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Voltage didn’t go my way I can safely say that. Yes I lost and you can hear it come out of the mouth of Xander but it’s not the end. Because in fact I look at the positives as always that come out of this and that’s the fact that I never got pinned, actually Myles never got pinned in, after the match was restarted after a triple pin, Xander Payne won by countout. Now I don’t know if that’s something the poor dude prides himself in because that’s seemingly the only win he’ll ever get, but I’ll let him have that satisfaction. Because oh boy won’t it be great when it blows up in his face in a few week’s time. But we move on to another one of these preview matches for Territorial Invasion where they put three people from three different brands together in which there’s an 85% chance that either the War Games teams or the Brand Warfare teams get into a huge brawl, sometimes both, that’s just how it’s been rolling these past few weeks, right? But this match? Oh boy, there’s a lot more that’s different about it then just a regular brand vs brand vs brand match, isn’t there?

Oh Drake, do I have a lot to say, do I have a lot to get off my chest while we have the time here heading into one of the many matches that like to pit us against one another. It’s been a long time coming with these words that I’m about to say to you and I’m glad that we’re finally able to see face to face with one another so I can say it without you finding out yourself over time. But it seems you’ve already taken a clue right, you’ve already gathered all the evidence and tried to twist and manipulate my words like you always do for some reason, so I feel like it’s self-explanatory more than anything else. So I’ll be the one to say it right now, it might not seem like much, but thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, now I know that’s not a word that you hear every so often because I know it’s going to take a lot out of a person to even be nice to you, thank you. Why you may ask? I’d like to thank you for being such a massive fucking pushover. Thank you for allowing me to step over you in order to benefit my career. Thank you for being a real oblivious idiot and allowing yourself to be a step stool for me, is that what you want to hear? You get what you’re given. If you really do credit yourself for my success then you do you, just further showing how much of an idiot you are. I don’t even need to say it, it’s literally in the sentence. But even so, you could say I’m being ungrateful, ungrateful for whatever the fuck that you’ve done for me, but let me explain.

What have you done for me that I could’ve done myself? Drake, you simply only sped up the process. You all already know damn well that the Josh Nicholls betrayal was inevitable, you just gave me that choice ahead of time. You’ve given me things that I was already perfectly capable of myself, and would’ve happened in due time. And anything I was given during the Round Table, I’m sure you’re just going to take credit for that right? Knowing damn well that no matter what you may think, The Round Table had different ambitions, focused on different things, and only came around when they needed to. It wasn’t really all it was interpreted to be, we weren’t really all that and I can admit that wholeheartedly. I mean after Grand Rampage 2019, the hype did die down didn’t it? So I never really needed the Round Table, I can say that ten times and much more, because what has it really done for me that I couldn’t do myself? Without it I still would’ve been in this position, without it I still would’ve been a two time PURE Champion because any beneficial thing for my career was done on my own terms, that’s all. So what is this really? This is just another example of Drake trying to find ways to credit himself for everything since the beginning of time, might as well invent the wheel while we’re here, buddy. But moving on to something that has seemingly caught on a bit, hasn’t it? It’s funny this has been the second time someone has said this, Myles, and then you. But saying that I’m incapable of getting some sort of success by myself, not by a long shot. If you were really keeping such a keen eye on what I’ve done, you’d know that no matter what team or situation that I’ve been in, I’ve always found myself gaining success without that certain tag partner. I got that National Elite Title shot at the start of Season 13 without you, does that ring a bell? I got that PURE Championship shot to be fair as a singles competitor, and the second one too if we care to add those up. The chance to fight for the Answers World Championship, didn’t see Bronson Daniels anywhere did I? It’s always one claim after another, trying to persuade some sort of false agenda of some sort. It’s either holding me back or holding someone else back, that’s how it goes, and it seems to just go on loop, nobody learns. It’s just the same spit out shit time after time again with the only difference being the person that said it. And here I was thinking that you’d know better than that, with the time that we were a team combined with your christened self you’d see the truth, but I see through your skin, and it’s clear that it’s far from it. But you have questions, don’t you? You’ve brought quote by quote that I’ve said before and allow me to explain them to you. The reasons for my words post Pain For Pride was simply because they were incited upon me by one Jesse Barlow, but then again it is very easy to take phrases out of context and twist them around for you, ain’t it? Comparing me to the “old” Drake King or whatever you like to call him, saying that I’m just falling into the same pit that I did, but I’d never be humiliated like that. Who the hell do you think I am? So it wasn’t my excuse for losing at Pain For Pride, I accepted it and took a clue that I needed to venture more. But no you focus on that specific phrase right? Again, taking it out of context because it has the words “Drake” and “King” in it because that’s all that matters. You see it’s the same fucking shit as before, there’s no light you have found because deep down you are still as stupid and idiotic as ever, don’t you think? Because the truth is despite everything that you may seem to think, you’re that same oblivious Drake King as always, living in that same bubble that makes you blind to the outside world, living in your own personal Candy Land. The only difference is the fact that you seem more over your head than ever, but hey nothing new for someone like you.

