Jamie O'Hara

Jamie O'Hara

Well-known member
EAW Hall of Famer
Grand Rampage Winner

"I am not led, I lead"
"I will find a way or make one"

Primary Nicknames: “The Ascended Master“, "Ace of Elite Answers Wrestling"
Secondary Nicknames: “Saint of Valiance”, “Fortissimus”, “Light In The Darkness”

Picture Base: Finn Balor

Residing: Los Angeles, California.
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.

Weight: 190lbs
Height: 5’ 11"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Chaotic tendencies

Entrance Details
Theme: “Ultimate Battle” by ZENTA [EAW Edit]


Attire: Black tights, boots and pads with a white armband. Black leather jacket with collar popped.

Character - The Story So Far (Motivations)
Something better. That’s what O’Hara thought he was walking away for. He didn’t care about what happened at the Draft; he was due to get married and had achieved the very thing he arrived in EAW nearly exactly four years earlier - his ever-lasting legacy. He attacked the 1% knowing he wasn’t walking away. Months later and having watched his wife go through absolute hell, there was no option but to return. Weeks of isolation evolved into a spiritual journey after convincing himself there was nothing more he could become physically; O’Hara returns with a calmer and more warmer demeanor yet with condensed hatred and bitterness. He has ‘ascended’ past his former self, no longer tied to his old desires and aspirations.

He will stop at nothing to bring the 1% down, defend his wife and see her succeed; no matter the cost, no matter his sacrifice. And when that’s all done? It won’t be the end of his story.

Retirement is no longer a thought.

Character - Description
O’Hara returns with an evolved personality. Calm and warm spurred on by immense confidence and self belief. He embraces the light, the good almost completely however, by doing so, he condenses negative emotions. Both when willingly and unwillingly tapped into, O’Hara loses control of his emotions, resulting in a more violent demeanor. The deeper O’Hara finds himself in the darkness, the more he violent he becomes. What lies beyond remains to be seen.

Strengths: Stubborn persistence, a natural knack for finding a higher gear and breaking his physical and mental limitations at the worse moments.

Weakness: Over emotional at times, will blindly walk into any danger to protect Cameron. Obsession with achieving goals, regardless of the way it impacts. Can lose control of his emotions.

Tendency to cheat: Never.

Character Arsenal
O’Hara’s finishers vary pending on opponents. The stronger the opponent, the higher tier of finisher O’Hara uses to win matches with exceptions regarding situations or story.

Ultimate Finisher - No Kickout.
Endoresureiji - Follows ‘Stardust Breaker’
O’Hara maintains the wrists of his opponent who slumps to their knees. O’Hara repeatedly drives the knee into the face of his opponent, viciously, with no intention to stop until his opponent lays unconscious, the referee calls the match or O’Hara is pulled away by the referee or someone else.

Used When: O’Hara uses Endoresureiji in specific situations. Primarily, O’Hara uses it against his more hated opponents. Second, it’s used as a last resort when Stardust Breaker fails to work more than twice. Lastly, when O’Hara struggles to maintain his anger, it’s used recklessly against significantly lesser opponents to set an example. It’s basically overkill.

Primary Finisher - No kickout against most.
Stardust Breaker
(Double wrist-lock (straightjacket suplex position) ripcord into a straight knee strike to the jaw [evolved Kingslayer])

Finishing Moves - Regular finishers, often kicked out of against higher tier opponents.
1. In Excelsis

(Running Bicycle Knee Strike. Front, back, temple. Second rope variation.)

2. Genki Cannon
(Diving double foot stomp. Sometimes to the back of a bent over opponent’s head)

Signature Moves
Southern Crucifixion
(Leg Scissors Cross Kneelock)
Death, Decay and Windy Days
(Spinning Fisherman’s Buster)
Galactic Buster
(Pump Handle lungblower)
Topé Con Hilo
Destination Fucked
(Triangle Canadian Destroyer on the apron.)

General Kit
Penalty Kick on the apron
Dragon Screw Leg Whip - Used often
Dragon Suplex - Snap and bridge pins
Rolling Gamengiri
High Angle German Suplex - Deadlift variation
Running Basement Dropkick to Kneeled Opponent.
Texas Cloverleaf
Discus Lariat
Single Underhook Brainbuster
Topé Plancha
Sliding German to seated opponent on the second rope
Low-pe Suicida- Suicide dive below the middle rope.
Leg Lariat
John Woo Dropkick - Front dropkick to an opponent's chest.

Multiple knee strikes.
Tiger knee
Corner high knee
Bicycle knee. General use

Multiple, varied strikes
Simple forearm strike - regular use
Forearm + Uppercut corner combination
Spinning backhand
Flying Forearm
Machine Gun Backhand Chops

Various Kicks
Shoot kick
Penalty Kick
Shotgun Kick
Mafia Kick
Jumping Heel Kick

Complete Character History - Reigns, Awards, Accolades
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