✦✦ I Am Your God Now ✦✦

Wrestling Name: Khamsin / KHAMSIN
Nickname(s): Desert Storm
Red Muramasa
Billed From: Alexandria, Egypt

Age: 23
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 Lbs

Real Name: Aguilar Du Cassie Jr.
Place of Birth: Verdun, France

Picbase: Jay White (2020)

Brand Allegiance:

Disposition: Manipulative, sly, and narcissistic heel.

Gimmick: A wrestling purist who once walked the path of hardcore wrestling but now detests it with every fiber in his body. He is tired of being considered a one-trick deathmatch guy and wishes to absolve this notion forever. Now he has taken on a grander, more magnificent persona where
his wrestling style is the one above all. Once a reckless performer with
no regard for his own body, Khamsin is now all about self-preservation. Slow, methodical and calculating, Khamsin now wishes to be the blade that
cuts the through the shackles holding the pro-wrestling industry behind.

He is a Pharaoh
He is Your God Now


Theme Music: NONE. The boos suffice for now.

Entrance: Arena lights dim as a singular spotlight shines down on the stage as Khamsin makes his way down the aisle in a slow, methodical
Stride. He mocks the fans, occasionally going for offensive motions.
If a wrestler is already in the ring, Khamsin jeers at them. He stops near the steel steps and mouths “my spotlight” or “I’m magnificent” before climbing up the steps and perching atop the top rope,
surveying the arena while doing his signature throat slit taunt. He gives one last cocky, smug smile and jumps down to the mat.

Entrance / Match Attires:

Segment Attire:
Various, commonly tracksuits

Additional Renders:
Red Attire
Red Attire 2
Black Attire
Black Attire 2

Tendency to Cheat: Hell yes, the more the better.

Wrestling Training: He fell asleep under the Sphinx and arose with awesome wrestling ability. And also lots of training all over the world.

Wrestling Style: Slow, precise and hard-hitting. Lots of showmanship
but almost no risk-taking. Minimal use of climbing ropes. A balanced
mix of technical and powerhouse with a hint of explosiveness.

Debut: 2017 in EAW. Homegrown talent baby!

Favourite Match Type: Anything with pure wrestling and minimal weapons.

Least Favourite: Any sort of extreme, risk-based, deathmatch-y matches.

Favourite Weapons: None in particular

+Freak strength for his size
+Insane Endurance
+Sadistic offense
+Formidable pure wrestling
+Hard to distract
+Way to weasel out of bad situations


-Inflated Ego
-Deep hatred of "extreme" or weapons matches

-Drags out matches to punish opponents

Common Kit

Standing Lariat
Jumping Lariat (sometimes from rope rebound)
Running knee to midsection
Knife Edge Chop
Standing Uppercut
Running Uppercut to a cornered opponent
Spear to the cornered opponent
Backhand Chops
Hair Pull
Standing Leg Drop
Flowing DDT
Spinning heel kick
Swinging neckbreaker
Standing Dropkick
Running Crossbody
Ankle lock
Standing STO
Running STO
Jumping Knee Drop
Hair Pull

Signature Kit:
1. Nile River Landing: Multiple Stomps while circling opponent
2. Dominus: Gutwrench powerbomb
3. Amaterasu Vice Grip: Anaconda Vice
4. Shatterpoint: Swinging Reverse STO

Finisher Kit:

1. Pyramid Poseidon: One-handed electric chair driver; most used and can be hit from all variations.

2. Alexandrian Guillotine: GTR/Spinning lariat into backbreaker.

Super Finisher: TBA

Khamsin made his pro debut in June 2017 during EAW's Pain for Pride X FPV, participating in the 24/7 Battle Royal. He was only 18. He would start his journey on Voltage. The extreme brand would spark the love for a wrestling style that would make Khamsin regret the day.

From there he gathered a following for his dedication when training, and his use of spectacular missile dropkicks and high-flying attacks. Khamsin would go on to face elitists such as St. Anger, Aka Mana and Marasu Kasahara, just to name a few. Adopting the persona of a modern-day pharaoh, Khamsin took on increasingly risky odds, in hopes that going above and beyond in the ring will lead to an easier transition to the main event position.

