MATCH PROMO LMAO.. Just stay down bitch

Jack Ripley

Straight Shooter
I am convinced you are the dumbest human being walking the face of the Earth. Holy shit did the hair on your head fall out trying to get away from all the fucking stupidity? Holy shit, no wonder you keep Jordie around, she's probably keeping you alive. You aren't a mental mastermind, you just literally say the same shit every single time. How do you expect to get under my skin when you literally say the same shit? Here's the thing Charles, I'm numb to whatever you say by now, because I've heard it all. I haven't won a World Championship, ok.. Am I retired? Fuck, you know what, I'd rather not win a World Title than win it like the pussy you are. Say Woman suck at everything then literally use a Woman to win and maintain a your career.. You're just a hypocritical cunt that will literally say anything just to try and get to people. A chameleon that will change into whatever the scenario fits. You're not a real person, you're just a fucking clown. No one can take whatever you say seriously because the next day you'll say something completely different, so who can really say how you really feel. You're not a real person, you're just pieces of other people trying to be your own creation. A fake bitch trying to fit into a world where he doesn't belong. You aren't under my skin, you're not even touching me. This whole back and forth between us is just sad. You have no new material, and you haven't for like a year. There's nothing I can say to the argument that I haven't won a World Championship, but it doesn't burn me up inside, it doesn't get me going; because I know when I actually get an opportunity I'll take it. It's only a matter of time. Charlie, I see absolutely no growth with you. I see you as the same exact person you've been since last year, and the year before that. You are stagnant, and I think you're ok with that, because after all you have the worst EAW Championship reign ever to hang your hat on. But that's the thing, you shouldn't stay stagnant in a world that is always evolving and changing. You think you're at the top of your game, you think you're the best, and you don't think you can get any better. That's not a good thing... That's a bad thing. You will forever be this pussy that hides behind a bitch that you use for your own benefit. You will always say the same bullshit that I couldn't give any less of a shit about. You're not special, you're not any different than any other person that uses someone else to get what they want. What defines a genius Charles? Can you answer me that? Do you even know what would even define a genius? Because saying receptive remarks that are actually obvious remarks aren't actually things a genius needs to come up with. You're not doing anything new, or innovative, or special; it's the same old shit you always talk about. I understand this false bravado is all you have, but why don't you ease back a little champ; it will make it that much easier when you get your skull bashed in. You're not winning Charles, it's simply just to happening. I"m not clouded by greed, I'm not clouded by emotions, I'm focused. I'm more focused than I ever have been. Let's not forget before this little streak of.. 2? That you have over me; was the exact opposite not so long ago. Don't you remember? I was 3-0 against you, won a title against you, beat you to get to the finals of King of Elite.. And then Jordie came, and I let my emotions get the better of me. May I get your thoughts on that Charles? The fact that you couldn't beat me for months upon months? Those weren't mistakes, I straight up beat you in high profile matches; and you have what? That one match where Jordie was the one that put me out, and an elimination at Grand Rampage?

I think you can see you over dramatize everything in your favor; and devalue everything everyone else has done against you. It makes sense for the person that you are; not being able to cope with the fact you haven't been able to be a successful wrestler in your career without the help of others. Fuck if I was a special ed wrestler with people doing my work for me, I would've won a World Championship too. But that's the thing, I have actual wrestling talent, you have to rely on the work of others. But you as the bench player that you are, talk the loudest out of anyone when you finally get the ring. You're the Bill Wennington of EAW, the dude that Michael Jordan handed 3 Championships to. Are you proud of that? Of course you are; because you don't care how you got it, you're just happy that you got it. Bench players talking like starters, you hate to see it. Thing is, I have accumulated 6 Championships in EAW, 3 Tag Team Championships, National Elite Championship, PURE Championship, Hardcore Championship, and not to mention the 24/7 Battle Royal, and you know what? I did it all on my own; or with a collaborative effort. I didn't need anyone to win these things for me, I was capable of doing shit on my own. I'm sorry I wasn't handed Championships like you. I had my match against Darkane, and I lost.. First World Title opportunity, no shame in it. And I didn't get another World Championship opportunity for like another year later.. Clearly EAW should appreciate me more, but my attitude in the past wasn't the best so you can see why I don't. Truth is, I don't want to take the Charles Marr route, I want to earn every single thing I have gotten. You're ok with being a lazy sack of shit, but I couldn't be able to live with myself if I was that big piece of shit. I outshined you in the Tag Team Division, I outshined you in the mid card division, and you know what? It's only a matter of time before I outshine you in the Main Event. You've already taken a massive hit since losing the World Title, you aren't the draw that you used to be a few months ago. You know why right? Because again, you're the same exact thing that you have been for a year and a half now. You show no change, no evolvement, nothing new.. You're bound to be the same repetitive bullshitter that you've always been. And that works for you, but just know this is as far as you're going to get. Jordie will grow tired of it, and leave you, and then what will you have? Nothing. No one to help you, no Jordie, no Veena, no Daryl... No one to help you anymore, and we both know Charles Marr isn't capable of being successful on his own as he has proven in the past.

