Malcolm Jones

Malcolm Jones

The One True King

Birth Name: Malcolm Hakeem Jones
Ring Name: Malcolm Jones
Picture Base: Montez Ford
Current Nicknames: "The Rose That Grew From The Concrete Jungle"
Height: 6’1
Weight: 230
Hometown: Harlem, NY

Disposition/Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Malcolm Jones' approach has taken a turn since the merger, especially in Season 12. What was once money and social status driving him, has now been replaced by a hunger to be successful in order prove all of his naysayers and doubters wrong. He walks around with a chip on his shoulder and holds his tongue about nothing. Some call it bitterness, he calls it motivation.

Theme Music: "Pray For Em" by Meek Mill

Entrance Attire: Black bomber jacket, black sunglasses, gold chains.
Segment Attire: See above.
Tendency to Cheat: Nah b.
Motivations: Revenge. Success.

Wrestling Training: Trained in Newark, NJ by Mr DEDEDE
Favorite Match Types: Street fights
Favourite Weapon: The draco
Strengths: Speed, High Flying
Weaknesses: Unwavy things and dickeating bozos

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Standing Shooting Star Press
2. Belly to Back Suplex
3. Pele Kick
4. Dropkick
5. Running swinging neckbreaker
6. Enzuigiri
7. Frankensteiner
8. Diving Knee Drop
9. Tornado DDT
10. Suplex

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of six (6)
1. C-Note (Spear)
2. The Re-Up (Diving Leg Drop)
3. The Cuban Link (Cobra Clutch)
4. The Uptown Ride (D’Lo Brown’s Sky High)
5. Water Whip (Irish Whip to the turnbuckle into a running knee)

Finishing Moves: Maximum four (4)
1. Buck 50 (Tornado Facebuster)
2. Cocaina Clutch (Coquina Clutch)
3. The L-Train (Canadian Destroyer)
4. 5 Star Swag Splash (Split Legged Frog Splash)


1 Time EAW Unified Tag Team Champion

1x Promoer of the Week
1x Rising Star of the Week
1x Match of the Week
1x Most Valuable Elitist(Drillmatic)

Win/Loss Record:

Malcolm grew up in Harlem, New York as a standout athlete who quickly made a name for himself in high school as a tri-athlete in basketball, football, and wrestling. He had several offers in all three sports but decided on basketball after earning a D1 scholarship to UConn. Shortly after, he would find himself in trouble thus losing his eligibility and scholarship. Reverting back to the streets he worked so hard to escape as a last resort, he would find himself back on a dark path. He eventually turned to wrestling as a new outlet doing local shows in NY and CT where he then found himself on the radar of Mr. DEDEDE who mentored him and offered him a break into the business. He entered EAW as a part of The Gawd Complex before breaking out and joining a rising company called REVOLT! Pro Combat. The company would get purchased by EAW months down the line marking his return to EAW where he quickly rose up the ranks into an instant star.

The way Malcolm carries himself is a result of everything he learned in Harlem growing up. He applies that to the ring as well and it has proven him to be a successful strategy, but not enough to get him to where he needs to be so now the gloves are off. After getting a small taste of success he's on a journey to chase that feeling and secure it this time. Losing to Chris Elite at Pain for Pride set off something in him. The criticism from various dickeaters who do not relate to him and think they can judge him drives him to get the last laugh when it's all said and done. Once consumed by the lure of designer clothes and everything flashy, he now only cares about success and revenge.

Who does he want revenge against? Everybody who once counted him out and/or celebrated his misfortunes of losing at Pain for Pride, everybody who talks down on REVOLT, the company that he claims to have put on the map, and everybody who sticks their nose up at him or looks down on him for not being the status-quo Elitist. Malcolm isn't here to make anyone feel comfortable or safe. He's unapologetically himself.

Renders that aren't overused: [X] [X] [X]



Well-known member
EAW Hall of Famer
We've added a light heavyweight division and you now fall into that weight class. We've edited your contract to reflect the change. If for any reason you have a problem with this change, contact myself or CM Banks.

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