Khamsin rode a wave of momentum into late 2017, ending up being drafted to Dynasty. With his hardcore wrestling style still in full effect, a foolhardy Khamsin soon found himself in EAW's House of Glass 2017 where he would suffer a near career-ending injury upon being slammed through a block of glass. This would lead to the majority of his body receiving surgery (paid for by EAW), sidelining Khamsin for almost 3 years.

Khamsin would make his surprise return on June 2020, merely a week before Pain for Pride XIII. Finding himself drafted back on Dynasty, Khamsin realized the mistakes he made during his first run with the company and grew to detest anything remotely "hardcore". By 2020 the EAW scene had changed, and most elitists only remember Khamsin as a one-trick hardcore wrestler, if they even remember him at all. Khamsin knew he had to right this wrong. He had to set the record straight, that he was so much more than just another extreme pro wrestler. It was a new playing field and Khamsin understood he had to start from the bottom. Utilizing a more slow and methodical style, while still keeping his smug, arrogant self intact, Khamsin took Dynasty by storm. Gaining traction fast, he now sets his sight on becoming the new breed of EAW's breakout talent.

Parading around as the magnificence of the brand, Khamsin is the "Red Muramasa", named after a legendary blade, that will cut through the weak and elevate Dynasty and EAW as a whole to a new world order. A world where Khamsin would be the judge, jury and executioner. Where he would be, once again, a Pharaoh.

Match History: Date - Match Type - Opponent - W/L/D
2017 - 24/7 Battle Royal - Vs. Multiple - L
2017 - Singles - Vs. Aka Manah - W
2017 - Singles - Vs. Masaru Kasahara - W
9/23/2017 - Glass Gauntlet - Vs. Ahren Fournier, Hurricane Hawk, Target Smiles, Ryan Savage, Reginald Dempshaw III, Brayden Wolfe, Mexican Samurai - L
6/19/2020 - Four Way - Vs. SKA, Jon Kelton, Cole Smith -
L (unpinned)
6/27/2020 - 24/7 Battle Royal - Vs. Multiple -
7/10/2020 - Singles - Vs. Andre Walker - L
7/17/2020 - Singles - Vs. Seth Osiris - W
7/24/2020 - Triple Threat - Vs. SEBAS, Andre Walker - L (unpinned)

7/31/2020 - Tag Team - Vs. Seth Osiris & Jason McKormick - W

(75%) 4-1 Singles 1-1 (50%)
(100%) 1-0 Tag Team 1-0 (100%)
(0%) 0-5 Other 0-4 (0%)


1. Seth Osiris x3
2. Andre Walker x2

* Khamsin is not a badass heel, he really falls more into the chickenshit category. Think of JBL or Authority Era Seth Rollins. He's good, but he'll more often escape than confront someone head on.

* Even in matches where he can easily win, he will always try to figure out the easiest way/cheat. Anything is fair game.

* Khamsin is EVIL! Seriously, he doesn't really have many redeeming qualities and I'm trying to make him as vile and despicable as possible, so if you need someone to do just plain mean stuff, Khamsin is ready! He's a two-faced scum who may sweet talk, seem considerate and even honorable at times, but it's all a ruse. Best example would be pre-Namek Vegeta, just a smug A-hole but also a coward :lupe:
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Lots of updates for Season 14 since I'm basically updating a 3-year-old (not age :dave:) character.

- New nickname
- Some character overhaul
- Updated moveset w/ new signatures and finishers
- Strengths/Weaknesses
- other stuff and things

Might update some notes for writers later on.


✦✦ I Am Your God Now ✦✦
Added some new stuff prior to Operation Doomsday

- Changed the Alexandrian Guillotine to a new move
- Removed most of the highflying moves
- Updated gimmick, fighting style etc.
- Added a bio
- Added some renders of bearded Jay
- Added some stats to keep things in check
- Some general notes


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