And you’re saying my ego is growing at an unhealthy level? Hypocritical might I add, considering the person that I’m talking about right here and now. You think that you’ve found something new in yourself that will allow you to save EAW but how fucking gullible can you be. If you’re really doing this for The Greater Good of EAW then it’s clear that if it’s really the truth we’ll be out of a job in a month. Take a hint, take a clue, because no matter how many pats on the back people give you, you’re still looping around in a circle. Get your head out of your fucking ass man. I’m glad you’ve heard every single thing that I’ve been saying about you over these past few months, because goddamn I meant it, I said it with my heart. Now I know you’re a bit of an egomaniac so you can’t bring it to yourself to agree with the claims that are put against you, because of course, you do believe that you’re the perfect being right? Oh, I know damn well that you can’t deny that, you’d blame everyone but yourself if you have the power to. And that’s the thing, and here I thought I was the best at that but here you fucking are. I’m already doing what’s best for my career, you just don’t want to see that. Because your way of life is ideal right? And get this, because of that, you think you’re the good guy in this situation! You think you’re the hero in this adventure but you’re not, let me be the one to tell you that. You’re only doing a disservice to yourself and in fact your whole brand since apparently they let someone as insanely stupid as you into the WarGames match. Me though? I’m not trying to make this shithole better because I know there’s no repairing it, I’m just trying to make it realize the truth more than anything else. And that’s the fact that not just Showdown, but EAW cannot withhold itself without Jake Smith. And if not that I can accept the moniker of me being the savior of this place. Because I know more than anything else the filth that infiltrates this place will continue to be filth. You’ve got the old heads which if you need a footnote is legitimately half the Brand Warfare match only taking up space because they’re not fit enough to go for World Title shots anymore or something like that, thinking they’re still something in this century, stupid. It’s scary how half of this place was held together before me by a bunch of egomaniacs, and it’s frightening to see how that’s going to be our future too. And going back to the taking up space part, thinking in return they can just suck up all the opportunities, which as I said before, they’ll end up just wasting in due time. I mean if that was so Lethal Consequences would’ve actually been a World Champion in this decade, Spoiler: He wasn’t. Jack Ripley would’ve actually gotten a World Title after the plenty shots that he’s been given, Spoiler: Still hasn’t happened. And maybe Terry Chambers would’ve actually done something relevant since coming here, Spoiler: Whoops. I’m not just going to sit around and be a spoke on the wheel anymore, I am the wheel, I will be the wheel that turns this place because unlike you, I’m the only competent person that they have left around here. The rest are fucking shit for brains. I’m going to clean up this place because it’s the only thing I can see myself left to do if I want to thrive at this point, and I might as well. You expect me to continue to make the same mistakes you’ve made when I know damn well that I won’t. I don’t use people for my own satisfaction as you did with plenty of people around here, I’ve garnered all my success for myself. You don’t see Bronson Daniels running out here and trying to give a helping hand every chance he gets like I’m the “old” Charlie Marr, goddamn what’s with these type of people man. Pushing away their past and trying to be something new. I know you don’t like to be compared to Charlie, but damn. Just know that all these other results that the “old” Drake King has been given time after time again when he’s faced me will be much different. The first time around you saw a very, very underdeveloped Jake Smith, just 2 months into his career, the second time I could practically say the same, but I was also pulling my punches, that was kind of obvious to see. But this Jake Smith? Oh boy does he have nothing to lose, even you can’t deny that the last two times that we’ve faced off against one another is going to be completely different. Fuck Andre Walker for a moment. I’ve been waiting for this moment for months now, and I’ll be damned if I slip up again.

Because even after this, not even the Jesus Christ that you imitate and conspire against, can save you now.

Oh boy Andre Walker what in the hell do I have to say to you, nothing actually. Your track record shows it in itself. I mean you might think you’re hot shit, anyone would think that about themselves, but seriously what in the hell have you done, I’m serious. Those three New Breed Title shots that you’ve gotten seem to have worked out for you right? I mean the first time you lost, the second time you lost, and the third time, well that’s contendable. If you think that third times a charm here and now, I wouldn’t be shocked, but that’s not up to me to decide. Point is, you’ve genuinely done nothing.

So what can I really say about you? That you’re a dollar store Chris Elite that picked up an actual dictionary and an education along the way? Yeah if you had a dollar every single time a person said that, I’m sure you’d be rich buddy. What in the world is supposed to make me even give you a sliver of a chance in this matchup, if all this talk that you give always just ends up equaling nothing unless you’re facing off against Khamsin or The Woogieman, all the same right? Because Dynasty is just swarming with idiots that can be so easily lured into a trap, people with a competent mind and brain can easily hold them down to the ground, that’s just how it flows. So the competition ain’t all that around there ain’t it? This is why the PURE Title is being passed around like hot potato and you’re forced to try to go after some interbranded title in favor. It is what it is right? So although this might be your home ground don’t expect this to be easier as always, it’s much different than that. That’s why I have nothing much to say about you because there’s literally nothing about you. You’re hopeless in this situation and there’s no saving you. But just like anyone else you’ll plead your case, and I’ll be waiting for that moment, I’ll be waiting for that moment to give you every single reason why you’re wrong. And if you need me to twist it up and turn it into something you can understand.

I seeth not thee coequal standing a chance in this matcheth, dearest Andre. And thee better accepteth yond, just liketh Drake shall before t cometh crashing down upon thee. Valorous day



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