What Killer instinct are you referring to Charles? The one where the Women in your life win you the all the matches and you take all the credit? You literally haven't done anything on your own your entire career. You think what you've done is scratching and clawing? Bro I really don't care anymore; you're going to do the same shit you always do because you're not creative enough to do anything different. You just say shit whether it's true or not, and you really don't give a fuck. But because you say it with conviction some people actually believe you.. Jack Ripley a choke artist? Record holder of Tag Team Championships? Last Hardcore Champion? First PURE Champion since it's revival? Longest reigning National Elite Champion in years? Honestly what have a I choked on, 2 World Championship matches? Ok? You think I'm happy about that? No, obviously not, and it just makes me want to work harder, and be better. You don't have that winning mentality, you think you've already peaked, and that's extremely sad. I know I can do better, I know I can be a better version than I am today; but a choker? That doesn't make any sense. I've already done a shit ton more than you could ever think of in EAW, and by your standards, me winning just 1 World Championship puts me on par with you.. But in reality that just puts me even further ahead of you. EAW Hall of Famer? Naw, for 5 months of relevancy? Naw. See your skewed version of reality is just in your head, and it won't go any further than that. Do you know how much of a bitch you sound? OMG LOOK AT ME, IM AN INSPIRATION! ITS ME GUYS PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I AM IMPORTANT! I AM A HALL OF FAMER! Bro who are you trying to convince, everyone else? Or you? God damn, someone that talks this much about what he is, sure as hell doesn't really believe it. You go on and on with this same bullshit, that I'm pretty sure you're just trying to convince yourself. If you really were this big of a deal, and everyone did think this way about you; then you wouldn't have to say the same agenda over and over again so that people finally believe it. That's your game though; you have to act like this dumbs so people pay attention to you; because you aren't capable of doing it by wrestling alone.

Where do I go from here Charles? Who the fuck knows; its Pain For Pride season so anything is possible. I'll take whatever comes my way, because as an actual competitor I don't give a fuck who they put in front of me, I'm going to do whatever it takes to come on top. You have gone out of your way to try and make my life a living hell; you're literally obsessed with me.. But I'm over every single thing that you have tried to do to get under my skin. You can say that you never cared, and it was just one sided.. But you literally hired actors just to be my parents like 2 days ago.. I have never committed that much effort in trying to make a joke. These childish jokes, and insults are quite embarrassing for you. I mean do you really need to have actors pretend to be my parents and say they're not proud of me? Are you fucking stupid? How old are you? I'm a grown fucking adult, I'm not dealing with these stupid ass games. They mean nothing to me, and I don't understand why you would think they'd get under my skin.. But doing one of the most childish things I've ever seen an Elitist do would be considered Genius master puppet playin huh Charlie? You fucking Simp, edge lord. You're just embarrassing. You're literally the epitome as to why people think wrestling is cringey, and lame. You are the reason turn our program off, because you do this cringey fucking shit all the time. They see this dumbass dragging a woman by the arm, and doing this stupid shit, of course they're going to say what the fuck, and turn it off. You're a ratings killer for anyone that would attempt to watch wrestling. But anyway, what's next for Jack Ripley? Whatever the fuck comes my way. If the World Championship is next, then that's what I'll do. If the Interwire Championship is next, that's what I'll do. If it's CITV or 24/7 Battle Royal fuck it, I'll make the best out of it. I don't care, my success isn't measured in my image as yours seems to be. I don't need the approval of others to feel like I mean something. You're just so obsessed with public image, and this facade of a life you portray, that you lose sight that not everyone cares about certain things the way you do. I don't give a fuck about the fame, I don't care about the money.. I care about wrestling.. I just want to fucking wrestle. And you know what? After having that taken away from me for the past 5 months, you bet your ass I'm coming out swinging. You think that you have the mental advantage over me? You don't; I'm more focused than ever. You think you're a better wrestler than me? Naw, you don't. As a matter of fact I know that you don't because at no point during your rant did you ever say that you were. You know you're a limited wrestler, you know you can't touch me in the ring. If you aren't in my head, then you have nothing; and right now, you have nothing. I don't give a fuck what you say; I don't give a fuck about what you've done.. All I know is this sub par wrestler is standing in front of me, and I'm going to beat the shit out of him. I'm going to expose you for the steaming pile of shit that you are. Eh, who am I kidding; I don't even need to do that. It's common knowledge that you're not as good as you say you are. It's common knowledge you had the worst EAW Championship run of all time. It's common knowledge that you're already on a downward slope to your demise. You're not beating me at Fighting Spirit, and you're not beating Malcolm at Pain For Pride.. I am undefeated since returning to Voltage, and that streak will continue.. Last Fighting Spirit I beat you; and this Fighting Spirit will be no different... Fucking trash.

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