CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Life | Voltage Aftermath

Shawn Sturgis

Fresh Prince of Mid-Air
Riverside, CA
November 10th The Day of Voltage

The scene opens up at the Sturgis residence where we see Shawn's wife making breakfast, one of Shawn's most favorite meals. We see Shawn enter the kitchen from the stairway. In a hurry Savana greets Shawn with a big hug and a kiss.

Shawn, we did it! We're pregnant!

Wait, what? When?

Well I went to see Dr. Gupta, the other day, and she preformed a ultra sound and says I'm somewhere between 3-6 weeks, and that sometime this week when the blood work comes back we will know if we're having boy or a girl and when the due date will be.

Damn. That's great I been stressing so bad this past week with that match, my mind has been just all over the place. Last week I was just telling Dr. Blue before our tag match that we had been trying. I'm sure she'll be happy to know.

I just been so happy that were gunna finally be moving from the ranch into our own home, starting our new family. I talked to the contractor this morning and he said it should be ready to move in before the scheduled date that he gave us.

Yea, things are seeming to fall into place, after this Sunday taking that title from Woogieman is just gunna be absolutely beautiful, it's going to open up opportunities far more imaginable then we could have hoped. The bandage on my head doesn't mean I'm gunna die, not saying it won't happen again, or the the injury could be by far worse. But this is what I love, and I need all the support I can get.

The scene fades out as Shawn embraces Savana's warm hug into Shawn getting out of the lyft car later that night at the the Honda Center. Scene fades into Sturgis sitting in a limo heading back home from the Honda Center which only about a 45 minute drive at this time of night.


I may of not of won the Big Boogie Bhampionship, but doesn't mean I'm off my elements. What I witness was a beast taking matters in to his own hands, don't get me wrong the fella deserves it. He single-handedly pinned The Woogieman, I know...I know, the last thing we needed was for Zak Simmons to win that title, but I did inform Woogie he wouldn't be leaving Anaheim the Big Boogie Bhampion. Moving forward, things will be dealt with differently. What I mean is, there will be no sloppy seconds for me. I felt leginmently that Zak deserves this title and I will move on from this. No that doesn't mean I didn't give it my all. I had been on my tippy toes leading up to that match, watching my back making sure my stalker wasn't on my ass looking to re-range my face. Simmons we all know who the elite is in that ring, and who is just a bully in his own demeaner. Embrace what you won, cuz it just pianted a target on your back, now deal with the pain that comes with it.


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