MATCH PROMO Jealousy (ShowDown 6/16/18 Promo)

Viktor Jackson

As the scene fade in and the end of his two hour long twitch stream draws near, Viktor Jackson starts taking questions from the chat. The chat is flying by with a flurry of people wanting to have their questions answered by Viktor.

Viktor: “iight I’m gonna try to catch some of these questions… uuuh iight, got one. TortalineJones! You ask what artist or artists am I looking forward to at Pain for Pride Fest? Let's see… I mean I got quite a few depending on what time the 24/7 Battle Royale is. But to name a few, I wanna see Thundercat, Rico Nasty, Turnstile, you gotta see XXXtentacion!
Oh and 6ix9ine so I can throw batteries at the nigga… I mean…”

Viktor smirks and then burst out laughing.

“Nah jk jk! Twitch, EAW Staff, EDC security I am completely kidding [Viktor winks]. But uh… Alicia says she wants to see Charli XCX, Alicia Keys and… hold on… Tobsi asked do I wanna see Eminem!?! Haaa! Is he gonna be performing his new shit? If so FUUUUCK no! Eminem don't wanna hear new Eminem. I will give you a pass Tobsi because your German. But no.”

A notification pops up on screen that activates a text to speech message.

“Here is 50 bucks to kick Shane Gates’ teeth down his throat.”

Viktor burst out laughing again. After catching his breath, he looks up from the screen and pause the game to read the name.

“Ooooh my god thank you so much HelloKittyFuneral! Megan! When we come up to New York, we all gotta hangout again. You, Alicia and I. And girl, you know I got you! You best believe I’m gonna make sure Shane’s gummin’ his food come Pain For Pride.
Ya know, I still ain’t got a clear answer as to why he has decided to try to fuck my career up instead of focusing on his. I don’t even know. It’s like he left that shit back in Japan or something. He shoulda kept his career back on that island. But maybe he's upset. Maybe his career is waning. Maybe its like how old marriages need a spark and I’m the young hot piece of ass that the couple try to bring into the relationship. Hold up, let me talk directly to Mr. Gates. Shane, you are the worst type of weeb. You think that Japan is superior. Which makes you seem to think that you wrestling in Japan makes you a superior wrestler. You live in the past. You're a loser. So you come for one of the quickest rising stars in EAW.
[Viktor stops with a slightly shocked look on his face] That's what it is isn't it? You really are that fucking lame. You've been here longer than I have and you see how quickly I was moving up. You saw me getting closer to a level that you know you couldn't reach. And that was eating you alive wasn't it? Well guess what Shane, you won't have to sneak up on me, you won't HAVE to have your minion Handa spit green mist in my face. You will be able to take out aaaaaaall of your frustrations out with me one on one. But know this Shane, after I'm finished kicking your teeth down your throat. I'm going to top it off by shoving my foot down your throat and stomping the teeth into a fine dust."

Viktor stares into the camera for a few seconds before smirking and going back to the game as the scene fades out.
Likes: Remi Skyfire

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