MATCH PROMO Kink Chaser {Voltage 11-11 #1}

Jackson Blayde

For the United States of Blaydemerica
National Elite Champion
Memphis, TN

Charlie, do you love me? Are you ridin?
Say you'll never ever leave from beside me
'Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I'm down for you always

(Blayde is singing to himself and sobbing with a tissue to his eyes. Suddenly he looks up angry!)

NO! I won’t let him do this to me! I won’t let him break my heart! I have to find the strength to move on!

(Blayde blows his nose into the tissue and tosses it aside, wiping his face)

How could you Charlie? I extended my hand to you! MarrBlayde would’ve ruled the world! With my charisma, money, skills, and influence added to your... uhhh... beard... nothing would have stopped us! I presented you with everything! And you spat in my face!

(Blayde stares on, emotionally distraught. After a few moments he cracks and starts to laugh)

Oh man. Oh. That was funny. This guy actually believes his own hype. It’s fucking adorable to listen to him talk about himself being all important while he speaks through that Chia plant of a beard he has. This is the man who believe he’s too important to face me? The same petulant little shit that I pinned only two weeks ago? The same guy who has proven time and time again that he is at best Daryl Kinkade’s plus-one? What in the actual fuck? “Ooooh. Jackson Blayde is arrogant.” No shit moron. When you look like I do and you win like I do, you get to be arrogant. I took it upon myself to extend an offer to actually make something of your career other than being a nobody who rode someone else’s success, and proving your foolishness, you slapped it away. And your reasoning is that I’m not worthy of being in the ring with you?

(Blayde shakes his head while openly laughing. He takes a moment to catch his breath)

Ok. Wow. I think if you had your eyes open for five minutes around here you’d see exactly how far beneath me you are. So here’s a couple quick questions. Who’s the man who made the pin to defend the tag titles against the dragon slayers? Who’s the man who gained full hold over the National Elite title? Who’s the man that has actually performed worth a shit since MarrKade won the tag titles? Is the answer to any of these questions Charlie Marr? No. But here’s a few more questions. Who’s the man who holds two wins over MarrKade with different partners, proving he has their number? Who’s the man who pinned Charlie Marr just two weeks ago? Who’s the man who on his first match in months pinned the “modern, relevant, and successful star” that you latched onto and learned everything from, our reigning world champion, my personal pool boy, Sex Alabaster? The answer to all of these questions is the New Face of EAW, Jackson motherfuckin Blayde.

You can’t beat me, Chuckie-boy.

I put in the work that lazy fucks like you aren’t willing or even capable of. I have the body of a god and the mind of a Wall Street executive. I’m the most all around valuable asset in this business, a powerhouse in the ring and more than capable of taking over the entire company. There’s a reason why I am “The Prodigy”. LC hand selected me. You can bitch and moan about him not being relevant enough for you and your third grade attention span, but he’s a past world champion and hall of famer. Something you’ll never be. And unlike what I did to your mentor, I don’t see you stepping up to LC and pulling anything off. So if you wanna go there, look in the mirror, ya sweaty fuck.

(Cherise walks up behind Blayde and places one hand on his shoulder and one hand on her hip)

And of course I have the most beautiful queen in the world by my side. The only person in this company prettier than me and the only one who’s got a mind capable of understanding business the way I do, suiting her perfectly to be my business manager while I focus on driving insolent men who look like an oily thumb into the mat.

(Cherise chuckles at the comment)

Bonsoir Chiennes, and Merci Jackson. Charlie Charlie Charlie. It’s so cute to resort to insults. Tu es stupide. You think your insults hurt either of us? You think you’re better than Jackson just because you hold ONE HALF of the tag team championships. Jackson is a born winner, and a far better man, and athlete than you’ll ever be. Tu es un idiot stupide! In translation, you are a stupid idiot. Generic? And what the hell are you? Some washed up little prune, crying to authorities “I Shouldn't be facing Jackson. How dare you treat me this way” Pause and rewind street rat. I think the real reason that you don’t want to face Jackson, is because you know he’s going to bring nothing but his A game, and whoop your sorry street rat ass. Rat de rue Il va te botter le cul! Keep living that fantasy life, because after Jackson beats you, you will be exposed for the piece of shit you are. Va te faire enculer, vous énervant morceau de merde!

(Cherise looks up at Blayde who is just staring at her with a grin)


(Blayde snaps out of it)

Sorry. I don’t speak French but damn I love when you do!

(Cherise smiles and rolls her eyes as Blayde continues)

But listen to this, SkidMarr-k on the tightie wighties of EAW, you can play whatever facade you want. You can pretend you’re invaluable. But when that bell rings, you’re gonna be facing over 220 pounds of hard-bodied reality. What can you even claim makes you more relevant than where you accuse LC of being? When and where have you gotten the job done once of late? Here comes the cold water, baby boy, you’re nothing. And you’ll never be anymore than nothing. You call me irrelevant, but if that’s true, then what does that make the people I’ve defeated in the past, which includes you, your partner, and your mentor? What does it mean for you if you’ve all lost to someone who’s just “cookie cutter”? It means you’re nothing more than the dirt beneath my boot. But you’re too important for that right? If you’re that important… well damn… that’d make me a guaranteed hall of famer. So which is it Charlie? Which reality are you ignoring? How good I am? Or how low down into the shit you really are? You can’t ride on the back of Kink the Twink for forever. And you’ve got nothing to properly stand on without him other than always being only half of a champion after being around all this time. I am a golden god here but I showed you generosity. And now that you’ve smacked my hand away, you’ll never be anything more than second place silver.

(Blayde and Cherise share a cocky glance)

And be careful when you get in the ring, Charlie. You’re right. There’s a lot that can happen. Trip over the ropes, fall off the apron, it’d be a shame to see. And I want you in tip top shape come Sunday. Because the truth is if you do get injured in our match, if you do have your career cut short, if you do get put on the shelf…

I guarantee it won’t be by accident.

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