my opponent. He’s expecting to face nothing, but the best at Fighting Spirit and it will be my mission to make sure that he gets the message straight and clear. I could care less about what happens to you after this match. Once again, you won’t be much of a concern to me. If anything, there’s a part of me that hopes that Colby will be more than ready for Fighting Spirit, but things don’t look good for him at the moment. It’s such a shame that the injury couldn’t happen to a much shitter person, but I digress. I’m not going to be upset about the possibility of my match getting changed, but I will be accustomed to whatever the situation is with me. I am adaptable. I can adapt to whatever is given to me. I’m not going to freak out because I got one less opponent to deal with. In a way, it seems something ridiculous to be freaked out about, but that is not the energy that I am going to want to get out. For Voltage, there’s a lot of factors that could make me lose the match, but I can assure you, Jesse, do not care about how you win the match. As long as you win the match, it’s going to be fine for you. Perhaps, it will be the victory that you brag about going to Pain for Pride; however, I’m going to make sure that it doesn’t happen because it would get annoying real quick to hear you repeat yourself and bask in your glory over and over again. Yikes.

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