Mark Michaels

Mark Michaels

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Ring Name: Mark Michaels
Nickname(s): “The Leathal Injection” “Public Enemy Number One” “The Guerrilla”
Height: 6'3
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Pic base: The Miz

Segment Attire (Optional): Ring gear consists of black brief style trunks with matching boots and pads. Entrance gear is a bulletproof vest with a no EAW symbol on the chest. Out of the ring the go to outfit is A pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt (which usually reads with an anti EAW message), and a black leather jacket.

Theme Song:

Just cos you Got The power by Motörhead

FPV entrance music:

bulls on Parade ( Warning rattle remix )

Detailed Entrance Description (Optional): The Lights go dark as Michaels entrance music starts up, as the drumbeat starts up The tron begins to flash with propaganda against the company. Michaels walks out, his gaze stone cold, his eyes focused on his goal. No fancy fireworks or other nonsense, just a quick and clean decimation of whoever stands in between him and the total annihilation Of EAW.

Disposition (Face, Tweener, Heel):Heel

Tendency To Cheat: Often

Motovations: Michaels is a man who wants revenge for being slighted time and again by management. Thus he is now out to tear down the company, brick by brick if need be. No longer conserned about popularity, or achievement in professional wrestling, Michaels sole mission in life is to payback EAW for all the times he has been passed over and mishandled.

Gimmick: Anti-authority rebel who uses Guerrilla tactics to achieve his goals.

Strengths: Michaels is student of the game, having studied every piece of wrestling footage he could get his hands on. He a strong technician who isn't afraid to brawl. his looks and demeanor often causes his opponents to underestimate him, and he has no regard or hesitation to injure those who stand in his way.

Mark Michaels was born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota The only child in a average middle class home. At the age of six Mark found his calling in life, when on one fateful Saturday morning while channel surfing, he saw his first Professional Wrestling match and became hooked at that very moment. After graduating High School, Michaels moved to Minneapolis where he trained under veteran journeyman Don Hibson. Michaels was the star pupil of the class, his work ethic and ability to learn quickly earned him the nickname "Picture Perfect" from his trainer. Michaels would go on to become the only graduate of that year's class. Michaels would soon find his way to the southern California area thru Hibson, who'd made a few calls, and got his young student booked on shows in the region. While in California, Michaels began interacting with fans via Social Media, the number of followers he had grew, and so did his ego. But the same ego that makes him take dozens of selfies daily, is the same ego that makes him push himself to win no matter what the cost.

After nearly a year in the shelf due to injury, Michaels looks to finally climb to the very top of EAW and become world heavyweight champion, and will step on anyone who stands in his way of doing so.

But after nearly being murdered in his Hardcore title match, and substantially being forgotten about and ignored by the company as a whole, Michaels has set out to make sure that the last name ever associated with EAW is his own, by killing it for good.

Specialty Match: Iron Man Match
Weapon of Choice: Lead pipe

Common Moves: Various Holds(Arm wringer, Rear Chin lock, Hammerlock, ECT.) ,Rear Amateur Take Down, DDT, kneeling Jaw Breaker, Back Suplex, Double Underhook Back Breaker, Piledriver, Fist Drop, Discus Punch, Swinging Neckbreaker, Bulldog headlock, Sit Out Facebuster, Bodyslam, Knee Breaker, Clothesline, Chop Block, Sleeper Hold, Knee Drop, Gutwrench suplex, Forward Russian Leg Sweep, middle rope slingshot sitting senton to the leg, knee drop, Second Rope slingshot seated senton to the knee, Brainbuster Suplex, Kneeling facebreaker (ala Triple H)

Signature Moves: Reverse DDT Neckbreaker, Diving leg drop (From second rope), Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock, Spinebuster, Snap shot (Fisherman's suplex transitioned into a power slam with cover), Knee Breaker/ Saito Suplex w/Bridge combo.

Finishing Moves: The Liberation has begun (LeBell Lock), Downfall ( Curbstomp) *note: outside of pure rules matches this movie is done both in the ring and occasionally on objects like the announcers table, ring steps, concrete floors, etc.
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Against the grain, huh? I'm so unfollowing you right now! My whole life has been a lie up to this point! Damn you Mark! :noah:

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